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WipEout HD & Fury (PS3, 2008) - Image Gallery (In progress)

After some time, past weekend I’ve been playing WipEout HD again. I was mainly taking captures to update WipEout HD & Fury Tracks Feature of the blog. 80 more words


GIF/WEBM Compilation (IV)

I planned to upload this past Thursday, but was impossible. I’m really enjoying sharing some game moments using just GIF/WEBM. It’s less stressful when I have little time to play and prepare videos. 315 more words


Day Nine, Cushing’s Awareness Challenge 2015

Blue and Yellow – we have those colors on ribbons, websites, T-shirts, Cushing’s Awareness Challenge logos and even cars.

This is the yellow PT cruiser I had rented for the Columbus, OH meeting in 2007.   323 more words


DRIVECLUB (PS4, 2014) - Image Gallery (In Progress)

I’ve been taking captures of DRIVECLUB for some time, sharing them via Twitter or in previous post here in the blog (sorry, I know there already are too many posts about the game, but I’m really enjoying it since it was released 6 months ago). 72 more words


Bloodborne (PS4, 2015) - Image Gallery (In Progress)

Journey has just begun, first hours were hard, tough learning and still have a lot to see (just trying to beat the first boss xD)… but everyone who has a PS4 and loves games, should try this. 44 more words


Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Multi, 2014) - Image Gallery

Image gallery captured while playing Valiant Hearts: The Great War. As I wrote in the “Endings” post, really liked the game. (Note: from now, I’m making these galleries while playing, I had a lot of captures that I don’t upload waiting to complete them xD. 9 more words


GIF/WEBM Compilation (III) - The Order: 1886

This time webm/gif gallery is about just one game. While I was playing The Order: 1886, I found myself with great moments (mostly during action parts of the game) without even look for them. 271 more words