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How do the Korean artists impress the audience?

Hwang Chi Yeul and Song Joong-ki are the most popular Korean name in China this month, with the broadcast of I am a Singer 4… 416 more words


Etiquette – Need to know both

During the training sessions, this question often pops out – is there a difference between Social etiquette and business etiquette. And if yes, what is the disparity between the two? 286 more words

Image Management

Dressing for a Job Interview

What you wear and how you look can make the difference between moving steadily towards your goal or remaining stagnant. In these days of mass-marketing techniques, you know that when a product lacks eye-appeal it gathers dust on a shelf. 844 more words

Image Management

Why Appearance Matter?

As an Image consultant I am constantly questioned as to why there is so much focus in something as superficial as the appearance, even ridiculed at times. 313 more words

Personal Style

Image Management

Image Management focuses on grooming people on professionalism and corporate etiquettes.

In our intervention we:

  • Help you understand what is being professional.
  • Use Pattern Recognition tools to understand the organization and offer a customized solution.
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Things I Heard In Church: "...underwear on their heads."

“My kids pose naturally–but they also run around with underwear on their heads.”

From Matt Bowen’s excellent teaching, Image Management1/03/2016, 11 AM