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What's it all about?

The only things I know for sure are, (thanks Oprah) we come into this world and then we leave.  Therefore, I want spend my time having many of these experiences, and hopefully share them with with the people I interact with. 57 more words

Image Management

Dracula: A Tale of Horror

By Martijn Icks

Few names in history hold as much terror as that of Vlad Dracula, “Little Dragon”, also known as Vlad the Impaler. Many people are aware that the blood-curdling stories about the man’s cruelties inspired the Victorian novelist Bram Stoker to name his vampiric creation Count Dracula. 729 more words


The "Hidden Curriculum" Strikes Again

Hidden Curriculum: Authors of this small but concerning qualitative study interviewed 15 surgical residents at one program in Canada regarding “impression management” – how individuals strive to actively manage their external image.  198 more words

Graduate Medical Education

Let Your Thoughts "Bee"

Original thoughts are the best image feeders. As my kids watch a nice animation movie, totally focused and happy with the world they are sliding into, I try to have a different kind of focus while I am watching their joy. 358 more words

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4 Don’ts to Think About When You Manage Your Image on Social Media

When writing, I like to put things clearly and directly. This way I keep focused and give my readers what they want in a… 339 more words

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3 Mirrors That Will Help You Feed Your Image

Image feeding is basically creating a good impact on others who are interacting or exchanging business with you. Before deciding on what you should do to better feed your image, you need to use 3 mirrors. 321 more words

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5 Reasons Why You Should Feed Your Image

Of course, by image I mean your perceived image, how people see you and how they are affected by you. Image feeding means taking care of the way you present yourself to the people you interact with. 255 more words

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