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Privates in Public

Breastfeeding is viewed as beautiful to some and disturbing to others. 7 more words


Twisted Love

Casablanca is an award winning, melodramatic, romance film, with two men vying for one woman’s love against a World War II backdrop. Rick Blain, an owner of an upscale nightclub and gambling house, is stunned to find his former love, Ilsa Lund walk into his club. 397 more words

A Year of Image Manipulation

A year ago, I discovered the joy of taking photos, mainly of my own work, and editing them. I started using Aviary, which is quite a straightforward program, which I mostly used to make colour changes to images. 75 more words

Image Manipulation

Photography backlog

I’m a terrible blogger! I don’t even have the excuse that I’ve been off doing exciting things – I’ve just been working and working-out 5 days a week (no chocolate or bread the whole of January and I put on 2lbs!!!!) My photography is also in a slump, I haven’t shot anything new for ages so I’m resorting to last September in Florida to add something to this blog…. 211 more words