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Animal Image Manipulation

This is an image manipulation where I used images of animals such as horse, tiger, lemur and sheep. I combined them together by using the cloning tool to create a surreal creature. 204 more words

Image Manipulation

Political Dadaism Poster

This image comes from my dissatisfaction for the abundance of nuclear weapons that are currently in the world, as well as the lack of concern for them. 211 more words



The forest is closing in
black and white, twigs snap
underfoot ghost stories
told in the night. In those days
at least you could tell… 70 more words


Aberfan Poster 2016

It has been 50 years since the Aberfan Disaster that occurred on October 21, 1966. I wanted to create a poster that remembered the 116 children and 28 adults, who were victims of the coal waste tip that slide down the mountainside in the Welsh mining village that engulfed a primary school. 118 more words

The Artisan

This is a digital drawing combining photography and hand drawn layers using a Wacom Tablet. The figure you see here is called ‘the artisan’ and he can be found wandering the flat open Fenlands and marshes in search of suitable subjects to draw and paint. 12 more words