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All the world is staged

Part 2

For the group task for this theme my group looked at the work of Jeff Wall and Hannah Starkey as well as taking slight influence from Hisaji Hara and the serious matters that he approaches in some of his series of work, all three of these artists look at and work with narrative and staging scenes, because of this reason we decided to create our own scene in the style of all three artists. 282 more words

Post Photography

Assignment 3 (vi)

Gallery 1 shows three manipulations of the basic self-portrait image (Gallery 2 below).

Gallery 1 image manipulation


Batdorff, John (2013) Plug In with KIK. A Photographer’s Guide to Creating Dynamic Images with Nik Software. 267 more words

Part Three Putting Yourself In The Picture


In the final part of the previous exercise I demonstrated a pretty clear deception of the viewer by changing the sky from clear to cloudy. This was done by adding the sky. 353 more words


All the world is staged

The third theme that we have been assigned to work on for this project is ‘The world is staged’, many images that we see that look as though they are just a spur of the moment photograph that somebody took, however, that really isn’t the case. 282 more words

Photoshop Challenger is Offering Some Challenges

The sun is shining but I’m inside wondering how this new Affinity program works. Intuitive it isn’t, but when things come together and the program starts to make a little sense I realized it has some fine tools. 366 more words

All the world is staged

Andre Kertesz



Andre Kertesz was born in 1984 and was a hungarian photographer who is known for his photographic compositions and the photo essay. 625 more words