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How do I become ok with myself?

Change your perspective on your own potential and on the people in your life.


Learn to focus on potential instead of whatever’s keeping you from it. 260 more words

How To Be You

Week 3: Cinematography and Representation

“What does Singerman mean by “reading” a visual image? What do you need to pay attention to in order to “read” in this way?”

Singerman started by telling us what film is by citing Vanoye and Goliot-Lete, She said “Film is a cultural product inscribed in a socio-historical context” (p. 329 more words


Penghujung Gathering KOMITKABE 2017

Sate Maranggi menjadi hidangan pamungkas Gathering KOMITKABE 2017. Bukan hanya saya panitia yang kelelahan, dan lelah itu lenyap ketika sate sudah di hidangkan. Nikmat!!! Penghujung acara kami sempatkan untuk mendokumentasikan. 14 more words