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Elan from Merriam Webster

Élan, pronounced \ay-LAHN\, means “vigorous spirit or enthusiasm,” and comes from the French word that means “momentum” or “rush” or “burst” (as in “a burst of anger”). 85 more words


We must not expect the spiritual world to be merely a kind of finer sense-world

Many people try hard to see spirits or the activities of spirits, but they want to see them just as they see physical things. They want to see a spirit, but this spirit is expected to have the form of a man or a woman or perhaps a poodle, as these are seen in the physical world. 160 more words


Saint Agnes by Domenichino (19th century steel engraving)

It is a sunny May, 1st here in the north of the Netherlands. So time for a bit of art history. Some time ago I wrote a… 992 more words

Eelco Bruinsma

first sight

do you believe in love at first sight,

they ask? ascending this endless ladder

of lifetimes, each has once been the mother

of the other – and so too must we all then… 76 more words


Day 2 - Port Augusta

Still not accustomed to the gear it took us “only” 1.5 hours to pack up and leave (appearantly packing up could be done in 15 min – we will see when we get that done). 112 more words


Day 3 - Ceduna

We had an easy morning – pack up time reduced to 40 min – we are getting there…
We were already wondering how we managed to not forget anything until we had the reality check and I was looking for the kids underwear – gone missing somewhere. 111 more words