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fitness fears

So for a long time I’ve been on this up and down wave of body positivity and body consciousness, recently, as most of you would have seen I’ve been posting photos and shit to my Snapchat and Instagram stories of me pre/post-workout, but it’s not all happy happy joy joy all of the time and it has been a long journey for me personally to get to this stage of comfortable. 662 more words


Trump's pro-business image tarnished as CEOs abandon president

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

During his campaign for president, Donald Trump boasted of business prowess, vowing to bring in top executives to help him revive the economy and to personally lobby corporate chiefs to keep jobs in the US. 1,051 more words

Money Matters


Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus I say unto thee at this time even unto America and its Leadership that America at the present is like a time bomb ready to go off, why because of the racial tensions that have been building up over the last few decades being revealed by the riots that have happened recently when a coloured person has been shot by the police or by a white person which has not happened when a white person has been shot by the police or by another white person and which now has now erupted into the open in Charlottesville when racial groups clashed there what is it said if thou see a rat or a couple of rats scurrying about in the open you can guarantee there are hundreds more hidden in the sewers and rubbish heaps unseen. 370 more words


Creative Commons Search Engine

I found these two images that are very relatable to my blog. The first one is linked here. For this picture I thought it was relatable to my blog because she is a lawyer with several tattoos. 210 more words

Class Assisgnment

Clade: an eBook

Dear all

I am proud to present to you a collection of short stories that I just published on Amazon. I sincerely hope you add it to your collection of books, and if you come back to me with any feedback, well that would be just grand, and I might even draw you a personalised picture. 41 more words