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Retro Review - Luminous Arc 3: Eyes (DS)

After surviving the dreaded “revival” of this series, it’s time to challenge the final game developed by Imageepoch – the original creators. How does this old DS game fare against its spiritual sequel – Stella Glow. 14 more words


(Stella) Glowing Praise from RPG Rabbit

It’s not hard to find material online about the inevitable, impending death of the 3DS as a handheld console. After all, Nintendo’s got the Switch, their strange handheld/home console Frankenstein’s monster of a machine. 2,495 more words

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Time an Eternity: One of the Most Underrated JRPGs of All Time, and Representative of the Gaming Media's Most Potent Double Standards

Time and Eternity has always been a pretty important game in terms of the impact it had on me. I will admit that I have this strange tendency to tell when a game is overhated before playing it and such a thing will irk me despite not even having played it yet. 4,210 more words