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Scene XVII: I felt the rain~

It was beautiful.

The way the rain fell

the way the earth smelled

the way the lights glistened

creating prisms;

the way you tossed your hair back… 140 more words

Link: Aphantasia article in Science Daily

Great insight into the realities of living with aphantasia in this article on Science Daily.

Niel works in a bookshop and is an avid reader, but avoids books with vivid landscape descriptions as they bring nothing to mind for him.

79 more words


only one eye knows the difference

but it shuts to see

oculus of moon’s reflections

nights that set it free

only one eye needs to notice… 30 more words


Water Imagery In The Graduate

Mike Nichols’ film The GraduateĀ is one that features plenty of water imagery. This imagery communicates important themes and ideas present in the film. I have picked out three scenes and explained what I believe that the water represents. 200 more words


“Have you ever been burned?

The same skin,
We’ve grown comfortable in,
Aching, throbbing.

That nourishing warmth we’ve grown to love,
Becoming the bain of our existence. 32 more words


The Amazing Story of the Brick and the Three Goddesses

Why is it that stories are always about one single brick?

Kelowna, Alley

How lonely!

Human Wisdom Vs. Book Knowledge

Home Of Heights

I’m not sure what to call this other than writing. It’s not necessarily a poem, but it could be considered prose; but it’s halfway there and is more consistent of a single thought or happening than the emotion. 239 more words