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Free Scripture card - C - Children, keep yourselves from idols

Keep yourselves from idols.

When I was little I collected postcards of kittens and puppies. As a child I slept in the attic and had rows of these ‘cute’ postcards pinned to the wooden beams above my bed.

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The Kubrick Project: LOST CHART 2! MONDAY

Here’s the last chapter I forgot to share, but it’s a bigg’n. Not a bigg’n length wise, but concept wise. You can’t have WEDNESDAY without the MONDAY.


Ugh, perfection.

It really gets to me that people have this visualisation of things are supposed to be or go in their heads. How a relationship is supposed to be, or a first date and how people are always going to be nice to you and your bestfriend will always be your bestfriend because sadly it doesn’t always go down that like. 128 more words

Be You

Reflection 3 – ‘P2P shoot process’

The shooting process for the people to people documentary was pretty much straight forward as we had a clear idea as a group on what was meant to be completed during the pre-production stage. 161 more words


Poem with an explanation: a stop

A door unlocked,
steps taken,
ropes already tied,
and a click.

Steps on grass,
steps on stone,
steps on tar.

Through trees,
through monuments,
the drum plays, 399 more words


Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is a beast my clients present with often.

They have no problem showing up with their A game in practice but when it comes time to make it count on race day they fall flat. 407 more words