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Tailor's Son: Clarice

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The tiresome sights and sounds of the place had begun to wear on him. 2,023 more words

Skyler Lee


In the green, a want
is growing – still and hopeful-
rapt. And knowing that the spell
is brief, 54 more words



White was a blank page,
Waiting for black ink to bleed
Life into it, to make it worth something –

The white was too pure… 96 more words

All Graffiti is Memory

All memory looks like this.

(Parking is not just for cars, but for other body jewelry as well.)

Street Photography

Hey, You A Muse?

I must be careful
as I proceed from this point
to resist the urge to fly

So I will stay grounded
though notice my ankles stretch… 61 more words


Poetic Style in H.D. and Belz

Aaron Belz may have been a better comparison to Ezra Pound due to the unfiltered fluidity of his word-choice. However, taking a stylistic approach, Hilda Doolittle and Aaron Belz both support a strong presence of imagery in their poetry. 339 more words

Jimmy Swaggart Magic

And on the Second Saturday!
Walk of shamed art,
Iraq was mentioned fewer times than anyone ever dreamed possible.