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Semiotic Standard: Coffee!


Without a doubt, my most favorite semiotic of the set used aboard the Nostromo!

(I found this online and will attribute its artist once I figure out who that is!)



Heart Like An Empty Bottle

Like plastic crinkled under foot in back seats–
floorboard litter with lipstick napkins,
and under beds lost with the left sock kicked off
between blankets on hot nights. 59 more words


beauty in human form

beauty in human form
has nothing to do with looks or clothes

but has to do with heart and soul

when you meet someone beautiful… 55 more words


Historical Photography Research (Black & White)

John Sexton

John Sexton was born in 1953. Education in Bachelor of Arts, departmental honors, Art – Photography, Chapman University and in California Associate of Arts, with honors, Photography, Cypress College, Cypress, California.

Name of photograph

In-Class Activities

I Wish Life Were Like This...

I wish that life was like this:

I’d be walking down the road of life and reach a crossroads. Great! I have to make a decision; I look to my left, then my right, perhaps straight ahead. 66 more words

If I were a man

Walking in your shoes,

This is what I would do.

I’d make sure my woman knew she was loved.

In some way, everyday, I’d show it.

305 more words



Underwater light

looks like glass sheets shattering

over and over.

Oceans of Green

Winds of nostalgia

smell like the waves of the sea

between blades of grass. 104 more words

Life Struggle