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Fiddle, fish and board game fun: a snapshot of Zanzibar life – in pictures

Photographer Sam Vox’s patience paid off in these glimpses of island life on Zanzibar – part of our weekly look at people’s travels through three Instagram images


Earth, I Buried a Flower in You

I buried a flower in you
On a shimmering summer’s day
Hoping that the ground around you
Would bloom, enchanted

The next day I saw a bird… 195 more words


Think it to Become it

Your Attention Will Manifest Your Reality

Back in my ultra-running days, I used to write post-race reports before race day. I’d stop at my favorite café, sit by a sunny window, and script the play-by-play narrative of how the race shook out. 788 more words

Customer Service


One word. Thirteen letters. She can feel them cascading, tripping off her tongue as she sounds each syllable. She feels it double into twenty-six years. Feels it fold itself into her being. 243 more words



whispers fill the void
of loneliness that surrounds me
and they speak of intangible things
that I cannot fathom
secrets locked in the attic
like old discarded boxes… 32 more words



I started out searching in regular places:

under the coffee table, between seat cushions;

I could always find a couple handy ones

hiding between the pages of the dictionary, 220 more words

Life Struggle

Abalone - The Mother of Pearl

Abalone – The Mother of Pearl

Matters chattered over open tabs & gold deeds, platters of abalone

shellfish. selfishly poppin’ tags flashing Oyster perpetual Roleys… 90 more words

Poetic Justice