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Off the Cuff: Charlotte’s Lament

Minutes bleed through cracked ribs and our sieve. A spider’s web of caught glances stronger than the Empire State or a mountain pass or canyon’s stream, though few and far between. 104 more words


What to do when feeling edgy

That is the title, not because I am an expert on the subject, more because that is the mood that has been plaguing me as of late and one way to change the tract of negative thinking is to focus attention on the opposite of it. 551 more words

Into the woods

There are so many things that I love besides drawing. One of them is photography. I love taking pictures of places, people etc.


“Gotta keep it together.

No falling apart, no time for that.

Picking up the pieces takes too long,

It’s luxury you can’t afford.”

Internal dialogue of stress-filled mind. 12 more words


And once in that cloudless sky, look up and admire the moon,

Pacify thy loneliness with the warmth of the million star blanket.

Cafune the lady Night’s greyish cascade and bid farewell to those defiant demons, luring within.

496 more words
Free Verse

My cover of "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" by Michael Ball/Ramin Karimloo, from movie/musical Les Misérables (karaoke singing)



There’s a grief that can’t be spoken,
There’s a pain goes on and on.
Empty chairs at empty tables,
Now my friends are dead and gone. 142 more words


Shakespeare wrote of temperate days

where worry lived for love to fade.

For beauty can’t hope to outlast

the polished sheen of brilliant brass,

nor could the length of love outlive… 117 more words

Life Struggle