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ponderation: Alba a Bocca d’Arno by nicolavivoli18  This is...


Alba a Bocca d’Arno by nicolavivoli18 

This is probably Eärendil’s idea of a getaway… if he somehow manages to get approval for time off from Vingilot steersmanship.

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Kyza's verse on "Mental Flight" by Terra Firma (2006)

I can’t find the lyrics to this song anywhere on the internet and have felt strongly for years that they deserve recognition. Other than having an epic, haunting instrumental and transcendental name, this song’s three verses are all fire. 267 more words

SHOWCASE -- Scatteredmockingbirds

Today I stumbled across a poet relatively new to WordPress.


I am not sure if the poet is male or female. So for now, I will just refer to the poet as SMB. 1,199 more words


No. 26 - Write Something

Write what? A blog? A letter? A short story? A factual document? This one is quite vague.

I write A LOT for work. Each term I write out lesson plans for all my students, each week I fill out my teaching diary, each lesson I write in my students practice diaries, and each day I compose and reply to what seems like a million emails. 808 more words

If My Heart Was A Room

If my heart was a room
I’d stack my thoughts on a shelf
Next to the fireplace over there
I’d be tempted to knock them over… 195 more words



An aroma of summer exposed

fresh cut grass between toes

light and airy clouds partake

they draw unicorns and dragons

sifting by by and away. 55 more words


The Daunting World of Mixed Emotions

As is obvious to my blog readers, I have been in lurking mode for sometime now. I am currently trying to awaken myself from a period of slightly selfish invisibility. 679 more words