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PoetrioTales Premier

Check out this great and new collaboration brought to you by my good friends Paul Falcone and Haley Batchelder.

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PoetrioTales is working on a highly anticipated poetry format using three different pictures, with each writer revealing their feelings  creatively towards what speaks to them. 38 more words

shinmakoss: Black Queen by ARTVORTEX For of the Maiar many were...


Black Queen by ARTVORTEX

For of the Maiar many were drawn to his splendour in the days of his greatness, and remained in that allegiance down into his darkness; and others he corrupted afterwards to his service with lies and treacherous gifts.

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When God Wore Red Overalls 

When I was five, I knew for certain that God wore red overalls.

I had a cardboard book titled something along the lines of God Loves Me, and the picture on the front was a cartoon character wearing red, so obviously that’s what God looks like, right? 708 more words


poems by Heyen, Celan, and Sachs

This week we have three difficult poems, both linguistically and emotionally.  Feel free to use this blog thread to try to figure out what the poems are saying (you won’t be penalized for suggesting “wrong” interpretations), unpack your emotional reactions, and access your prior knowledge–i.e., compare what you already know about the Holocaust with what you see in this poems.   127 more words


Pictures: Humanitarian UAV Mission to Vanuatu in Response to Cyclone Pam

Aéroport de Port Vila – Bauerfield International Airport. As we land, thousands of uprooted trees could be seen in almost every direction.

Massive roots were not enough to save these trees from Cyclone Pam. 960 more words

Crisis Mapping

Color me some sunshine

Day 9 100 artworks challenge

Mixed media: 9×9″ wood plaque, decorative paper, watercolor, acrylic, beads with gloss finish

Imagery Deficit Disorder

I fell the other day while entering my house with groceries in hand. Sign from the universe? Of course. But what does it mean when you go down? 473 more words