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Singing Bear

Singing Bear

The little bear is versatile and blatantly self promoting.


I like doing different things with the little guy.
G.R. Hambley – all rights reserved… 8 more words


One Of Those Days! #1

One Of Those Days! #1

We all have those day for a number of reasons
We all me thinks have this feeling on those days… 47 more words
Emotional Presence


Being there

Really not existing

An image

A breathing hologram

That moves and talks

Passing each day

Fulfilling empty tasks

Creating void spaces

Falling deeper in depths… 30 more words


Romans 11:33-34

Oh the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God.

I was reading this verse today and it struck me that we need to immerse ourselves in the deep ocean of God’s  love and favour towards us.

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Soul Meal - Bread Of Life

Death's Whiff

The faint whiff of death

Was diffusing

Slowly finding way

Into life


Getting a strong grip

Of everything it passed through

It was slow poison… 13 more words




rock skips, unskipped but caught and

launched from beneath my Birkenstock

stoop my body down and lay

eye-level, tossed pebble and anthills

gravel beneath me… 37 more words