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Artifice Walk

boxed wine served in a bottle
surrounded by framed intent on a wall



The House on the Hill.

i wish that you could see

the house on the hill

with the big gray shutters

and the birds overhead.

it has a barn out back (it’s white and red). 55 more words

The Word in My Hands

Welcome to Week Thirty of Three Line Tales! A wonderful challenge to create a piece about the given photo. Want to join? Click the link. 47 more words


I’d forgotten how to be blissful.

I’d forgotten the pleasure of long, flowy, skirts.

Forgotten the feeling of tall grass brushing against bare legs.

I’d forgotten what love felt like. 77 more words


Hello everyone,

Here we are again, with Wednesday coming to a close. Though at the time of writing, my Wednesday has just started. Today, I’d like to talk about writing poetry, mostly because I really like doing it, but also because someone asked me how I write poetry so easily. 499 more words


Writing Tip: Give Emotions Strong Imagery

How many of us write from those raw emotions we have stirring within us? The best therapy for some writers is letting those feelings bleed on paper. 447 more words


the world is no longer liveable

and i intend to pull myself out of it. 

by the time you are reading this, it is highly likely that i am still alive. 655 more words

Stained Glass Eyes