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Pictures of Hollis Woods: can places have souls?

Excerpt of the Week:

I’ve devoured several new and brilliant books in the last few weeks, but today I’m in the mood for a throwback. 375 more words



I want a girl that looks like a flower,

And I need a girl that acts like a tree.

Maybe it’s the hypocrisy in me, 116 more words


Kosslyn Computational Model

Kosslyn’s model goes and meets Paivio’s model in many ways. According to Kosslyn, our mind possessess two permanent information storages: images and propositions.

Via the images storage you will find information about the object’s form (through images) and through the propositional one, you’ll find the object’s meaning. 211 more words

Cognitive Psychology


Graceful and misleading,

Beauty can be menacing, you know.

Trumpets sound in confidence,

But screech and fight at any moment.

Do not test the swan. 23 more words

Stormy Palace of Aurora Borealis

Stormy Palace of Aurora Borealis

Arctic and Antartic regions, skyscape genenis to the Northern Lights and Aurora Borealis

an uproar of balance; geomagnetic storm of aura conjures these talents… 92 more words

Poetic Justice

Never Ever by McKynzi Baum

If there was one person I hated most, it was Grayson Walton. It wasn’t because he was a bully or that he hated me or even that we had history as children, it was actually the complete opposite. 3,066 more words


Paris in the Summer

These rooftops ..

Perhaps I am a hopeless romantic ..

Perhaps my heart calls for times when love was really love..

A time when it was kept sacred.. 69 more words