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paint swatch poetry pt. 3

a poem! yay! i misspelled a word in the picture but it’s right in the transcription.

summer anthem

in pineapples

we trust! those

housewarming fruits…

36 more words

LOVE POEM #93 - To Call You Beatrice

To call you Beatrice, whose eyes

smiled with the same gaiety

as the highest of holy suns,

would be a gross understatement.

You are bright like the blue giants… 86 more words


Phantom Embrace

shards of my hospitable heart,

is broken or amputated?

with tempt of trust or deficient?

yet a yearn to serve thine abode

mirrors the whole you, smiling… 105 more words


Forever and Always

As I look at you on the little dim screen,

So many hundreds of miles away,

You cover your mouth so I won’t see

The painful twist that’s all because of me. 170 more words


Rainy day in the summer:

I thought I heard the lapping leaves,
roll over each other in the night
like cremated ashes from winter’s pyre
tumbling in the dark;
sounding as if they were swaying… 78 more words


FIFTY WORD STORY - Morning Anxiety

It feels late. I can see the sunshine on the dusty floors. The stress enters my lungs like a thick fog, choking me from my sleep. 91 more words

Life Struggle