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Why They're Called Wisdom Teeth

Nitrous Oxide feels too cold in my nostrils. I imagine it is like the steam of a freezer in some horrid heat, condescending and twirling in cold clouds as I unwillingly inhale vapor into my lungs. 807 more words


A Thousand Mile Hike to Happiness

The novel, Wild, presents a beautiful story about a woman who decides to risk her entire existence in order to receive a sense of healing and peace. 1,332 more words

Hungry Cat (and Other Haikus)


Sometimes I will hide

underneath layers of skin

like clams in their shell.


We touched fingertips

like wisps of wind to a tree. 123 more words

Life Struggle

My hands are growing old.
Lines by my eyes.

Just about 6 decades left and my physical age will match my soul.


Moment I

The soggy beat of rain against the tarmac

escapes a breathing world and flows right through my

ajar window, into a dead and airless sanctuary.



Look out the window, am I there?
Street lamps as stemless wine glasses the lights are sentinels
raining the avenue dust as snow.
Threaded the dark is, with blunted color as though the painter… 59 more words