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Hollow Pit

The eerie silence that deafens me

combined with the chilly wind of the desert street,

grip my soul in unexplainable fear

I wonder why – there’s nothing here. 57 more words



I looked out into the night sky

And watched the stars passing by;

Into the deep dark of night,

And I felt my being take flight. 396 more words


[022] autumness

ok, it’s been a while. so let’s get back on track again now. the last couple of weeks flew by with me back to work, walking through the forests around, enjoying the transition of summer into fall, reading murakami and getting caught by his unique and addicting mixture of pretty detailed realism and well dosed breezes of grotesquery. 209 more words

On Writing

I want to write words which sparkle
Sea`washed stones in afternoon sunshine
Which lie lazily on beds of green kelp

I want to write words which carve… 146 more words


How do I show this?

(featured image taken from a generic Google image search)

After many attempts at creating dynamic imagery at undergraduate (with varying degrees of success), I found the name ‘Superstudio’ mentioned in regards to conceptual representations for paper architecture projects. 219 more words

Journey west, leaving the nest

As I leave my home
I cant help but feel fear
but the sun is warm
and the light shows the way.

The road has turns, ups, and downs… 100 more words

Poems By Me

Newton's First Law of Motion

The train always rolls past my home at 12:40 every night. My home is enclosed by woods and tall trees, so I never know where the train comes from. 110 more words

Musings And Personal