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Things Are Much Clearer When They've Fallen Apart

We smoked a joint under the stars and talked about leaving. About things moving on and ending and going away too soon. We laid in a line, the four of us. 74 more words

Brightness Falls From the Air

“Brightness falls from the air;

Queens have died young and fair;

Dust hath closed Helen’s eye.”

Thomas Nashe, ‘A Litany in Time of Plague’

(Featured image from Raumrot)


Tear Down the Wall

By building a wall between the mind and reality,
You can cement out torment and suffering.
But what if the construction is unintentional?
And you exist in silence against your will? 94 more words

Creative Writing

Split Decisions 

Deep down…waits a soldier

When the spirits color is …darkened by clutter

There is a whisper of a warrior

Inevitably followed,however, …by the curdling call of the taker… 88 more words

Original Poetry

Photography Awards

Hey peeps how’s it hanging? How has life been treating you? I hope very kindly.

I went back to Somerset House this past weekend ( 135 more words



 I forgot to upload these images, so here it is, my final for my editorial brief, I am quite pleased with this as I have learnt new techniques and thoroughly processes along the way; I have learnt about type and especially the grid system, which I knew nothing about, however now I have the knowledge to improve when I add editorial and typography into any of my projects!

Photo 150 - Marble Tombstone

It’s been a while since I posted a photo as I’ve been busy with personal matters and also writing a daily poem, through April, as part of this year’s NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). 22 more words