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Against Aachaaram: Srinarayana Guru

This excerpt below is translated by DARSHAN SUBRAMANIAM.  The note that follows is by J Devika. 1,811 more words


Processing ... processing

From time to time I mention “post-processing”. This would more accurately be called “post shooting processing” because it is done after the picture is shot. For me it is only a ‘sometimes’ thing; often no more than turning the contrast up to compensate for a cloudy day, for example. 615 more words

Death / Matthew Koester

Matthew Koester is a 24 year old writer, artist and journalist from the suburbs of Chicago, IL. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Knox College, he has been published in the Galesburg Register-Mail, ZEAL, MICRO//MACRO, Fanbyte, Capsule Crit and elsewhere as a writer and artist. 10 more words


What is a photo with deep meaning?

This answer is written by Abhishek Ojha (अभिषेक ओझा) Click here to view the original answer.

Here are some photographs with a deep meaning:-



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