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Cool Surveillance Cameras images

Check out these Surveillance Cameras images:

Image by Kiwien

Forsvarskommandoen @ Arsenaløen

Image by *Panopticon*


Image by don relyea
Watching You Watching Me:
In the new surveillance age we live in, everywhere you go you are being watched and your actions are being recorded. …

Accessible Presentations - Illustrations/Images

Accessible doesn’t mean not having any images! Some images are very useful for greater understanding! You’ll want to add alt text for all meaningful items added by Illustrations. 315 more words

Professional Development

Circles and lines

These are the images that i researched to help with inspiration for the final five. They were all resourced from Flickr. I liked that, for most of them, the circles and lines were natural and didn’t completely take over each image. 67 more words


Tips & Tricks for Photography

I was also the one in the group taking photos on a night out, nothing special, nothing infamous, always fun. This year I decided to join head first into photography, real photography, you of plants and people and things. 1,068 more words


Deductive Reasoning

Deductive Reasoning

Deductive reasoning is the opposite of what we as designers do for our clients, rather than taking the product and creating a client as in this task, we take the client or consumer and pick apart them as a person to create a product that speaks to them. 318 more words