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Uses of Internet

An ardent user of social websites, we have limited our activity to connecting with friends and colleagues online. To think of it there is more to internet than meets the blinking eye, we have a sea full of possibilities beyond the basic use of internet. 168 more words


His voice 


To be lost to his voice as it arouses her passions once more, alights her soul and caresses her desires……. She had almost made it getting dressed for work, but now is hopeless lost in his abyss and thoughts…… As her mind lingers on every word associating it with his touch…….


“Na jaane kyu hame samjh na paye wo..

  Sayad hum hi ulajh chuke the unhe pyaar karte-karte”


161206 “Legend of the Blue Sea” SBS Stills / Официални снимки от “Legend of the Blue Sea” 

Спор няма, че И Мин Хо за пореден път разтопява сърцата, този път с героя си Хо Чун Дже от драмата “Legend of the Blue Sea”. 6 more words


Mountain High

Red granite dusted

Snow covered cracks

Waiting for the sun.

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