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Picasso the cubist library

Hey there! I think that the better way to inaugurate this blog is with this awesome library. I will explain the say that is use this library and we could see it working together with Picasso transforms, a library that allows cool effects to our pictures. 81 more words


Drawing on image in Android

The task of drawing by fingers on already existing image meets quite often: if you need to select complex image fragment, sometimes – to emphasize or cross out something, to add the hand-written text or a smilie. 429 more words


Android - Imagine în Toast

Clasa “Toast” este folosită pentru a oferi feedback utilizatorului în privința unei activități, prin intermediul unui popup de dimensiuni reduse.
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Android ImageView example

In Android, you can use “android.widget.ImageView” class to display an image file. Image file is easy to use but hard to master, because of the various screen and dpi in Android devices. 359 more words


How to display image from the web in your activity.

The problem

When you want to display an image (url) in your activity, you need to download it first. Yes, it’s not some HTML with all work with magic. 308 more words

Android SDK

Amy's Adventures In Android: Auto-Resizing ImageView

Let’s say you want to make an ImageView take the maximum size it can on the screen while preserving aspect ratio.

First thought would just be to set the ImageView’s width and height to match_parent right? 453 more words


uploading image to image view from liberary

uploading image to image view

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

#import “QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h”

@interface ViewController : UIViewController<UINavigationControllerDelegate,UIImagePickerControllerDelegate>


UIImagePickerController *imagePicker;


@property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet UIImageView *imgvu;

– (IBAction)btn_loadimage:(id)sender; 96 more words