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Imaginary Cities: Isidora

Isidora, as the world outside looks at it, is the city of rebels. As an Isidorian, however, I will tell you differently- it is a community of people who loathed egotistical world order and decided to choose better for themselves. 110 more words

First Year

Imaginary Cities, by Darran Anderson

Under the name @Oniropolis, Darran Anderson maintains a fascinating Twitter feed, full of images of utopias and dystopias from film, fiction and video games, and imaginings of buildings and cities from the medieval to the modernist.   1,200 more words


No Place

It’s been an insane year and it’s good to finally hibernate, hang out with my boy, and start working on new books (Notes on Three Drownings… 132 more words

Imaginary Cities (Darran Anderson)

So this year I’ve been trying (with only partial success) to publish a review of a CYOA book on the 5th of each month. “CYOA book” here may be a paper book or a Kindle ebook with links. 712 more words


Imaginary Cities Writing Assignment

Directions: (to be completed in your class journal)

Describe a city that doesn’t exist. Concentrate, if you have trouble inventing a city whole – focus on the clothing, the food, the houses, the organization of the streets, and the hand gestures that are somehow related to the geography of the place (a steep hilly town’s coordinates would look different than a water- bound citizen’s sense of spatial organization; so too would someone’s directions inside this space). 75 more words


Imaginary Cities

Shifting points of view is WORD Christchurch’s season of brain-tickling talks at the Christchurch Arts Festival (Peter Singer and Sarah Waters on Monday 7 September yo!). 902 more words


Wait, what's that song?

Last night, Kristin and I escaped the house on a mission to resupply her craft operation, throw a little money around the book store, and, most importantly, escape the pressures of the past week with a little dining and adult beverage intake. 241 more words