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Where Do We Dream Ourselves Next?

My review of Darran Anderson’s book Imaginary Cities is up at Australian literary journal The Lifted Brow.

Anderson’s grand literary tour of urban environments that never were, from citadels of myth to more manageable fantasies of the kind you’d find in Walt Disney’s EPCOT centre, challenges our vision of what cities could be in 2017 and beyond. 44 more words


The Crystal Palaces (excerpt from Imaginary Cities) — Darran Anderson

There is music playing now in the coffee shop, the drive-in, the casino halls with their hidden exits and absence of clocks, strange terrible music. ‘There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow’ went the anthem of Disney’s Progressland. 2,609 more words

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Fantasy Reads: `Rotherweird'

This week I’m recommending “Rotherweird”, a debut novel by Andrew Caldecott set in a very peculiar English town. Since “Rotherweird” has only just been published, the choice is between hardback and ebook. 1,284 more words

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Imaginary Cities U.S. Edition

Wholehearted thanks to University of Chicago Press (and especially Levi Stahl) for publishing the U.S. edition of Imaginary Cities, available now in all good bookshops (and Influx Press for taking a chance on the book in the first place when others thought, not without good reason, that I was deranged). 213 more words

A few thoughts about reviewing Imaginary Cities by Darran Anderson for TQC

I’ve been busy reading and writing reviews lately, but everything seems to be directed at the future, scheduled for publication at online literary journals. It’s all good, but you put so much work in and then have to wait to share your thoughts and engage in conversation about the book. 211 more words


Minor Literature[s] interview

In advance of the French and U.S. editions of Imaginary Cities , I’ve been speaking to Minor Literature[s] about writing, rebellion, film and the meaning of Bergman’s… 72 more words

The Momus Questionnaire — Darran Anderson

Darran Anderson’s Imaginary Cities (Influx Press) is a sprawling, epic pyschogeographic exploration of our relationships with cities, both real and imagined. With a frame of reference which takes in everything from Marco Polo to… 2,476 more words