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Imaginary Cities U.S. Edition

Wholehearted thanks to University of Chicago Press (and especially Levi Stahl) for publishing the U.S. edition of Imaginary Cities, available now in all good bookshops (and Influx Press for taking a chance on the book in the first place when others thought, not without good reason, that I was deranged). 213 more words

A few thoughts about reviewing Imaginary Cities by Darran Anderson for TQC

I’ve been busy reading and writing reviews lately, but everything seems to be directed at the future, scheduled for publication at online literary journals. It’s all good, but you put so much work in and then have to wait to share your thoughts and engage in conversation about the book. 211 more words


Minor Literature[s] interview

In advance of the French and U.S. editions of Imaginary Cities , I’ve been speaking to Minor Literature[s] about writing, rebellion, film and the meaning of Bergman’s… 72 more words

The Momus questionnaire — Darran Anderson

Darran Anderson’s Imaginary Cities (Influx Press) is a sprawling, epic pyschogeographic exploration of our relationships with cities, both real and imagined. With a frame of reference which takes in everything from Marco Polo to… 2,476 more words


Mega City Dun

Thanks to everyone at the Dundee Literary Festival and those who came for a great event. There’s been an avalanche of things happening recently, which I’m still digging my way through, and tomorrow may finally be the first day I’ve had any kind of stability in five years, but if you get a chance I did an… 112 more words

Imaginary Cities: An Interview with Darran Anderson

The author talks about his new book, his influences, and his fascination with modern urban spaces

What made you choose the title “Imaginary Cities”?

I had more romantic or esoteric titles in mind but it had to be something simple to give, what is a fairly sprawling and extremely rambling text, a sense of coherence. 3,363 more words

Imaginary Cities - U.S. edition

Delighted to announce University of Chicago Press will be publishing Imaginary Cities in the U.S. in April. 189 more words