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I Have Joined The Dark Side

I’ve been claiming it for two years now.  Owning it, because the more I said it, the more I believed it, and shit got done.  You know, the writer thing.  732 more words


Iain Duncan Smith off to pub with imaginary friends

Iain Duncan Smith is reportedly off to the pub with his imaginary friends this evening after a hard day’s fabricating stories from fictional benefits claimants. 224 more words


Back Monkey (or the Five Minute Thought)

Leftover garbage pail pies
Boysenberry flies
Saturday morning imaginary cartoons
Tree fort farmer tans
We fought wars. We fought peace.
My unalienable friend.
My ultimate foe. 77 more words

Creative Writing

Half-Price Sale on My Flash Fiction Tomorrow!

I’m working on more short and sassy, no-spoilers movie reviews! In the meantime, please consider buying the new anthology BABY SHOES: 100 STORIES BY 100 AUTHORS… 123 more words


08/13/2015 / Now Even when You Draw Me Near, I Know You're Still an Arm's Length Away / 14:08 / Lakeland, FL

Have you ever seen the movie Limitless? It’s about this guy who finds this pill that if he takes it, it causes his brain to work at many times it’s usual capacity, and therefore he’s much more productive, and he’s able to get so much more done, and his life improves in so many ways, et cetera… That’s a little what things feel like now. 2,020 more words


Kangees Update

Kangees are trouble makers. They need to be scolded frequently. There are two kangees, a boy and a girl. They push C over. They do everything he is not supposed to do. 37 more words

Foster Care

My Thoughts on Writer's Block or A Conversation Amongst My Imaginary Friends

Today as I was driving home I started analyzing my recent bout of writer’s block. It occurred to me it wasn’t actually so “recent”; I haven’t written anything (except a few blog posts) in about 6 months. 1,210 more words