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Book Review: The Imaginary

You won’t be surprised to learn that I liked The Imaginary by A.F. Harrold. It’s a book about imaginary friends, after all.

This book came… 107 more words

Raising Readers


via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

There once was a little girl named Neva who had an imaginary friend named Tim. You see, Neva was an only child and she really wanted a brother.   164 more words


What the Catbird Heard - Part II

Grampy, did you ever have an imaginary friend?” The geese honked loudly as if laughing at the little girl’s question.

“No, Cecilia, I didn’t. But Grammy’s mother did. 954 more words

Life Lessons

The True Story Behind Noah's Imaginary Cat Blah Blah

We were all over at Ashley’s parents’ house the other night for dinner.  We noticed that their cat hadn’t been seen in a little while and figured it must have been outside exploring.  454 more words


My Imaginary...Friend

As a child, I did occasionally play with an imaginary friend. I think they appeared one day running along beside our car when I was out and about somewhere with my family. 423 more words



‘Where’s Sarah today?’

‘She’s gone to America?’


‘Yes, America.’

‘But she was only in London yesterday.’


‘Well America is a long way from London?’ 110 more words


Imaginary Friends

I never had an imaginary friend as a kid, but I was aware of the concept and didn’t want to miss out, so I pretended to have one. 37 more words