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Imaginary Friends, Pt. V - The Birds and the Bullets

My neighbor shot me in the back three times with a BB gun when I was about eight years old. I was standing on the corner of our front lawn with… 684 more words

Imaginary Friends, Pt. IV - Sara

When I was about ten years old, I had little girl, big dreams of one day modeling. One of the only girls near my age in the neighborhood who lived a few houses down from my parent’s told me that there’s no way I could ever model with all of the cuts, bruises, and scars I had all over my slender, tanned legs. 374 more words

Imaginary Friends Pt. III

Memo, Tebo, and Julie eventually became my best friends. Sure, I had actual, tangible friends – I wasn’t really a loner at school or in other social situations, but at home, I definitely was. 618 more words

My friend 'Izzie' ~ our experiences with an imaginary friend

I am aware that many young children have an ‘imaginary friend.’ Wikipedia describes an imaginary friend as:

“Psychological phenomenon where a friendship or other interpersonal relationship takes place in the imagination rather than external physical reality.” Source: …

683 more words

Playing with Friends

We had some friends and their 4-month-old over last weekend. Lil’ Miss K gets a little jealous when I hold him (ok, a lot jealous), but she started opening up to the idea of him when she got to play with his “fan toy” with him. 43 more words


Day 2

My earliest most memory was when I was two. I remember momma had an old canning pot. I use to use it as a little swimming pool and one day when getting in and out of the cooking pot I stepped upon a little bumble bee and got stung. 214 more words


Characters: Talking to the Voices Inside My Head

Characters are, undoubtedly, the cornerstone of every great story. They can make, or break your book.

But what about the plot, I hear you ask. Surely… 994 more words