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For those of you in the know, and by in the know I of course mean those of you who are disparate enough to be here reading my inner monologues. 975 more words

A Cog in the Machine

When I was a kid, my imaginary friend was a music mogul.  He owned the largest music company in the United States Southeast with offices also located in London, Italy and Japan.   447 more words

Growth And Spirit

Imaginary Friends Pt. II All My Barbies

Barbie and Ken’s relationship played out a lot like my mother’s favorite soap opera, only ten times more dramatic because Ken always ended up without a limb or two after being caught shacking up  with one of Barbie’s attractive friends.   321 more words

Imaginary Friends

I had imaginary friends for years. Their names were Memo, pronounced MEEMO, with the long “E,” Tebo, rhyming with the latter and Julie, the most normal named non-existent friend of mine. 569 more words



Furry Friends No More Book 1: Boris to the Rescue

Written by Kaz Campbell

Bob is pretty much your average fourth grader. His father is a teacher at his school; that can be a problem. 185 more words

Book Reviews

The Imaginary Sister

Although she is well aware that exterior exits are out of bounds, Jet begins fiddling with the deadbolt on the front door. “I’ve got to leave now,” she informs me. 876 more words


Imaginary Friends Podcast

Big thanks to Jasmine Fairbairn describing our last event as “a bunch of nerds watch a weird movie about the slumber massacre” in episode 347 of… 65 more words