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A World of Pure Imagination

Willy Wonka knew what he was talking about. Imagination is important for children’s growth. As we’re constantly told, we need to feed their imagination as much as their stomachs. 565 more words

Molly Moore - Imaginary Friends

The world of Molly Moore is a constant buzz of creativity and anxiety, forming into Imaginary Friends. 106 more words


Imaginary Friends? All part of growing up...

Last week my son discovered something. A friend that woke him up while he slept. A little boy who hangs out in his room. A friend we have not seen or heard. 322 more words


the long-lost friends we find in dreams

Deep in her dreaming, she found the forest she once knew as a child. The pixies who told her stories, the goblins that played hide-and-go-seek in the gullies, even the mean old witch who lived in the hollow tree – they were all still there. 91 more words

"Imaginary Friends"

We have all heard of children who have “imaginary friends”…..but are they imaginary? Just because you don’t see what they see does that make it any less real? 536 more words

The Last Story of Noodlebrain

Well that’s just great, now my left pointer finger is gone. The vanishing started about a month ago. I was minding my own beeswax when my toes (yes all of them) just disappeared. 853 more words

Creative Writing

Imagination Games

Children have an incredible ability for envisaging the impossible. Aside from the nostalgia of blissful ignorance, perhaps this is what I envy most about childhood: the immense capacity to dream.   722 more words