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An imaginary friend will always have your back in Crenshaw

Crenshaw, by Katherine Applegate (Sept. 2015, Macmillan), $16.99, ISBN: 9781250043238

Recommended for ages 9-13

Newbery winner Katherine Applegate is back, following up the award-winning… 274 more words

Tween Reads


This is one of those things everyone wants to be, yet many aren’t, never were, and won’t be.

Popularity is a fickle, transitory experience; like the tide, it can come and go. 511 more words

Odd Socks

07/27/2015 / I Pick this Soundtrack with Immaculate Care. Such a Lot Rests upon it. My Life upon this Song. (part 1 of 2) / 11:59 / Lakeland, FL

I am never alone, and also always alone. Doesn’t that sound dramatic? There’s the girl in the back seat of my car, with the dark rings around her eyes, and the bluish skin, and missing patches of hair that just vomits numbers at me. 1,498 more words

History Lessons

Day 4

What would you say if I told you that I, a grown adult of 21, have imaginary friends? You wouldn’t talk to me anymore would you? 165 more words


I don't actually have a prompt, I just really want to write about a ghost. So. yeah. Ghosties!

My name is Eugene Dorian Carpenter. If I’ve done my reckoning correctly, I am approximately 254 years old. I have not been amongst the living for 223 of those years, of course. 1,174 more words

365 Day Challenge

Having Imaginary Friends and Talking to Yourself is a sign of Intelligence

Until recently, I had never told anyone that I have had about 2 or 3 imaginary friends my entire life.  Even more, I have always talked to myself.  1,182 more words

Imaginary Friends

May contain spoilers…

Pixar’s Inside Out gave us a great visualization of what goes on inside the heads of various folks, especially Riley, a girl on the edge of puberty. 332 more words