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Cute things kids don't say

So my three year old, Grace, is a riot. I’m pretty sure she’s exceptionally gifted (except in one area, which to save her dignity I’ll refrain from mentioning). 481 more words

Imaginary Friends, a poem by Meghann Plunkett

Meghann Plunkett is a poet, producer of live theater performances, and full-stack web developer. Learn more about her projects here: http://meghannplunkett.com/ 32 more words

Imaginary Friends

I think I am hilarious. Seriously, I make myself snicker from my own internal dialogue. Of course, then everyone thinks I am absolutely insane. But then, they have always thought I was absolutely insane. 620 more words


{Prose}: Broken Angel

A faint murmuring.  That’s all you’ll hear.  Cut me open and splay me.  Let everyone see the contents of my broken heart.  They say it looks like bits of colored glass.   731 more words


THAT feeling

If you’re a bookworm like me, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

You know that horrible feeling you get after you finish a really good series, like… 175 more words


Tell a story from the perspective of a child's imaginary friend.

I’ve know little Nathan for as long as he can remember. Really, I’ve known him for even longer than that. I was assigned to him shortly after he was born, as all of us Imaginaries are. 901 more words

365 Day Challenge

"Love Is In Da Blog" ~ Imaginary Friends

Ok guys, I bet you wonder what “imaginary friends” might have to do with “Love”. Well, in my opinion it has to do with self-love and with that I come full circle to the beginning of this first “Love Is In Da Blog” February. 181 more words