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Building a bigger picture

Thinking pixels

Ways to build a picture from small pieces. Look up illustrator Ian Wright#

Imaginary World

Seven kinds of magic @HouseOfIllustration

Seven Kinds of Magic at the Quentin Blake gallery explores artists and writers depictions of magic including work by Russell Hoban, John Yeoman and Roald Dahl. 38 more words

Imaginary World

On Pretending

When I was younger, my sister and our friends would constantly play in a world of make believe. We always had a flare for the dramatic, and liked to pretend we were orphans in the twentieth-century on a ship sailing to the untouched country of promise that was America. 709 more words

Manipulating views


-Holga lens that twists to adjust to different view
-SCREENS- Its the screen between the eyes and the view which is everything. 52 more words

Imaginary World

Web as A Playground

Playground- slides, climbing frames etc.

Children- Toys- Playing around

Imaginary World

Idea of an Identity Laboratory

-Construction of life/Making/Mixing
-Test tubes, lab equipment

Machinary- Machines that pick out identity options
Actual Machines or button etc.

Imaginary World