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Life is beautiful, when we grow and also watch others grow, by the leaf  we drop in their lives.

This is to welcome you to my blog. 25 more words

Benue State

On Pretending

When I was younger, my sister and our friends would constantly play in a world of make believe. We always had a flare for the dramatic, and liked to pretend we were orphans in the twentieth-century on a ship sailing to the untouched country of promise that was America. 690 more words


Imaginary Village: Tihé, Arybarb pt.1

Tihé is a village situated in the far north of Arybarb, the small fairytale-like village is best known for its delicious gastronomy and eventful history. The world today would not be as it is if not for the many contributions of the justly prideful Tihétians throughout the past and present years. 713 more words


The Music And The Mermaid (Part A)

The little mermaid took the colorful dress from the large metal closet and the tiny notebook that she was keeping inside a huge shell. Both items were tightly wrapped with plastic membrane in order to be preserved dry in the bottom of the sea. 2,058 more words


Into the Woods

Into the woods is about a man and his wife hoping to be blessed with a child. A witch comes before them and tells them that a curse has been put the man side of the family and the only way the curse will be taken off them is if they collect 4 items. 61 more words

Imaginary World

The dark side of the woods: The Forest

This film is about a forest in Japan that is well known for people would go into the forest to commit suicide in the forest. In this scene that is shown above where hands is dragging the main character (Sara) into the ground where she finds out that she killed herself after the forest took over her mind. 76 more words

Imaginary World