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The Prompter Room

For Friday, October 21, 2016:

You know, they ask me if I were on a desert island and I knew nobody would ever see what I wrote, would I go on writing.  39 more words

The Prompter Room

How My Invisible Friends Shaped My Personality

I grew up in a house full of children. We had brats of all ages , in fact, the age difference between me and my eldest cousins spans well over 15 years. 722 more words

Self Initiated Project Week 2

Princess Mononoke is a anime film that crosses the spiritual/ animal gods that protect the forest from humans that are destroying it. 372 more words

Imaginary World

Self Initiated

During my second year of Illustration and Visual Media, I found the imaginary world project opened my mind to my own world. I created 6 images of metaphorical emotions of my own. 1,225 more words

Imaginary World

Mother Was Right

Her mother was right—

No one was interested in

Anything she thought,

Would say, might write.

Harsh, but not empty words—

The proof was all around her, 128 more words



Life is beautiful, when we grow and also watch others grow, by the leaf  we drop in their lives.

This is to welcome you to my blog. 25 more words

Benue State

On Pretending

When I was younger, my sister and our friends would constantly play in a world of make believe. We always had a flare for the dramatic, and liked to pretend we were orphans in the twentieth-century on a ship sailing to the untouched country of promise that was America. 690 more words