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Imagined Functions

Drawing patterns from my imagination is something that comes quite naturally to me, and something I like to do often. Normally I try not to think too much about what these patterns show or mean, yet in this one drawing the patterns reminded me of bodily organs, like the heart. 94 more words


The black widow

I find it amazing how something so passive aggressive, can be hated by so many. Maybe that’s what we do as people. Distance ourselves so that we feel safe and secure. 239 more words


Grumman F9F-2 Panther: "Where do we get such men?".

The Bridges of Toko Ri is one of the best “aircrafts movie” ever, period. Its main attributes: Michener’s superb story; the acting; the glorious Technicolor; the action and, of course, “the hardware”. 57 more words

In A World of My Own: Portals

Portals are similar to the cosmological concept of a wormhole, and some portals work using wormholes.

If we need somewhere to go, we must look beyond the scale of our average eye and go beyond the boundaries.

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It's An Enchanting World

A friend let me borrow a book that was well-loved by her children, here is one of the illustrations:

It is very old.  It is called, “A Day In Fairyland,” illustrated by Ana Mae Segren and written by Sigrid Rahmas.  85 more words


A world unknown pt.1

I awoke near a limb, larger than the tree. The soft grass which my head rested upon, gave comfort to my injured knee. Pain surged through my veins as I attempted to stand. 277 more words