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Wordbound #3

All right time to continue playing catch up with Wordbound! One day I’m gonna make it! Here’s the third prompt:

Week 3 – Jan 18, 2017: There is a door. 904 more words


Traveling in my mind

Do you daydream? Have you ever taken a trip to a far away place but never left the comfort of your own home? I think all of us have at one time or another. 95 more words


“Imagination is a hub of countless portals, your feelings are the guide, and your focus is the imaginary lens.”


Fourth Dimension Part 2: Understanding 4-d space through strings

In the last article, we had used two different approaches to understand the structure of a tesseract by trying to define a direction other than the existing three. 2,138 more words



It was windy the day I met David. I crossed the street in front of a truck stopped at the crosswalk. The driver was handsome, with dark eyes and eyebrows and a nice looking nose. 349 more words


Imaginary Forces

The side of the building read IMAGINARY FORCES in large orange letters: presumably the name of the company housed within. I wondered what it would be like to work there and to tell people “I work for Imaginary Forces”. 331 more words

Apropos Nothing

The First Post...

Diving back into blogging, so may as well caveat this post by stating that this will not really be a personal blog. It will rather be a home for my creative works. 483 more words