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“There it was again, the prickling sense of standing on a precipice.”

The snow was so heavy I could barely make it to the barn to feed the horses. I gave them extra hay and then, on my way back to the house, I tied a rope from the barn door to the house door so I can find my way to the horses again even if the snow totally covers my little world.  313 more words


Imaginary Numbers?

The maths blog is back again!

A quick note before we start, the space themed post was scheduled for yesterday. However, as we missed this deadline, it will be posted tomorrow evening (GMT) Our apologies for the delay! 253 more words


On Being Reactive

I don’t know how it feels like to be a center of crowds where eyes are on your chic outfit and hairdo, while out there fans are lining up for your fragrant hands shaking theirs, and even the sound of your voice really matters. 229 more words


My Monster

I don’t want to leave the playground. The sun is leaving little leopard spots on my arms as it peeks at me through the tree leaves. 1,611 more words


Imaginary People

Do you ever imagine people up? Not to sound creepy, but have you noticed kids in horror movies say they have a secret friend in the closet.? 307 more words


Se7en Title Sequence

Directed in 1995, David Fincher’s Se7en is a film that defies easy categorization. Perhaps too dark to qualify as a golden classic despite having all the right ingredients, neither is it a cult film in the traditional sense, as it is stocked with A-list talent and propped up by a smart script, a memorable score and rich cinematography, and a production value in lockstep with Fincher’s vision for the film. 180 more words