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#2 an imagined life

We rent a semi0industrial unit, which we converted into Jason’s Glass Studio and my Thai Massage Treatment Sanctuary. We share an entrance area in which some of Jason’s most beautiful glass pieces are on permanent display. 87 more words


Sin Alas (film)

Sin Alas. Dir. Ben Chace. Perf. Carlos Padron, Yulislievis Rodriguez, Mario Limonta. Franklin Avenue Films, 2015.

This film by U.S. director Ben Chace is the first one since the Cuban Revolution in 1959 to be shot entirely in Cuba. 621 more words

The Greatest Sin and Shame

I have forgotten how to be a child.

This is not the story of Peter Pan, nor a simple tale. It’s the story of my life, and it’s not the most thrilling adventure. 360 more words


No Spider

I hadn’t even felt its legs,
It crawled with care, admiring the platter,
A sharp, stinging pierced through my hand,
And there it was, gnawing on my skin, 38 more words

The watery slopes of fiction

I’ve been reading a lot lately,  I keep trying to read the Hobbit, but I just can’t relate to the imaginary world.  I can’t picture it.   46 more words

"MA-3 pressure helmet": Okay, José, you're on your way!.

Getting near Alan Shepard’s historic Freedom 7 space flight anniversary (May 5, 1961).
José Jiménez was a fictional Mexican astronaut character created and performed by comedian Bill Dana. 63 more words

The Thing That Wasn't There

Part of my condition is that I suffer from moments where I see or more commonly hear things that aren’t there. These are extremely frightening when they happen and I often can’t tell that they’re not real until after the occasion. 53 more words