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12th August 2015,

Jenny’s Garden.

This horrible incident happened two days ago near our Bees hive garden. A young lady named ‘Bubble’ returning from her work was the victim. 415 more words


“There is a certain group of people who have existed and continue to exist in the world. For a long time they have managed to establish and to maintain structures and standards, which are only conducive to them, for everyone else to follow like sheep without questioning the nature of things. 51 more words


aurora itralis

Itra-Troll is nearly ready for playtesting – I just need to mock-up a new version of the Card Drop and iron out one or two details of the gameplay. 162 more words


Pocketwatchers: The First Woe

Before all things was the Crown. Who shines splendidly in unseeable light.  But has chosen to make Himself known by His Love. Which shone forth and brought everything that was not into being. 928 more words

#11 Seth Modigliani

I met Seth Modigliani in Amsterdam.  He was tall and handsome, unassuming and modest.

He took me to meet his friends, and they were all nice. 58 more words

Red, Red Moon

via Daily Prompt: Moon

“Come, look!” she cried as she came rushing through me that night while I was reviewing my notes. I didn’t even know what the hell was going on, but to my expense, alright. 193 more words