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Moleskine Sketches #1

I normally carry a notebook as a place to do quick sketches, so here’s a recent imagined drawing from my Moleskine combined with some rough colour sampling




In this world, we are already over 7 billion and we all fit on the 30% of acreage that Earth provided us with.  Can the globe sustain us all? 510 more words


"WONDROUS" (Part 2)

Below is the second part of an imaginative narration/story that I wrote a while ago, and wanted you to see. I know I posted part 1 like 20 days ago and that’s a lot of waiting between two parts, I apologise for it :P But you should know that the next (last) part will come after 20 days too. 815 more words

Star Archipelago

Our campaign at the Star Archipelago featured a landmass flooded during our previous campaign at the Ring of Fire to become five islands.

Four of these islands became starting points for our empires; the fifth became something to fight over. 107 more words


In the dark

Standing in the dark,
Hearing imaginary sounds,
Seeing imaginary things.