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Meet Lexi : Female Shih-Tzu

Lexi sleeping comfortably in her room

Lexi means ‘a loyal friend’, and it’s definetly true for this female shih-tzu! She may tire easily, but she’ll never abandon you and will eagerly follow you on walks without need of a leash. 167 more words


Chua and Rubenfeld, "The Triple Package."

Don’t ask why this group “succeeds” and that group “fails” in an industry. Ask what symbolic and imaginary role this and that group play for a collectivity.

Rancière an OOOist? What about Derrida then? Drag the Waters some more. Drunken Risibility

I have always wondered why the English translation of l’imaginaire is imaginary and not imagery, since imagery is less confusing as compared to the former. Anyways, Reality is the gamut of the given, of the posited, of the what cannot be contorted and twisted, of the politics of administration. 333 more words


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The overall effect is to (a) humanize and (b) expand the Star Wars project along familiar lines. The plot-holes – Bodhi Rook experiences a Memory Edit… 354 more words

The Golden Measure of Perspective

Image source: (https://kaiserscience.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/aspects-of-truth-shadow-projection.jpg?w=960)

  1. The Golden Measure of Perspective. Fiction and reality. The distinguished divided look between human beings and being inhuman, being imaginary and being real.
  2. 540 more words