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Lockheed 8A Sirius: The recipe was right, but...

The Model 8 Sirius was created by a pair of real luminaries -Jack Northrop and Gerard Vultee- in 1929 to answer a Charles Lindbergh’s request. Lindbergh intended to use his Sirius to undertake with his wife, Ann Morrow, some exploratory flights; they made together two very famous ones in 1931 and 1933. 79 more words

What a waste!

wake up in the morning, look at the sky that is so bright, it’s a beautiful sky. then going out of the house, the sun is shining so bright, the breeze is whispering your body and.. 485 more words

My Life

Scott Furlong Predator: Looking the part.

This superbly convincing fictional aircraft was built to take part, as a supposed VTOL prototype fighter, in the almost forgotten “The Plane Makers” BBC series (1965-69). 60 more words

Thursday Photo Prompt-Glade

I was looking for a little inspiration for writing and came across Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt.  I’ve not participated in any of Sue’s prompts but this one spoke to me.  516 more words


Feeling My Heart is Entitled for You

I am trying my best not to involve the person whom my soul dearly wish but, he just foreshadowed this piece.


*clears throat* is this part even relevant? 279 more words



I realize I am laughing aloud, turning
around to see the room in the background
of my peripherals, you still exist
In conversation, even as I know better… 34 more words