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Jumping for Joy

I was jumping for JOY on Sunday evening when we finally got our power back on!  YAY!  So I created this “Toad-ally Electrifying Frog” in celebration. 25 more words


Love Letter #1

November 6

Dear L -,

You told me to come fetch you in the stall with “girly stuff”. I have never met you, nor have you ever met me. 839 more words


The Tip of the Ice Bird

Temperatures may be plunging into the low teens this week in our neck of the woods…

This is when the rare Ice Bird will sometimes appear on a chilly winter day, clutching a blue icicle. 50 more words


Imaginary Conversations

Sometimes we make conversations up in our head, and when that happens, there is no telling what conclusions we will make. It’s funny when we convince ourselves that something was said or done, because we want to believe it that much. 295 more words


Something Like a Love Letter for the Geography Bee State Champion

If sole has never touched soil,
then these shifting grounds might as well
be ocean waves lost at sea.

In high school, I dated the geography bee state champion – 260 more words

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