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The Toasted Caiman - Part 1

The Toasted Caiman, also known as the Lesser Black Caiman, is found in the rivers of South America. Its range is from Surinam to Peru, with the main concentration in the 880,000 square kilometre Orinoco Basin on the borders of Colombia and Venezuela. 64 more words

Julian Worker

Book 3 Face 20

Cannot remember whether this face was just a free drawing or from a photograph.

I know that I was looking at shadows cast by the jaw at some stage.

Orange Nose

Book 3 Face 19

Red cheeks may have started here somewhere.

And boredom with doing faces.

Orange Nose

Book 3 face 17

The first orange Nose I suspect.

have a feeling I was running out of inspiration how to do a face that is not at all realistic and that is where the Orange Nose treatment started.

Orange Nose

Book 3 Face 12

Colour adjusted.

The eyes to big, but the crayons are thick and do not lend themselves to detail work.


The Flying Weasels of Sierra Leone - 1

Weasels are stealthy and cunning creatures. They know the best way they can achieve what they want. In Sierra Leone, weasels in the forest live almost exclusively in the trees and rarely venture down to the forest floor where their lives might be in danger. 102 more words

Julian Worker