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I sometimes forget how much I appreciate living with creative individuals—they infuse my life with happiness and humor.

This weekend, my children left on Friday for a visit with their father. 100 more words


New children's book coming out in August!

I had a lot of fun collaborating with my 6-year-old twin son and daughter on my latest book, “The Password Is Wishpers,” which will be on NetGalley this summer and published in time for the 2017-18 school year. 45 more words

Advice to Writers

In this fast, technical world, people don’t always take the time to relax, but when they do, and they pick up something you have written, remember to give your reader time to breathe. 26 more words

Writing Exercise

Imagine Being Rich...

“Everybody needs money.”

I overheard this one morning in a coffee shop.  I had been hearing a lot of this lately.  I get these daily reminders that money is a major issue in almost everyone’s life. 589 more words


Tiny Joys, Vol. 2

It’s one of those tough, exhausted pregnant days, so Baby Flynn and I have been playing Sesame Street games on my laptop while I rest. 44 more words


Imagination is Reality

Nothing is more misunderstood and underutilized as the human power of imagination.  To most, imagination is nothing more than the act of daydreaming or the formation of mental pictures from which human hands form works of art and the marvels of technology. 328 more words


10 Ways to Be Creative

Now some of you might be thinking after that last post… Why is a writer posting about being active? I thought this was a writing blog. 867 more words