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Can you feel the shift?

Contract work is being replaced with connection creation.

Logic is melting into love.

Mathematics is losing press to meaning.

Deals are becoming points of delight. 36 more words

Ashton Gustafson

Part Four of Tales of the Tree of Wonder: A (Relatively) Short Story

What new dream have Liam, Merry, and Willow stepped into? Find out below!

Merry glanced around, quickly assessing her surroundings. The three of them had stepped into a maze. 818 more words


Intimate Forest

Yesterday, I was in the quietest forest you could possibly imagine. There were no birds, no animals, no insects. At some moment I felt that this quietest forest separated me from cities, moral codes and people. Odd feeling…


She expressed:

“The one thing as humans we want or need is to be understood. The worst thing we may think that could happen to us is for someone to mistake our intentions or believe what we have done as ‘bad’ or ‘negative’. 213 more words


Change the narrative!

“If it’s a story I’m telling, then I have control over the ending…
But if it’s a story, even in my head, I must be telling it to someone. 350 more words


Flowers for the Coroner

Today I encountered this image by the American poet and artist Shel Silverstein. Silverstein, who was born on this day in 1930, was renowned for his contributions to children’s literature. 291 more words