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Coming together to fall apart. 

We hit the same notes at the same time and the world around us came to its knees, we controlled our own destinies and rode off together with our strides in perfect unison, 125 more words

List: A Blue Cat's Tale

Title of Picture Book: A Blue Cat’s Tale

Author: Sangeetha Madhavan

Illustrator: Michelle Chang

Publisher and Country (may be self-published): Straits Time Press, Singapore

Publisher’s Blurb: Mas has just moved to a new home, but all the other cats are farid of him because he’s blue! 62 more words


Why limits prepares for imagination

We all seem to think that the more limited your domain is, the less capable you are of imagining something innovative, well I’m here to tell you imagination can’t exist without limits, and why the more flexible the limits, the less creative you get. 372 more words

Inner Narrative

I am addressing the swimmer who does laps in my head.
The one who’s dogpaddling and backstrokes are without end.
Listen here, your effort is commendable. 155 more words


Time: A Blessing and a Curse

Time. It governs our lives. We can’t store it or get it back when it is lost. Because of its value there are many sayings devoted to time. 808 more words


Why go to the Mars? Let us move to the waters!

 As we look around, we can find that everything other than nature is man-made. In this age of evolving technology, you are surrounded by man made inventions and innovations. 259 more words


~ The Wizard of Wands ~ Jake’s Journal ~

~ Vixen ~ By ~ Jake Sweeny ~


Beneath a thick lick of balmy soup… 1,005 more words