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My Own World

David Castro, Age 7

If I could make my own world, then I would make lots of pet stores. If I could make my own world, then I would make countries into continents. 64 more words

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Kenny: a sonnet from Ordinary Saints

I have been working on a sequence of ‘ekphrastic poems’, poems about paintings, called ‘Ordinary Saints’. These poems have been written to accompany a series of extraordinary portraits of so- called ‘ordinary people, family and friends, by the American artist… 367 more words



I started walking. Beyond the light I could see trees; dark trees. I knew I had to walk far away from the town and loose all the light that is surrounding me. 233 more words

Skittle Rain

Kai Caothien, age 11

I was sliding down the end of the rainbow. I reached the end and I saw beautiful rainbow unicorns prancing in circles. 76 more words

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The ant king and Heffanutt 7, Nutfight

Two days more they kept on running back and forth, both very stubborn and determined that they were right and the other wrong. The bushes and trees around them were filled up with lovely nuts and other animals were busy harvesting, but Heffanutt and the squirrel didn`t notice nuts in trees anymore. 113 more words

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Kicking the Tires of Tuesday, July 17

First Published Post for How to Change Your Career

Climbing back on my perch! Finished my first business post for How to Change Your Career. It was a great post in terms of the SEO rules, but it didn’t provide value to the reader. 118 more words


The Lightless Dark...

“THE poets have taught us how full of wonders is the night; and the night of blindness has its wonders, too. The only lightless dark is the night of ignorance and insensibility. 149 more words