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Easy DIY Swing Set Repair!

This is a really creative DIY Project for when the original swings break off of that old, rusty swing set out in the back yard. I’m sure that when the kids rush out in their anticipation to see this newly repaired job, they’ll be floored. 7 more words


Turn On: The "Lights" Where It's Not#7

The world think, like this: “Dress-up”, inventors believe in: “Dress-down.”

What feels good? You decide. It’s not a mysterious thinking, it’s very real. In search of “big-ideas” that, ultimately, brings-down pain and friction, disruptors go the “Unconventional” way. 35 more words

Finding Your Creative Genius

The San Dailey Sun-Chronicles

“All the Good News” “News You Can Use”
“No Rumors, No Fakes – Just the Facts, Jack!”
“Newspapers are worth at least the price you pay” 513 more words


Saturday Finds | The Nugget

Our playtime has been transformed by one product. I was convinced the initial excitement over our Nugget would fade after a week, but no, it is still going strong! 238 more words


Get Creative: 5 easy things to make in less than 5 minutes!

Have you ever admired a creative person and thought, I’d love to be creative just like them? Well, this could be because Albert Einstein once said that “creativity is contagious”. 300 more words


In the dreams

In the dreams

She saw this faceless being

Stunning and sympathetic

Tendering his resignation

Of the wedding bells

In the light of darkness

Of the first sight. 74 more words

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The Better Angles

Christianity is my north star. It is not my religion, I am a secular mystic. I believe things are as they are and I believe that is understood, absolutely. 577 more words