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make believe.

question: do we ever really stop playing pretend?

when i was little, it was like i was coded to become whatever princess had been inserted in the vcr that day. 699 more words


Palettal Prose: Faery Time and Place

Since I have visited the Lands Beneath I have learned to distrust the measurement of moment upon moment that we call time. I was told when I first entered the Faery howe that I could spend as much time in the Subterranean realm as I wished and yet return home with only the briefest of moments having passed, and this I have found to be true.

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Palettal Prose


As we sit in long-awaited anticipation
Surely the best virtue by far will be
patience rendered hopefully

Wait, we can hear so plainly now
That of course, clear as the bell… 76 more words


Echo of Silence

Echo of Silence

As the echo of silence

bounced throughout

my delusional mind,

more so what did i see?


Nothing but honey bee’s

and fat flowering tree’s… 49 more words



timeless words


we’re sleepwalking

in loveless union

touching each other

radiating illusions


I’m a silent sigh

penetrating imaginary boundaries




“In my world, everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!”

― Dr. Seuss