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Imagine that in life there was this amazing repository where we could store the best days of our lives.  A sort of bank of those outstanding days where the world is right.   174 more words

Impact Of Losing A Spouse To Cancer

The Importance Of Imagination In Adults | Billy Ojai

Imagination – All of us have potentially powerful imaginations. The only difference is how much we use it. When we fall into a routine it’s easy to forget about thinking creatively.

Weekly Art: Scar of the Dragon

He watches

the Kingdom before him.

It is Grand

a Masterpiece.

Towers so high, reaching for the Sky

and Beyond, of course.

The Home of the Dragons… 99 more words

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What Will Never Be

Cold cloak chills
my aged bones it
those crimson eyes
those smoldering orbs
those smoking windows
of despair

and yet
I draw closer
I capitulate… 52 more words

Rob's World

Prairie Wind

A trip to South Dakota.  Coming home, here, to the prairie, a place where I go when I don’t know what else to do; where I go when I need to reset and reclaim my center. 478 more words


He wants me to join him

​He wants me to join him, in his fantasy land

Put my trust in him and take his hand

I wonder Is his fantasy false or true… 83 more words


Notational, No. 19

There is only ,, illusion ” in art where ignorance of the bystander confuses imagination and its works with cruder processes. Truly men feel an enlargement before great or good work, an expansion but this is not, as so many believe today a ,, lie ”, a stupefaction, a kind of mesmerism, a thing to block out “ life ”, bitter to the individual, by a “ vision of beauty ”.

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