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I can imagine can’t I?

There is nothing wrong with that. As I sit there in the summer sunshine and flit between watching her and the tennis. 131 more words


Imagine Plane

On my travels in metal belly
I watched a bird, man-made
flying past me.
Clouds of grey floated ahead of it,
and it was gone. 36 more words


Cara Samhailteach

I talk to him
when days are slow
and I’m bored
out of my skin.
He answers back
one sad hello.

But sometimes
he makes me laugh… 65 more words


Friday Fantasy ~ Where Demons Play

Do I dare tempt my fate
With iron that blocks the way
Yes, I shall open up the gate
Let my imagination stray

Reflected in the waters there… 40 more words


ΩΩ Identified Object ∼ Visiting Earth ΩΩ

“As reports of UFO sightings become more frequent, it seems each day is punctuated by some type of strange object flying through the skies of some corner of the world.

373 more words

In The Garden With Nana

My mum was made to be a nan. She was always telling my sister and I that she “couldn’t wait” to be a nan but very quickly told us she obviously could ( 317 more words

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