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Twisted mind#1

Des papillons dans le ventre.

C’était un matin frais mais doux, rien d’inhabituel pour cette époque de l’année. J’étais resté plus longtemps sous les draps, profitant de l’atmosphère des premiers rayons du soleil. 932 more words


We need better stories for better imaginations

We know who we are by the stories we tell. Better stories lead to better living.

If I tell a lot of stories about how busy I am, busyness defines my identity. 1,045 more words


No Spider

I hadn’t even felt its legs,
It crawled with care, admiring the platter,
A sharp, stinging pierced through my hand,
And there it was, gnawing on my skin, 38 more words

Lego Love

From about 1994 to 2005, a simple, plastic table with four quadrants of Lego bases serving as a tabletop welcomed me into my bedroom. After homework, I got busy building, narrating each story I concocted acted out by Lego people. 893 more words

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are those that people are aware of while dreaming. I don’t know if this is called talent or a genial endowment, but I do remember most of my dreams.  352 more words

Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #18

First off, I am thrilled to share the work of simplysimplymeblog, who accepted the Writing Prompt Challenge.

Remember, any time you’re inspired, please share what you create.   890 more words


30 Day Improv Challenge. Day 9.

Let’s go back to our space work.  This time we have something a little bit different.

Exercise:  Build a Room

Right now look at where you are.   100 more words