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Water monster

Got bored in history class.


P.S.: a special article about Agent D’s secret missions: The Box is coming soon. The complete comic should be posted in a week or two. Hope you’ll like it. :)


What art and taxes have in common

Having just filed my taxes (with the help of an accountant friend) it occurs to me that there are many things in this world that are so opaque as to leave me feeling as if I… 2,364 more words


Imaginary Lovers

Imaginary lovers roam my mind like tigers,
Constantly appreciating and redefining it.
“Look at this,” they say, pointing, “Look at that!”
“Love this about yourself as we do!” 22 more words


The Myth of the 40 Year Old Man

I’ve dated men who are older, my age, almost never younger. There was that one 23 year old last year, but it only lasted a few weeks, and I felt horrifyingly ambivalent about it the entire time–a seven-year age gap rendered me the 30 year old woman’s answer to Humbert Humbert. 364 more words


Good early morning, at least for me, folks!

I know I’ve been sporadic. This week started as the week from hell, where I had very strong urges to literally walk out of my job and never come back. 221 more words

Keats, an Ode to a Grecian Urn

I have included  a simple intro to the background of this poem for anyone who wishes to know.

Who is John Keats?

An Ode is? 410 more words