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1 March 2015 -- bonus, #sketchbookskool, #sketchaday

One of this week’s bits of homework for Sketchbook Skool is to draw something from imagination. I have lots of imagination, but am still learning to draw things so it’s hard to draw something I just imagined. 42 more words


The Dressing Up Box

In the under stairs cupboard
In a chest made of wood
There are worlds to explore
Imagination’s goods

There’s a gateway to kingdoms
To be somebody new… 89 more words


A Fish

I cast my line

in a fishless water

hoping to materialize

a catch.

Matters not there are

no fish

I cast for the sheer

joy of it. 41 more words

Engage -- the #Nemetics Way

How can one engage with anything without love?

How can one engage with love without understanding?

How can one engage with understanding without learning?

How can one engage with learning without questions? 48 more words

When I Was Red And Ripe - A Poem

When I Was Red And Ripe

That’s me there
and Thought upon
More than once.
All tidied up
and bound.
That’s me there… 18 more words


Day 1❤

Hey lovelies!🙌, so i decided to make a blog to share my feelings💭with everyone .. i think the first few blogs I will be doing are just going to be describing more about myself like my hobbies,intrests, lifestyle etc. 495 more words

Where's Davy Jones when I need him?

Last week I heard a fourth-grade boy utter a most dangerous phrase. If it spreads, I fear for all of the freedom-loving world.

“What is daydreaming?” 136 more words