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Got an eight-year time-lapse video of a teenager today in my WhatsApp group. He embarked on a project in 2008 when he was 12 years old. 248 more words


Some advice from Mrs Ridgeley

In my last two years in junior school I was fortunate enough to have an amazing teacher.  Her name was Mrs Ridgeley, and if that sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because her son, … 445 more words



Not that I could rush in the sense that you use the word…

But hey baby, I’m back on track again!

The last couple of  days have been heaven for me. 110 more words

How Mars Captures Our Imagination

We’ve been thinking and dreaming of Mars since Galileo observed the planet through a telescope in 1610.  Since then, popularisations of the planet have included Marvin the Martian –  a character from Warner Brothers ‘Looney Tunes’, Ray Bradbury’s classic  627 more words

Me, A Shortlistee?

Remember the poem I wrote to enter into the Amnesty International Youth Awards?
Well, it was shortlisted for the top ten! I felt so excited, I just couldn’t stop laughing and jumping up and down.This was a national competition and  thousands of people had entered.  111 more words

God: Father, why not Mother

Why does God be father
And not mother
Does our quest
For an unknown creator
Rein in our imagination
That we can not fathom
When in reality… 61 more words