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On reading, writing, & commentary


The original title of this piece is “Criticism & commentary,” but it’s really about reading and writing as harmoniously-integrated activities within the larger whole that is a literary continuum and polyphonic collective; uniting all participants in a living textual network. 4,275 more words

Essays & Commentaries & Other Texts

Once upon a time

Sometimes inspiration seems to have curled up and died, disappeared down a worm-hole, vanished into the ether… and is just completely elusive. If this is the case and the writing urge is there but no thoughts of what to write, it’s sometimes helpful to look to something else to trigger something… for example, fairy stories. 539 more words


Why YouTube Gaming?

My “in real-life” friends always asked why do I do YouTube, some even tried and are trying to talk me out of it, even now. Let me explain, why I create the video-content I publish on YouTube. 181 more words


The Power of Stories like Star Wars

Let the Wookie Read! It is so exciting to me that communities across the world get to connect the power of reading with the awe of Star Wars… 366 more words


The Magic of Sunset

Come take a mental tour with me, let’s, for a brief moment, dwell in the untold wonders of the imagination…

For those who have a passion for nature, six o’clock on ‘summer’ evenings is the time to look forward to. 207 more words



Come, Let’s walk;
You and I,
Afar from Cries.
Amidst old lanes.

Come, let’s talk;
And never pause,
Endlessly Banter
Oh! Exciting wordplay.

Come, let’s wonder; 38 more words

The Late Night Post

the bear, the raccoon, the duvet and the rustle

Crisps, some hard boiled ‘sucky’ sweets for the journey. A packet of biscuits, half eaten; mini cookies actually (very nice). Some chocolate; bite size for quick application whilst driving. 321 more words