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The Great Fairy Fire – (65-66) – Conjunction (Continued)

Rogue Fairies plague the Kingdom of Camelot; Merlin the wizard is suspended in solution in a cauldron in a cave; twelve Ravens surround two big-cats beneath an ice-dome; a giant snowball crashes upon a snowy mountain crest; whilst beneath it all an assassin Boa Constrictor digests the Ferryman of the Black Babble River! 465 more words

Art collaboration between James R. Eads & Chris McDaniels

 I just came across this artwork randomly the other day while browsing online for new art and music. Check out this mesmerizing collaboration between James R. 29 more words



Barefoot princess

Green-ribboned prince

What tales you tell

In words

In hopes

In quiet dreams?

For The Photo Challenge 7 more words

Anecdotes Of Life

Review - The Shape of Water | An exquisite vision

How do I describe this movie? Something made with a good heart.

It’s a simple movie, interesting plot, beautiful performances. Sally Hawkins performed with utter innocence.It’s sublime. 380 more words

In the coldness - Singing Boy by Hendrick Terbrugghen

His score open, one hand in the air, the boy sings. He warmed up his vocal chords, his coat on, hat on, walking back and forth along the rehearsal room in the coldness of this January morning. 166 more words


The Little Story Time Traveler

“Breakfast!” A woman’s voice hollered from downstairs.

Blue eyes peeked out of the box; he was not hungry. Besides, adventure was calling and Teddy was looking at him expectantly. 872 more words