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Acuérdate de Acapulco

Como se desprende de la Teogonía de Hesíodo, la titán Mnemosyne, inventora del lenguaje, hizo el amor durante nueve noches con Zeus, procreando a las musas que los hombres veneran en su quehacer artístico. 1,010 more words


Where Did it Go?

Imagination. One of the few qualities that all humans share, yet very few manage to retain throughout the course of their entire life. It is as though we are born with a finite supply of creativity, most of us blowing through it during our childhood years leaving us clinging to the dwindling stock that remains. 987 more words



She was all kinds of intelligent, I’m sure
At least, being in public eye wasn’t easy
After all, somehow all that remains of her is an obscure quote… 111 more words


Growing Through Surprises

Today I underwent an interesting part of interviews, which was in itself already important in terms of learning and clarification. In itself the event let me understand that randomness, uncertainty and chaos are desirable for those who wish to grow. 190 more words


Snippets 12: In praise of Bowness Moss

Bowness Moss or Common is one of the South Solway Mosses National Nature Reserves, NNR [1]. The near-pristine centre of this raised mire is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, SSSI;  it’s also a Special Area of Conservation, SAC. 549 more words


Parody on Imagine by Lennon

My Tonsorial Musings ©

Imagine there’s no shavin’

It is easy if we let

No blade to hurt us;

Below nose only hair

Imagine sir,my goatee growing downwards! 133 more words

Benny Thomas