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Good Vibrations

Ever since autumn undertaking astronomy has continued to be very difficult at Fairvale Observatory; except for some periods coincident with the full Moon, I can count on the fingers of one hand the times we’ve had clear dark skies – at this rate I’m going to need a new hobby!  301 more words

Deep Sky Objects

Why Windy Winter Weather?

This has been an awesome year for wind in the Sea of Cortez. El Nino diverted the jet stream, patterns shifted, and boom! bam! pow! high pressure set up in the south western United States, leaking out down the Colorado River basin and turning the mountain-rimmed Sea of Cortez into a fire hose. 108 more words

New jingles from Reelworld. Star Radio 2016

A new year means a new sound for 95.5 Charivari. The Munich based station broadcasts across Munich with a daily reach of 214,000 listeners and is number 1 in their market. 277 more words


Simultaneous imaging and electrophysiology

Scanbox now allows the possibility of doing simultaneous imaging and electrophysiology.  An external DAQ device, supported by Matlab’s data acquisition toolbox, is need to do this.   244 more words


Scientists create imaging 'toolkit' to help identify new brain tumor drug targets

Breckwoldt, M. et al. Correlated magnetic resonance imaging and ultramicroscopy (MR-UM) is a tool kit to assess the dynamics of glioma angiogenesis. eLife, 2016; 5…

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02 (February 2016)

WEEK 3 (2/3-2/8)

Lecture (lemasney):

“Unless you are a graphic designer by training (like me!), chances are you’ve never needed to understand things like what separates a TIF from a PDF or a PSD.

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Class Agendas

Time Travel by Means of Camera

Remember the 1960 flick “The Time Machine”? I loved the scene when the machine traveled through time, unchanged, while all around it changed dramatically; civilizations rising and collapsing, even mountains rising and eroding away. 248 more words