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JGH/McGill Cardiovascular Imaging Symposium (FREE)

JGH/McGill Cardiovascular Imaging Symposium (FREE)

Saturday, Jun 4, 2016, 8:00 AM

Centre Mont-Royal
2200 Rue Mansfield, H3A 3H8 Montreal, QC

1 healthy lifestylers Attending

Registration is FREE and a meal is included ;)Under the theme:Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow: Integrating New Technologies and Working with New UsersKeynote Speaker: Jae K. 235 more words


Talk The Talk

“He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” 1903, George Bernard Shaw

At the end of last year I was contacted by a member of the… 374 more words


New Israeli facial imaging claims to identify terrorists and pedophiles

A Tel-Aviv based start-up company says it has developed a program to identify personality types such as terrorists, pedophiles, white collar offenders and even great poker players from facial analysis that takes just a fraction of a second. 296 more words

Daily News

Reelworld relieces Sunny 2016!

Uplifting jingles for today’s AC radio

Introducing Sunny. A modern jingle package designed for today’s AC radio.

Created for iHeartMedia’s Sunny 99.1 in Houston, this new package pairs contemporary production with warm, uplifting musicality and sounds great alongside the wide variety of songs and artists heard on AC playlists. 158 more words

PT-First: Asymptomatic Imaging Findings

In every field of study, popular perspectives often surface that create a paradigm shift. We see many shifts within the fast-paced field of physical therapy. These changes are suppose to bring about progress as more research and deeper understanding is developed. 505 more words

A Capable Supplier Can Make It Much Easier to Run an Office Smoothly

Seeing to the needs of even a small company can be challenging. When the scales grow even larger, though, the associated difficulties mount up in rapidly increasing ways. 389 more words


The Time I Was Tested for Breast Cancer (Just in Case)

*Spoiler Alert: I’m talking about my boobs in this blog post.

The first thing I want to state clearly before anything else is that I am in no way claiming to identify with the very painful, unexpected, and challenging struggle that real breast cancer survivors deal with on a regular basis. 1,439 more words