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Why this Imam Still Matters

Known to his contemporaries as “the teacher of the scholars, the `alim, the scholar of the principles of fiqh, the scholar of fiqh, the grammarian,” 1,006 more words

Abu Jafar Al-hanbali

Why We Must Remember Imam Mustafa Ash-Shatti

He is Mustafa ibn Ahmad ibn Hasan ibn `Umar ash-Shatti ad-Dumi ad-Dimishqi al-Hanbali was born in the year 1273 AH in the city of Damascus, being the recipient of the legacy of one of the most famous Hanbali families in the Middle East. 1,175 more words

Abu Jafar Al-hanbali

Imam Mustafa Ar-Ruhaibani

The marja` is referred to by the scholars as, “the Shaikh, the Imam, the `Alim, the Faqih, the Scholar of Inheritance, the Complete Researcher and Authority, Unique Researcher of his time, former Mufti of the Hanbalis of Damascus.” 1,151 more words

Abu Jafar Al-hanbali

Sunneti gjatë hyrjes dhe daljes nga nevojtorja

1. Enesi radiallahu anhu tregon se: “I Dërguari i Allahut salallahu alejhi ve selem, kur hynte në nevojtore thoshte: Allahumme inni eudhu bike mine’l-hubthi ve’l-habaith… 143 more words


Combining Prayers Due to Work or Lack of Location

The following is a very pertinent question that was brought forward by one of the believers:

Assalamu alaikum ya Sheikh

There is a student of medicine who works in clinics and is not allowed to pray during clinics. 167 more words

Abu Jafar Al-hanbali

Have you shyness in disobeying me?

Imam Ahmad (ra)

A man once came to Imām Ahlus-Sunnah, Ahmad bin Hanbal and asked him, “O Imām, what is your opinion on poetry?”

He replied, “Which poetry is this?” to which the man responded by reciting the following couplets: 345 more words

The Prophet Muhammad is the fulfillment of Ibrahim's du'a : Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

In his discussion of the month of Rabee’ al-Awwaal, Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali discussed some of the virtues of the Prophet and his prophet-hood. During this discussion he mentioned some of the proofs foretelling Muhammad’s prophet-hood, and began by writing: 2,219 more words