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•Muslim claim to Jerusalem is false•

​•The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem is False•

There were no mosques in Jerusalem in 632CE when the Prophet Mohammed died… Jerusalem was a Christian city… 438 more words


I Renounce Islam

Dr. Rafizadeh has such a straightforward explanation and I want to relay it.

And my challenge to every Muslim. 1,732 more words


Tigers, Turkeys and Bats, Oh My

The Batman and Tigris rivers join seamlessly, bonding as their waters unite into one. Near this confluence once sat a man, his only task in life to direct boats on their continuing journey along the Tigris or to make a sharp right and follow the Batman to the city of Batman. 362 more words

Imam Sacked After Leaked Medical Report Shows He Was Admitted With Cucumber Stuck In Rectum.

A Turkish imam has been suspended after a leaked hospital report showed ‘pieces of cucumber’ were found in his rectum, say reports. 

The young cleric aged 39 years old had his name kept confidential but has been suspended by a local branch of the Religious Affairs Directorate, following proven medical reports that show he was admitted in a hospital’s emergency section earlier this month for severe abdominal pain and bleeding. 206 more words

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15th Ramadan: Birth of Sayyidina Hazrat Imam Hasan ('Alaihi salaam)

Imam Hasan (‘alaihi salaam) Leader of the youth of Paradise, Grandson of the Prophet ﷺ, was born on the 15th of Ramadan.
Sayyidinaa Imam Hasan ibn Ali (‘alaihi salaam) the oldest son of Sayyidinaa Imam ‘Ali Asadullah Karam Allahu wajhahu and Khatuna Jannah Sayyidah Fatimah az Zahra ‘alaiha salaam, was born in Madinatul Munawwarah. 201 more words

Ahlul Bayt AS And Sahaba RA