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Women Leading The Prayer

written by Theresa Corbin

The topic I want to tackle today is about women leading the Islamic prayer. The title gave it away, didn’t it? This topic, as all things confusing and provocative, is brought to us by the letter “F” and Facebook. 870 more words

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Of Mu’tazila and Itizaal- part 1


Of all the sects of Islam(their number has been stretched to 73 to fulfill a certain prophecy), only four have gained most success and stayed dominant for a long time .These are Sunnites,Shiites,Mu’tazilites and Batiniites. 1,270 more words


How to be a good Imam


Man the things that Allah swt teaches me with amazes me.  I’m thankful for all the sour people that come in my life.  It teaches me to stick up for myself, it teaches me morals, and it teaches me how to grow. 457 more words

Sudan Fears Muslims Will Be Led to Jesus, 'Declares War Against Christians': Pastor

A Christian pastor in Sudan says the government has “declared war against Christians” because it’s fearful Muslims will be led to Jesus Christ, which is the reason why pastors are being imprisoned and churches are being demolished in the Islamic nation. 806 more words


Shaikh al-Islam Ibn-Taymiyah One of the best Muslim scholars

Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah is a very famous Muslim scholar. To understand Ibn Taymiyah we need to understand the time that Ibn Taymiyah came at. Ibn Taymiyah came at a time when many people came into Islam but unfortunately wanted to bring some of the stuff from their old religions into Islam and make a mix. 2,283 more words