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Holy Bible is Superior to Koran

Greetings everyone.  Let us praise the one true God for those who are escaping from the ways that lead to death and eternal darkness to follow in the path of the Holy One of God whose way is the way of life, light, and love and which is, in fact, the way that the One True God desires that each and every person on this earth should go.   106 more words

Imam Ali describes god part2 (video)

Imam Ali describes god …

The  movie is the continuation of the previous section about who is god … 32 more words

Imam Ali describes god (video)

Who is god?What is god? Where is he? …

All these questions answered by Imam Ali (First Imam) 1400 years ago ! 32 more words

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Imam hassan Mujtabaa (Second Imam)

The life of Imam Hassan Mujtabaa the second Imam and the best man in the History with his father and his grandfather … 2,728 more words

Imam Ali (First Imam)

Who is Imam Ali ? He is the greatest man of all time history after the last Prophet Muhammd … 1,868 more words

What happend for people of Sodom?

This is the story of people of Sadom.They were Hemosexoal … 808 more words