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Mutwalli-Ship of Syed Raza Abbas Bokhari is suspended till the final decision of the Court.

Mr. Syed Raza Abbas Bokhari, you were given a chance to clear your position in relation to your criminal activities within three days from 19th Sept 2016 to date, for which a Show Cause Notice was published on this web blog and a copy was sent to your address accordingly, but you failed to submit any reply in relation to your involvement of the stated criminal offence, you were also required in a Police Station for your  investigation in some criminal activities. 156 more words

Lahore Imambargah

Metode Mendidik Anak Agar Kuat Iman

Sahabat Pembaca, Dr. Abdullah  Nashih Ulwan, seorang tokoh dakwah sekaligus pakar pendidikan Islam kelahiran Syiria dalam bukunya yang sangat terkenal dan fenomenal yakni Tarbiyatul Awlad fil Islam… 1,126 more words


Keeping Faith Alive When Surrounded By Non-Belief

As a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country – in my case, the UK – keeping yourself firmly upon your religion can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. 1,772 more words

Muslim Life

Final Show Cause Notice to Syed Raza Abbas Bokhari a partner in Mutwalli-ship.

It has been noticed that you are directly involved in criminal activities by financing to the alleged criminals those are involved in worst kind of criminal cases. 307 more words

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Renungan harian alkitab; selasa " sabath" exodus 35

​35:1 Moses assembled all the congregation of the people of Israel and said to them, “These are the things that the Lord has commanded you to do. 151 more words

Daily Bible Devotional

The truth has succeeded and the falsehood have vanished at once.

All the false and baseless applications of our enemies and the enemies of our Lord have been ruined. When the High Court has taken an action in our favor, against the orders of Session Judge, Lahore. 324 more words

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Iman Aman Amin

Ini saya cuma kulakan alias share apa yang diomongkan ahli yang hidup di Tanah Suci sana. Sebagian diomongkan juga oleh ahli lain, tetapi poin saya bukan ahli-ahli itu dan bukan juga saya hendak mencari otoritas atau legitimasi untuk menyampaikan pokok-pokok berikut ini. 460 more words

Daily Reflection