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Signs of Spring

Besides the obvious melting snow…there are signs of spring all around us.

There are skunks that are unfortunately scattered across the highways. The herons are migrating back. 134 more words

Imbolc y la nueva vida

Imbolc nos trae, este año mucho más que los últimos, los vientos de los cambios. Es momento de soltar, de dejar atrás los pesos, las limitaciones y las dudas, de purificar para poder lanzarnos e iniciarlo todo con ojos de niño. 409 more words


Long Time...No See....or did I use this title already?

I haven’t posted in a while, because of turbulent times in my personal life.  I’ve been laid off from one day job, and I’m starting another. 132 more words

Greeting the Spring: Marsden Imbolc Fire Festival

A few years ago when we lived in Huddersfield, the Husband and I used to go to the annual Imbolc Fire Festival in Marsden, a small town south west of Huddersfield, on the edge of the moors.   721 more words


Trial by Fire and Water… by Stuart France

Reblogged from Stuart France…

It was five years ago that we last attended and actually got to see the  Fire Festival.

On that day too the rain had poured steadily all day and many a lake like puddle lay in wait for us on the  road into the heart of the West Yorkshire hills. 124 more words


Mission to Marsden

I haven’t even finished writing about our January holiday…and I was off again on my travels. I had hopes of dry weather as I drove north on Friday… spring flowers are everywhere…snowdrops and primroses, crocus and daffodil all flowering together. 280 more words


Keeping Brigid after Imbolc

Brigid before me,

Brigid beside me,

Brigid behind me.

I am under the shielding

Of good Brigid

Each day and each night.

This is my nightly prayer – though often said in my mind rather than with my mouth – as well as my charm of protection whenever the need arises for one.

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