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Times and Seasons

I should have posted this about a week ago as the time was germane to the topic but here goes now anyway.

The Iron Age Celts counted time in terms of nights rather than days and the passing of moons rather than months while the celebration of Féis, or festivals, at regular intervals marked the passing of the years. 338 more words

Celtic Trivia

Nettle soup in May

Apparently eating nettles three times during the month of May purifies the blood and is good for rheumatism – good at preventing it in actual fact! 497 more words


MY CRAFTS Imbolc and Ostara wands

Like I said before ,I have been making things but keep forgetting to post them here !! I have started making a Facebook page just for my crafts and aim to sell them one day… 92 more words

Pagan And Wiccan

3/22/2016 Birds Rune

Today should be all about inspiration and creation. Expect the unexpected news or  a sudden change to drive inspiring thoughts and ideas. There may be travel planned today or travel that needs to be planned for some upcoming event. 9 more words

WDSC Rune Daily Divination 2016

Days, Quarter Days, Cross-Quarter Days. And Saturday.

Kage Baker always reverently observed the Quarter Days, the 4 great horological linchpins of the astronomical year. Two Solstices, two Equinoxes – tidy and convenient. 666 more words

St Bridget's Well, Castlemagner

This has to be one of my favourite wells visited so far. We had had an energetic day searching out holy wells in North Cork and this was the last on the agenda. 892 more words


Suggested Brigid Rituals for Springtime

by Courtney Weber

Most years at about this time, I find myself wanting to claw my way out of a bubble-coat cocoon, but this year I’m finding myself wishing for just one more snowfall. 838 more words

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