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What is Bibliomania?

What does it mean to be a bibliomaniac? My cutesy not-crazy description is that a bibliomaniac is someone who passionately collects books; similar to people who collect seashells, or souvenir spoons, or whatever, bibliomaniacs are simply people with a hobby, a passion. 463 more words

100 Word Review - Inside Out (2015)

I cry at every Pixar film, so let’s take that as a given.

Inside Out follows Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) from the unique perspective of her governing emotions, as she moves to San Francisco for her dad’s work. 65 more words

100 Words...

IMDb offers Lists for categorizing

I’m a big movie fan, movie watcher. Only today I figured out, again :), that IMDb offers making own movie lists to categorize titles, peoples, etc. 45 more words


Crichton Initiation

Buckle up, because here comes a review. (Don’t worry; since this is my “pilot” review, I’ll keep it relatively neutral, so no cutthroat cynicism… or, at least, very little). 522 more words

A challenge I am willing to accept

I like to think that I am well educated in the way of movies. But after after taking a test on List challenges I am disappointed to say I have no idea what I am talking about any more. 207 more words

Những bộ phim Thriller khiến tôi thay đổi...

Trước giờ, đối với tôi, “Thriller” là một khái niệm gì đó xa lạ lắm. Có lẽ lần đầu nghe đến từ này là ở trong bài hát “Thriller” của ông hoàng nhạc Pop Micheal Jackson. 2,496 more words


How IMDb ratings work?

“latest movies tend to be overvalued and their rankings lower as time passed by“. 

First thing first,IMDb  is not a reviewing website where a professional or amateur reviewer writes their review (to be precise rating).

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