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The state of IMEs under Linux

Input Method Editors, or IMEs for short, are ways for a user to input text in another, more complex character set using a standard keyboard, commonly used for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages (CJK for short). 934 more words


Social Media and Its Role

Age of Globalization and Communication

It is the age of globalization and communication. Like, we need basic needs to live our daily life. Same as we can say communication… 425 more words


Kada duhovnost postane igračka ega

“Ime nije ništa; ono što zovemo ružom slatko bi mirisalo i s drugim imenom.”

Sjećam se ove rečenice još iz školskih dana. Autor je W. Shakespeare. 841 more words


Azi era să-mi închid contul. Un click distanţă. Prea mult voayeurism. Prea multă fericire afişată … nu mai rezist la atîtea poze lăbărţate cu oameni veseli şi mulţumiţi, cu mâncare, cu plimbări prin lume.. 156 more words


What they see 2.0

The first blip occurred around midday, then a string of blips began. The stream of input from Earth was showing blips at regular intervals. When Ime checked the data, he found that the blips had come up across the planet. 706 more words

我不知你的Windows 的輸入法設定幾種?因為我只設定注音輸入法,中英文輸入切換直接按
Shift 鍵,就可直接變換,再來全形/半形切換 Ctrl+空白鍵
Windows 10切換語言和輸入法的常用快捷鍵

via windows10 新注音的標點符號鍵盤 – Microsoft Community

Everything Is Contract

Does WA State Protect Doctors Who Lie To Deny?

Does WA State Protect Doctors Who Lie To Deny?

WA State Democratic leaders are doing a great job standing up against the FEDS and fighting for the injured workers at Hanford, and that’s GREAT! 381 more words