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Brilliant Book Titles #38

Came across this book this morning!

You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

Some find the constant scrutiny an unwelcome intrusion; others use fashion as their secret weapon. 140 more words

One More Reason To Love Grandma

A while back I tallied how much I spent in childcare since Savannah was born. When I tried to share the figure with a single mom friend, she stopped me. 506 more words

New York City

2nd July - On This Day In History


1929 Imelda Marcos (Filipino politician and First Lady who collected over 1000 pairs of shoes)


1566 Nostradamus (astrologist, famous for making predictions about the future)  25 more words

2016-06-12 (Sunday)

Today, I learned that:

June is the best time of the year in Sweden and thus many people go on vacation now. Yesterday, Radio Sweden’s programme “P4 Världen” told us about the conditions to obtain a paid vacation around the world. 256 more words


The problems with First Ladies is that you have to set the standard. My role is to be both star and slave. – Imelda Marcos http://ift.tt/1TWsc2v

Imelda Marcos

We Were Wrong, Part 2

The hype was palpable for Bongbong Marcos with the pre-election surveys. He’d been leading by a good margin when Leni Robredo started catching up. That was before the Iglesia ni Cristo and El Shaddai endorsed him, and even if they didn’t I doubt he’d lose that many votes. 263 more words

Current Events

Viral Post: Philippines, A Fooled Nation?

“My Professor once said that one of the economic models of East Asia as well as the South during the post war era particularly in the 1960’s are based on Japan and the Philippines. 997 more words