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Coffee and a theory

The Filthy Companion* was clad in sleeveless shirt and sexy white shorts, and the first words she said as I slid into the seat opposite her were: “I have a theory. 347 more words


What A Woman’s Shoes Say About Her

Several weeks ago, I drove from Colorado to Kansas to be with my mother while she was treated for pneumonia.   Mom remained in her apartment taking antibiotics, receiving nebulizer breathing treatments, and being cared for round the clock.   422 more words


Bianca King, na-bash nang husto sa social media dahil sa litrato kasama si Imelda Marcos

Bianca King with Imelda Marcos (Photo courtesy of Instagram: @bianca_king)
Just because she posted a photo of her with Imelda Marcos ay na-bash na nang husto si Bianca King. 25 more words


A European View of America’s Elections

The election of America’s next president will have vast global effects. This is inevitable, due both to the United States’ pre-eminence and the nature of globalised economics, and means that the current tangle of primaries and caucuses to decide the parties’ nominees is watched with great attention around the world. 663 more words


A sample of Marcos era corruption for the millennial generation

There is no more fitting criticism and condemnation, even if it is only a sample of the Marcos era corruption perpetrated by the conjugal dictatorship, among others, than to see an article being published in the national papers referring to this disreputable family who are back in power and seeking higher government positions. 1,238 more words


On Duterte's reasons why he wants Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani

In a recent article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer after the second Presidential Debates, I read Duterte’s reasons why he is in favor for the late dictator President Ferdinand Marcos to be interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. 2,546 more words


NBTB 2016's keynote speaker: Kim Komenich, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer

Kim Komenich, who won the Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography in 1987 for capturing images of the “People Power” revolution that rocked the Philippines, will be the keynote speaker for Newsroom by the Bay 2016. 435 more words