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Game is Over: Η οφειλόμενη ελληνική απάντηση στους Σόιμπλε, Μέρκελ και ΔΝΤ

Γράφει ο Δημήτρης Σκουτέρης 

Επειδή το «δούλεμα» πάει σύννεφο. Επειδή 7 χρόνια κρίσης είναι πολλά. Επειδή από τα, ομολογημένα από τους ίδιους, «λάθη του ΔΝΤ» επιδεινώθηκε η κατάσταση στην Ελλάδα.


The Unthinkable Just Happened In Spain

Spain’s national court called to testify six current and former directors of the Bank of Spain, including its former governor, Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, and its former deputy governor (and current head of the Bank of International Settlements’ Financial Stability Institute), Fernando Restoy. 1,104 more words

Economic Report

Talking Points IMF - Academic

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)


  • Cooperative financial institution
    • Ensures stability exchange rates/payments


  • Founded 1944
    • UN conference – Bretton Woods, New Hampshire…
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Q&A IMF - Academic

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Q – What is the purpose of the International Monetary Fund?

A – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) primary purpose is to ensure the stability of the system of exchange rates and international payments that enable countries to transact with each other. 431 more words


Backgrounder IMF - Academic

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) origins come from a United Nations conference celebrated on July 1944 and organized in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States. 392 more words


Fact Sheet IMF - Academic

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Cooperative financial ins­­titution that ensures stability of the system of exchange rates and payments 


  • Conceived in 1944 at the United Nations (UN) conference in Bretton Woods, NH, United States (US)
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Lord Rothschild Given Control Over Greek Economy

The Financial Times has confirmed that the Rothschild family will be placed in charge of the Greek economy with immediate effect. 

According to reports, Lord Rothschild will become the new economic adviser to Greece, controlling the country’s debt and negotiations with creditors. 329 more words