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13 Parents Who Owned Their Kids Over Text

Sure, mom and dad are sometimes terrible at texting but never forget that uncoolness may just be a cover so that they can dominate the texting game when you least expect it. 71 more words

Closed garden? Gandalf does not understand...

This meme was intended to highlight some of the almost ridiculous forms of thinking in today’s modern technology market in terms of the creation of an open platform. 141 more words

Communications And Media Studies

iPhone/Android Jealousy

The meme above represents the “Overly Attached Girlfriend”, who for the purposes of my blog is representing the iPhone. The Apple empire may currently be reigning with their ‘i” products, however thanks to their locked ideologies, they will surely soon find themselves left jealous when users realise the technological freedom that the Android offers. 67 more words


Subtleties of the Medium

Although the topic of “the medium is the message” can be hard to grapple, a key concept I extracted from it was the subtleties implied by a medium. 123 more words


Amateur comic strip perfectly captures "personalities" of moe-fied gaming consoles

The “console wars” have become so complicated lately. Unlike the glory days of Nintendo Vs. Sega, there are now a good half-dozen or more consoles to choose from, with exclusivity deals between publishers and console makers forcing hardcore gamers to go all-in and purchase three or four consoles just to play all the games they want to. 305 more words


Creative Negro Shows Ingenuity with Ghetto Bubble Bath

Clean up the old family jewels and take care of the pots and pans, all at the same time. The creativity of the Negro race never ceases to amaze me.

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