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Who knows what made him do it?

I am asking myself why Tom Cash does half of the shit he does. It is not like I  admire Tom Cash or his wife who I will nickname “Bounced Check.” See what I’m talking about. 386 more words

Reddit Has Been Alarmingly Good for My Self-Esteem

re: threeways

I actually would advise anyone to not do it. It has a very high chance of going wrong. Very few people are truly secure enough with themselves and their relationship to pull it off. 756 more words


This Man Has An Epic Story About His Psychotic Neighbors, And BOY It's A Wild Ride

Sometimes neighbors can suck, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them get this bad.

ChefShwasty —a user on the popular image-sharing site Imgur —has a story to tell about his neighbors, and it is absolutely out of this world. 1,601 more words

How one man could have taken down Imgur

Security researcher Nathan Malcolm did a bit of digging and found a way to hack the image-hosting site Imgur.

Thankfully, he was working within Imgur’s official bug bounty program, so his work resulted in responsible disclosure and a payday rather than a hack or breach. 635 more words