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10 Creepy As Hell Short Horror Films That You Can Watch Right Now

These should keep you good and scared for the foreseeable future.

1. Self-Assembly

We will get this kicked off with a short that definitely lands more towards the WTF side of scary…not your typical horror film, by any stretch, but still one that will stick with you… 275 more words

Value of the internet community

Recently I have been spending more time on user-input sites like Reddit and Imgur; It was Imgur that inspired me to create this blog after giving me the inspiration to write. 399 more words

This Music Video...

I have no idea what it is about this video, but I LOVE it.  It is one of the best music videos I think I have seen in a very long time.  67 more words


Watch This Man Go From 'Nice Guy' To Stalker In An Hour

1. “You definitely are immaculate. You’re beautiful as hell…”

2. “I don’t see anything immaculate about you…”

3. “I never asked for your number bitch or for any sexual favors…” 15 more words

Requesting Quotes of a Polytheistic Nature

One of my guilty pleasures is browsing Pinterest for quotes, but there is a decided lack of quotes about Polytheism that are positive rather than calling us all primitive and backwards. 166 more words

Couple Accidentally Creates Dirty Optical Illusion By Simply Sitting In a Boat

If you were checking on Imgur this morning, you might have come across these thumbnails, the top one of which would most likely cause you to do a double-take. 93 more words


This Heartbreaking Story Of A Mother's Love Will Make You Cry And Then Make You Smile

This post originally appeared here.

A lady found a malnourished greyhound wandering the marketplace.

She brought the dog to a vet to get her treated. 217 more words