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This Tearjerking Craigslist Missed Connection Is The Best Thing You Will Ever Read...Ever

Have you ever had anyone mysteriously swoop into your life and in an instant totally change everything? That is exactly what happened to this veteran who was contemplating the end of his life when a mysterious woman in a teal dress appeared to change everything. 1,096 more words

Clueless Texter Kept Messaging The Wrong Person For Seven Months And The Guy's Responses Are Hilarious

It all began when Imgur user EWW3 got a text message from some random number asking for “Wendy,” and seemingly no amount of insisting on the part of EWW3 could convince the rando that he wasn’t Wendy. 37 more words

Read This Hilariously Horrific Employee Handbook From Hell

No job is perfect, but the workplace with this employee handbook sounds like hell on earth. Would you work there?

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If having my picture posted in the only punishment for extra time in the restroom, I’m going to just go for it. 12 more words

Week 8 - COMM11007 Media Writing - Imgur


The social media site I have chosen is Imgur (pronounced image-er). This social media site is an image sharer that has transformed into an online community with consistent community members and annual events. 520 more words


Hacker exploited Imgur flaw to secretly load over 450 background images and attack 8chan

An attacker could have pulled off massive pwnage by abusing a bug on Imgur, which is often featured on Reddit’s “front page” of the Internet; instead the hacker targeted 8chan; 4chan and 8chan experienced some downtime. 866 more words