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Right Path?

Just playing around with Imgur image embedding…

Nice, but I like the option to click to enlarge…

What do you think?

Entertain You?

Here comes the week

Day 29. 21 pages, 10,048 words.

Bit of a disappointing weekend for writing, but I was expecting that. And a busy week coming up for all sorts of reasons. 152 more words

Hatboy's Nuggets Of Crispy-Fried Wisdom

This Girl Was Blowing Up A DJ's Phone Trying To Get Inside A Club And The 'Help' He Provided Is The Sickest Burn Ever

This girl and her friends arrived at the club late and blowing up the phone of a DJ they knew to get them to the front of a looooong line for the show. 88 more words

15 Times Online Shopping Went Hilariously Wrong That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Everyone knows that sometimes when you shop online you’re taking a risk and that’s okay because Amazon was made for the lazy people of the world (like me). 122 more words

How to Post Pictures on a WordPress Site

Let’s say you have a hilarious doctored picture of some MSM dweeb “journalist” who just insulted a gay reporter from Gateway Pundit in the White House Press Briefing Room by calling him a Nazi. ¬† 1,388 more words