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Charmander Hits the Internet, Invades the World Within Hours

The internet is a wonderful and incredibly strange place. In the 90s it was a powerful research tool used to aid classrooms with their curriculum. Sure, that still applies now, but the internet is more autonomous, not just reflecting the world but changing it as well. 220 more words


This Is How You Weigh A Baby Giraffe

The giraffe sure appears to be enjoying the attention!

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Photos Of This Flying Squirrel Named 'Goose' Show Just How Much We All Love Our Very First Pet

Imgurian gdub695 posted this lovely gallery over at Imgur.com to show everyone the story of he and ‘Goose’, his flying squirrel and friend of many years. 794 more words

Really? Really.

A few posts ago, I shared this picture my friend Katy took…

I love this picture.  It’s this cool testament to the nerds/geeks we are.  I look at this picture and see the hands of two people who both waited a very long time for their “happily ever after.”  (And the foot of a very awesome lady ;) )  I see these two hands that fit so perfectly together, and are prepared to hold on to each other and fight to stay together. 264 more words


What Would Your Reaction Be To This Weird Fortune Cookie

What even is this?
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…Vincent Adultman? I’ll have an alcohol please. Because I just got back from work at the business factory.

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