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Eyelash curler nightmare: Woman's sneeze leaves her lashless

The pain of beauty is real ladies (and fabulous men). Brace yourself for the images you’re about to see.

A woman has posted photos online of a tragic eyelash curler incident, warning of the dangers of sneezing while doing your makeup. 227 more words


This Guy’s 50-State Mini-Golf Road Trip Is The Stuff Of Summer Dreams

What’s the best summer activity? It’s definitely not swimming at the local public pool — kids pee in that water, man! And forget the lame at-home fireworks displays (no matter how cool it is to shoot your hard-earned money directly out of a Roman Candle and… 427 more words


This Kid Thought Whining About His Christmas Gifts On Facebook Was Cool. Until His Mom Read It...

You know, sometimes in life you just need to vent about things that don’t go your way. But if you are going to take your venting to social media, you need to make sure (1) You are telling the truth, and (2) that the people you are complaining about won’t see your moans. 54 more words

This Guy Quickly Realized That His New Tinder Match Would Do ANYTHING For His Shirt

People on dating apps like Tinder are often looking for many different things. Some people want hookups with no strings attached. Other people want to go on casual dates, but nothing super serious. 77 more words

This Christian Woman Wants You To Stop Playing Pokémon Go

The latest craze for all ages is the new “Pokémon Go” game, which allows longtime Pokémon fanatics to finally enjoy their world in real life! Players use their phones to see Pokémon creatures in their real world surroundings, and can battle real people for ownership “gyms.” The whole thing is pretty cool, and an awesome blast from the past for career Pokémon-lovers. 89 more words

Hotel Employee Tells Hilarious Story Of How He Made A Kid Cry AND Got Tipped For It

Oftentimes in customer service jobs it can be soooooooo tempting to just tell someone how it is. But instead, you have to force a smile and be as nice and cooperative as you possibly can — and fume about it later. 74 more words

When An Uber Driver Picked Up This Girl From A Bar, He Had No Idea Her Story Would Break His Heart

An Uber driver recently shared his story of driving home a girl who was super drunk in his car. Not much of a story, really, I’m sure it happens all the time. 97 more words