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Imhotep and the "Stinking Ones" of the Nile.

In 1874, in the Valley of the Tombs near Luxor, the German Egyptologist Georg Ebers discovered the world’s oldest surviving medical text, a 65-foot papyrus dating from shortly after the time of Joseph, around 1500 B.C. 590 more words


Philly School District Settles With Charter That Allegedly Faked Signatures

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The School Reform Commission tonight votes on an agreement settling allegations that a charter school fraudulently billed the district.

The district says it has settled allegations that former administrators at Imhotep Institute Charter High School forged guardians’ signatures for the instruction of two special education students. 52 more words


What "Ancient Egypt" Actually Entails For Assassin's Creed

I don’t intend to go really deep into speculation about what the recently confirmed upcoming Assassi’s Creed game focused on ancient Egypt will be like. I kind of just want to bring up some details about the setting some people might not realize, details that separate it from just about everything else the  679 more words


Another Winter Break Thought

Why is EVERYTHING covered in dust? I’ve been dusting and cleaning since December 18th because breaks are the only time I can take care of my home. 67 more words

7 Best Known Persons With Healing Powers

As Mother Teresa is approved for sainthood, thanks to miraculous healing experienced by a person who claims to have healed of multiple tumors by praying to her, we thought of highlighting a few examples of some of the most famous healers through history and across various cultures. 356 more words

Positive People

Imhotep performed surgeries 2500 years before hipocrates the so called 'father of medicine'

Imhotep was an important figure in Ancient Egyptian medicine. He was the author of a medical treatise remarkable for being devoid of magical thinking: the so-called Edwin Smith papyrus containing anatomical observations, ailments, and cures.

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Imhotep: From Architect to Deity to Villain

From the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology comes this video of a talk by Dr Jennifer Wegner, Assistant Curator of their Egyptian section, on Imhotep, the famed designer of the Step Pyramid complex at Saqqara under King Djoser. 14 more words