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Imhotep: From Architect to Deity to Villain

From the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology comes this video of a talk by Dr Jennifer Wegner, Assistant Curator of their Egyptian section, on Imhotep, the famed designer of the Step Pyramid complex at Saqqara under King Djoser. 14 more words


Grain silos were the Hall mark of Joseph.

The only lasting evidence of Joseph in Egypt that one might expect to have survived the last 4000 years are the grain silos that were cut into the ground in key Egyptian cities. 190 more words


The Step Pyramid was built on top of a prototypical grain silo that was converted into a tomb

The Step Pyramid complex of Djoser contains a dozen shafts that appear to be grain storage bins accessible via tunnels connected to the bottom of the pits and linking to a central open stairwell. 149 more words


Is it really surprising that Egypt's most accomplished vizier would be none other than the Joseph of the Bible?

Joseph (son of Jacob) is a key figure in the Old Testament of the Bible , who became a vizier (sage / viceroy) for an Egyptian pharaoh and during this time was responsible for saving… 582 more words

Correlation Of Egyptian History With The Bible

Carpe Scream Day 19

Today I watch a great remake of a classic film: The Mummy

The 90’s is when Hollywood looked at the classic monster movies and over the course of a decade, tried to revamp them all (they also liked to slap the author’s name over the title despite the fact that the 90’s versions are all the LEAST faithful adaptations of the books—excluding The Mummy and the Wolf Man which were movies first) . 302 more words

The Mummy (1932 Universal Studios Film)

The Mummy is a 1932 Universal Studios picture starring the uber-legendary Boris Karloff and directed by Karl Freund.  The film was inspired by the discovery of… 504 more words

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Mother's Chapter 7

1) Well I had an exciting moment.  Perhaps exciting is too strong, but in conversation this past week end “Bucky” Fuller came up.  I was so happy to already know who he was, and to be able to add that he also invented the prefabricated molded one-piece bathroom.  288 more words