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Imhotep vs Cell

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Suggested by Anonymous Imhotep is a strong mummy but I don’t think he has what it takes to stop Cell. Cell is simply way too strong as he can take down a whole solar system in an instant if he chooses to do so. 24 more words


Imhotep Review


Players: 2-4

Time: 30 minutes

Times Played: 40~

After playing The Quest for El Dorado, Kingdomino, and Magic Maze (Finally!!), I took a look at our collection to see what other Spiel des Jahres winners and nominees we had  and realized I needed to talk about a forgotten love, … 1,944 more words

Two Off The Top

Imhotep and the "Stinking Ones" of the Nile

In 1874, in the Valley of the Tombs near Luxor, the German Egyptologist Georg Ebers discovered the world’s oldest surviving medical text, a 65-foot papyrus dating from shortly after the time of Joseph, around 1500 B.C. 590 more words


Luis CL - Cran Town EP [STOWN017]

Slow Town’s 17th release from Melbournes Luis CL is an ode to analogue jams. The Cran town EP shows what Luis CL (one half of the Zanzibar Chanel duo and co-founder of Ruff Records) is know for: Dirty but groovy drum arrangements, analogue synths and dreamy melodies and his kind of Lo-fi and blurry mixdowns with definitely some Detroit influences. 13 more words


Civilisation: Imhotep

This series begins with a 4,800 year old God called Imhotep. Yes, that’s right – he’s the one whose reputation was so thoroughly maligned in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘The mummy’. 370 more words