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Imitating Lord Byron

Picture from immortalmuse.com

LET me serenade you to-night
Until the break of morning bright,
Though the moon is low, and full its beams,
And soft is thy kiss and love that teems.



Old Video of K-pop Idols Imitating Christina Released on YouTube in Light of TMZ Incident


With all the news about kpop idols coming together to stand up against what TMZ did to EXID, someone decided to post this video on YouTube. 300 more words


My child plays on their own - Play explained

“He plays on his own”

is a common statement I hear from parents, whether it’s when they’ve seen their child at nursery or observed them during a play date or at the park. 535 more words

‘Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.’

Children are fantastic imitators, with a very good eye for detail. They often imitate things that we don’t even know we do! 483 more words

yay happy happy day♡

most of the happy things happened in the latter half of today but still very very thankful:’)
so today after lecture I couldn’t find him (like he left very early)? 691 more words

While Waiting.. coinavore .

I failed in love with my soul mate and at that point I sealed and concealed my fate . I don’t know if it’s ever too late to ask for another date . 240 more words


and your eyes, irresistible♡

meh was late for school today so I didn’t see him in the canteen before assembly as usual:'(
OH WELL was a whole long two hours plus before I saw him again… 371 more words