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yay happy happy day♡

most of the happy things happened in the latter half of today but still very very thankful:’)
so today after lecture I couldn’t find him (like he left very early)? 691 more words

While Waiting.. coinavore .

I failed in love with my soul mate and at that point I sealed and concealed my fate . I don’t know if it’s ever too late to ask for another date . 240 more words


and your eyes, irresistible♡

meh was late for school today so I didn’t see him in the canteen before assembly as usual:'(
OH WELL was a whole long two hours plus before I saw him again… 371 more words

Develop Your Own Voice

Suit your voice to your matter always, and, above all, in everything be natural. … Do not imitate other people’s voices, or, if from an unconquerable propensity you must follow them, emulate every orator’s excellencies, and the evil will be lessened. 77 more words


week 10/52 - accepting + sunny weekend

Situation: Jona builds hard again with duplos.Papa explains why he may not continue with adding duplo pieces only on one side.Jona says: Why? … 246 more words