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2016, August 22 - 1802 - depression 19

if i do the same (5)
will it make me more normal (7)
or lost and confused? (5)


Mother Hen in Clay

Could there be a touch of art imitating life again today ;-) 6 more words


thing 3

imitating people and accents is way to much fun! I literally can’t have a conversation without slipping into some imitation or another.

Random Fact

Cyberpunk Subculture - Art Imitating the Near Future

interpretation of the world of cyberpunk reflects the result of
deprivation of economic and political rights of whole populations and
sustained, if not physically, certainly psychologically by draconian… 854 more words


If Your Kid Went Viral...

I found this Youtube video on my Facebook this morning.

Super cute, right????

But there’s a lesson embedded in there.  That animated little girl just didn’t wake up one morning with those expressions; she’s mimicking something.   88 more words


2015, November 18 - 996 - role model

a little princess (5)
walking behind her mother (7)
busy on their phones (5)


Imitating Christ

This morning when I woke up I went straight into my quiet morning time “alone”. I say alone very rarely…and I wasn’t alone. Mr almost 3 yr old followed me and my quiet time didn’t last very long, alone. 206 more words