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Who do you imitate?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I swore as a kid I would never grow up to be like my mother. It’s not that my mother is a bad person or anything, I love my mum very much, but I wanted to be… 366 more words

Casey Sheridan

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game, sebuah film yang berlatarkan perang dunia kedua dimana film tersebut menceritakan tentang Alan Turing, seorang matematikawan jenius asal Inggris yang berhasil memecahkan kode enigma (sebuah kode yang digunakan Jerman dalam melakukan penyerangan). 1,075 more words

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Eating a carrot (or a banana)

There’s a fun thing that you can parrot

And it is related to eating a carrot.

You know how carrots have the core and the rest? 122 more words

Rhyming Story

Criticism and one

To criticize another was simply in truth to cry and cry for the lack which will come to one oneself! Do not criticize the thing borrowed or what belongs to another, because you will never use it again. 80 more words


Mentioning the evil of another

One cannot justify oneself by mentioning the evil of another, because when that is done, one is imitating. So instead of one, thus there are two and one is one of them.


Your name...

Broken and lost
Quite alone…
Long apart, 
away from you

In these sands
That rest down like our relationship.

the wind of fortune
Imitating the angels, 92 more words


Vast human generations

Vast human generations seething and reproducing
Talking about the weather and waiting for death
Pecking at each other like a murder of crows
Crawling over each other in search of food and sex like cockroaches… 88 more words