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Assignment 9

For assignment 9 I shot and recorded sample time lapse style footage. I made a rough cut of the footage laid out in Adobe Premiere. I also finished my brainstorming and a storyboard for my final project.


Assignment 8

For assignment 8, I shot and recorded 8 sample shots for a potential short film.


Midterm Portfolio

Introduction: My Name is William Seddon. I am aspiring amateur photographer. I focused mostly on sport and portrait photography and cinematography prior to this project. This set of photos are the first photos taken with my DSLR camera of wildlife and nature photos. 747 more words


Assignment-Extra Credit

In this assignment I applied the rule of thirds to 3 of my images.


Assignment 4

This photo was taken at the Barnagate Light Nature Walk. I shot this with a 1.8 f stop and a low iso setting 100..

This photo was extremely grainy at first. 164 more words


Assignment 2

Create 3 composite images using Photoshop, selections, and layers.

In this photo I composed to similar osprey photos I shot. It’s a little silly but it gets the basic concept down for this assignment. 41 more words


Assignment 3

Create 3 composited images using Photoshop, advanced selections, and layers.

These photos are all composite images.

I added the full moon the image to replace the crescent moon. 74 more words