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Stars of Universe

“Two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.”- Immanuel Kant

Arthur Schopenhauer. Part 1. Introduction

 Arthur Schopenhauer could see the worst in any situation. Witness these snippets, published in 1851:

Politeness is a tacit agreement that we shall mutually ignore and refrain from reproaching one another’s miserable defects, both moral and intellectual. 2,330 more words

Searching For GSOT

Dortmunds Plan gegen Riberys Ausraster

SA-TIERE. Es steht vor der Tür – das Duell FC Bayern München gegen Borussia Dortmund in der Deutschen Fußballbundesliga. Aus ungut informierten Kreisen sickerte nun die geheime Strategie der Dortmunder durch, die Ausraster des bayerischen Flügelflitzers Frank Ribery unter Kontrolle zu bringen. 347 more words


Theory of Experience

“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.”
Immanuel Kant


How do the principles of Liberalism lead to a more peaceful international society?

Liberalism, democracy and Globalisation.

Liberalism is a political theory; a main cog of constituted ideologies that propels the current state of the political world. The essential elements for justice, liberty and equality define the worldview of liberalism. 591 more words


Hillary Clinton for President

What is the absolute worst thing you could credibly say about Hillary Clinton?

That is, once you remove the sexism, paranoia and conspiracy-mongering that define—if not consume—so many of her most passionate, deranged critics, what is the central compelling argument against Hillary being elected president of the United States? 1,523 more words

Wikipedia Poem, No. 331

gently afraid
of nature
causes just

though dominion
thus shrinks from
virtuous designs

there goes inward
a reference toward fear
it may exhibit as being carried… 74 more words