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230 years of Schopenhauer: a genius of the XX century

The 22 February 1788, exactly 230 years ago in the city of Gdańsk, the great Arthur Schopenhauer was born: I would like to talk about him because he is too many times misread and his thought minimised. 1,258 more words


Aku Adalah Perampok Bank Sampai aku Membaca Kant

Satu hal yang dimiliki para penjahat dan filsuf adalah rasa menjadi ‘orang luar’

Oleh  :  Robbie Dillon

Aku di awal masa remaja pertama kali mencoba membaca “Kritik tentang Nalar Murni” nya Kant. 655 more words

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The Paradox of the Heap

There is an ancient Greek paradox, called the Sorites Paradox, originally attributed to Eubulides of Miletus. “Sorites” is Greek for “heap”. The paradox goes like this: suppose you have a heap of sand and then you start removing one grain of sand at a time. 632 more words


Keeping the Fire for Goals

Did you have a hard time staying motivated?

Have you ever been really excited to start a project only to lose the enthusiasm? Is there something dampening the fire in your belly burning to reach a target? 397 more words

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The Historiography of Big History


In Rational Reconstructions of Time I described a series of intellectual developments in historiography in which big history appeared in the penultimate position as a recent historiographical innovation. 1,980 more words

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The Good Place: Chidi Anagonye and Colonialism

Huge spoilers for The Good Place. Just a heads up. Really you shouldn’t read this if you haven’t seen the show.

As is made explicitly clear within the show, the Good Place/Bad Place distinction is inherently an immoral system. 980 more words

Social Criticism

Black Mirror: The National Anthem

Welcome to my coverage of Black Mirror! These articles will focus on exploring the themes and questions raised by the series, with an eye toward thinking about how well the questions raised are addressed. 2,739 more words

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