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Provoking Agency

Writing at the dawn of modernity, just before classical liberalism took hold, Machiavelli and Thomas More offered different roles for the philosopher. Machiavelli’s realpolitik embraced the chance to whisper in the King’s ear, plying his skills to make power more effective. 247 more words


Immanuel Kant - Perpetual Peace: Reading Group

It took us more than a year, but our reading group has finished Marx’s volume I of Capital. It’s been an interesting read and I’ll probably pen down my thought on the book as a whole some time soon. 144 more words


Sebastian Rand "Organism, normativity, plasticity"

Rand, Sebastian 2011. Organism, normativity, plasticity: Canguilhem, Kant, Malabou. Continental Philosophy Review, 44(4): 341-357.

[…] the organism itself is the only available authority for the establishment of its biological norm. 1,199 more words


The Fall of The False Gods: Part One (The Dark Knight Movie Really Is Not About Batman)

When the director of Memento undertook the trying task of redefining the Caped Crusader, people were naturally skeptical if one could improve upon Tim Burton’s version. 3,249 more words


Food For Thought

When I read essays from famous and empowering authors and come across profound lines all I can picture is an old man writing by candle light, stopping to re read their last sentence and saying “Yeah, that’s a good one! People will love that one.”

Moral Realism: Manifolds Part 1

In the Possibility of Altruism, Thomas Nagel argues that the self can be divided into the first-person and the third-person. In the same way, our actions can be divided into first-person and third-person actions. 525 more words