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The Real and Actual Threat

Secretary of State Tillerson said today there is no current, actual threat from N. Korea. Nonetheless, the threat is real.

The useful value of a nuclear weapon (its currency) is its existential threat (its deterrence value). 445 more words

Political-Economy And Philosophy

legitimacy in peace; legitimacy in war

I recently wrote a reflection on the reception of Habermas in the United States and argued that the lack of intellectual uptake of his later work have been a problem with politics here. 1,389 more words


Epistemic Friction

Epistemic Friction –
An Essay on Knowledge, Truth, and Logic
By Gila Sher
Oxford University Press – £35.00

The light dove, cleaving the air in her free light, and feeling its resistance, might imagine that her flight would be still easier in empty space. 411 more words

Donald Trump

McMahan, Kant, and Organ Transplants

When I took my first Philosophical Ethics class during the Fall 2016 semester, I was enthralled by Kant’s moral philosophy and its applications to various situations. 1,891 more words


Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

Moral Philosophy asks:  How are we to live our lives?

Kant’s moral philosophy is discussed in three works:

Critique of Pure Reason (1788)

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The rationality of care across time.

In this essay I will be attempting to answer the question ‘Is it irrational to care differently about some happening on the basis of whether it lies in the past or in the future, and (in each case) how far?’ 4,996 more words


Kant's Revolution

Putting concepts into different categories and learning to analyze them individually and separately is a good way to grow one’s understanding. But implicit in such an endeavor is the danger of going overboard, and compartmentalizing can render things more difficult to understand or even logically flawed. 421 more words