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Immanuel Kant: one of the fathers of our world

The 22 April 1724 in Königsberg (the current Russian Kaliningrad) the immense Immanuel Kant was born: 2 years ago I received as a present his 3 critics (The Critics of pure reason, of practical reason and the judgement) and really honestly I found them extremely difficult to read and this should not surprise at all. 863 more words


A Criticism/Defense of My Kantian Interpretation of "Postmodernism"

I’ve made many mistakes in my philosophical endeavors.

The biggest one was my defense of postmodernism in regards to the discussion with Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro (that you can read… 750 more words

How a writer might capture everything that happens in a moment

There is a scene in the movie The Hours, where Richard, the dying poet, laments his failure as a writer. “I wanted to write about it all,” he says, “Everything that happens in a moment. 1,809 more words

Kant vs Stoics

The difference between Kant and the Stoics is sharp. Kant thinks you can act without desire from pure reason alone.

The Stoics believe you should moderate your desires until they comport with reason. 91 more words


Kant et Schopenhauer : une bibliographie fasciste

Toute bibliographie sur Kant a ses nationaux-socialistes : Alfred Baeumler, Gottfried Martin, Martin Heidegger (le moins connu d’entre eux)… (Pensées XLIII) (Heidegger est le philosophe des trois cités le plus connu mais le nazi le moins connu des trois, si vous voyez ce que je veux dire.)

2,976 more words

ON THIS DAY: April 22, 2018

April 22nd is

Earth Day *

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day *

Girl Scout Leaders Day

Jelly Bean Day

‘In God We Trust’ Day *

NASA’s Earth Day Global Selfie * 780 more words


“Ingratitude is the essence of vileness.”

—Immanuel Kant.

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