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Thinking We Understand Without Thinking

I was trying to see if I understand what the commenter meant by “love relationship.” As you know, the English word “love” has three or four Greek equivalents.

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“The question is not so much whether there is life on mars as whether it will continue to be possible to live on earth.”-Immanuel Kant

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Triết Tây

Free to Choose

Dolezal’s case is fascinating. At first blush, it seems counterintuitive: why would a white person ever want to identify as black in a country where actually being black is mortally dangerous, from… 907 more words


Repost: A little bit on Object Ontology.

Nonsense! Ridiculousness! The usual suspects rage.
So now we need to try and reel it in. If the fish has been snagged by the line, then we need to start to bring it back away from the fish of mere ideas, back from objectival discourse that sees authors and their ideas as True Things to be apprehended in their in-itself-ness, where the fish was swimming around looking for food and found it on the end of a hook and decided (whether it be of ‘natural’ instinct or not) to bite — we need to bring back the fish that has been snagged by the line. 4,136 more words