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A good will is not good because of what it effects or accomplishes, because of its fitness to attain some proposed end, but only because of its volition…Even if, by a special disfavor of fortune…this will should wholly lack the capacity to carry out its purpose…then, like a jewel, it would still shine by itself, as something that has its full worth in itself.

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I guess some old, dead, white, male philosophers weren't so bad, after all

… the injustice show in visiting foreign lands and peoples (which with them is tantamount to conquering them) goes to horrifying lengths. When America, the negro countries, the Spice Islands, the Cape, and so forth were discovered, they were, to them, countries belonging to no one, since they counted the inhabitants as nothing.  66 more words
The People

A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 14: Saturday Life Quote #2

This week’s Life Quote comes from German philosopher Immanuel Kant:

Seek not the favor of the multitude; it is seldom got by honest or lawful means. 15 more words

Has science proved the irrationality of faith?

This post is prompted by listening to “The Infinite Monkey Cage Christmas Special” – you can listen to it here.

It’s hosted by Professor Brian Cox (he of numerous TV series etc) and Robin Ince. 1,377 more words


Kurd Lasswitz, "Bottled Lightning" (1902)

I am born.

“Born? What sort of nonsense is it this time? One of the human stupidities that people still pride themselves in. I’m not born, was never born. 2,808 more words

Feast of Karl Rahner (March 5)

Above:  Karl Rahner

Image in the Public Domain


KARL RAHNER (MARCH 5, 1904-MARCH 30, 1984)

Jesuit Priest and Theologian


The number one cause of atheism is Christians.  

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Saints Of The 1910s

Ethics Schmethics!

Not long after the Republicans in the dark of night, prior to the opening of the new session, eliminated the independent Office of Congressional Ethics they knuckled under to immense pressure to rescind the move. 737 more words

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