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“Science is organized knowledge.
Wisdom is organized life.”
Immanuel Kant

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Tavola Rotonda: Immaginazione e Giudizio in Kant - sessione 1

Inizia questo pomeriggio, alle ore 14.45 presso Aula Magna di Palazzo Matteucci, I piano (Piazza Torricelli, 2), la Tavola Rotonda dedicata a “Immaginazione e Giudizio in Kant”. 359 more words


Aesthetics: realizing the meaning behind a beautiful thing

Already Immanuel Kant stated out that when you hear the beautiful singing of a bird and you suddenly realize that it actually is a person imitating the singing of a bird, the aesthetical experience chances. 153 more words


The Connection Between Walking and Thinking

I haven’t always been a walker. Where I grew up in America, in a small town in South Carolina, walking was not a normal activity. A town of 30,000 people that was so spread out that there were no schools or stores within walking distance. 1,411 more words


A Few Good Propositions

Logic pertains to the rules and reasons for the validity of arguments, it’s quite good actually. If I say “gay men are attracted to men”, this is obviously true, and peculiar if I whisper it.  453 more words


European Union: Creative Destruction Wave?

Some thoughts in reply to Edwin’s recent very interesting piece on the European Union.

The Greek crisis, the refugees crisis and the recently announced German suspension of the Schengen agreement on free movement are all very testing for the European Union. 1,972 more words

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