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Immanuel Kant - Perpetual Peace - Session 1

Last Friday marked the start of our Perpetual-Peace-reading-group. We’re a group of eight. Philosophers, historians, political theorists and the like. Most of us have already read the text, at least I have. 375 more words


Becoming Vegetarian

Since June 2014 I’ve been gradually transitioning to a vegetarian diet. Vegetarianism and animal rights have always interested me, and I think I knew that at some point I would adopt a vegetarian diet, and perhaps ultimately a vegan one. 2,290 more words


Confusions of idealism

On Philosophy Forums (http://forums.philosophyforums.com) on November 13th, 2015, I’ve written a post with unique arguments for categorizing Kant as a materialist. Bill Harris, my main opponent, criticizes me for not understanding Kant. 1,126 more words


The Canadian sublime

There is a profound sense of the sublime in biodiversity- from the seasons to the yellow lady slipper and the giant redwoods to phytoplankton and the sperm whale. 167 more words


You might be a gnostic, if...

Somebody made up a joke like this ten years.  I decided to give it my own spin.  I’ve tried to make it funny and not just mean-spirited. 220 more words


musaigen no phantom world 02-03


so i would say this is a very shounen show, with the male-gaze shots and battling.

it is done rather well, and the background of it, and characters, although not perfect, work well. 320 more words

Episode Rambling