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The Feast of Saint Matthew

We would require sacrifice. Our heart’s desire is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. We are very good at seeking out vengeance. 372 more words


Sep 24/25 – What If Hell Is Real? – Lutheran Weekend Worship

SAT BLENDED (5:00) – We do well to listen throughout our lives. Parents try their best to teach this to children at an early age. The ability to listen is a quality that affects relationships, vocations, and general communication. 108 more words


Sep 17/18 – Generous God: Kingdom Gain Despite Worldly Practices – Lutheran Weekend Worship

The parable in today’s Gospel has one main point: how generous the master is to his very core. He has a reputation for generosity. When his unjust steward discounts everyone’s bills, he doesn’t assert his legal right to reverse the steward’s actions; instead, he stays consistent with his reputation and generously forgives the debts. 96 more words


You'll Get Through This

Whatever it is that’s troubling you, you’ll get through this!  Cancel your escape to the Himalayas. Forget the deserted island. This is no time to be a hermit.  119 more words