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Men and Competition

One of the biggest mistakes guys make is being so damn competitive. Many are actually hypercompetitive. Hypercompetition is not a good thing. And being a man doesn’t mean you have to be competitive. 259 more words

Social Issues

High-Maintenance Western Females

In the west, there is a culture of high-maintenance bitches who think they’re better than everyone else. These girls think they’re the best thing since sliced bread; and are rude, condescending, critical, and judgmental of everyone who isn’t in their social circle and who they don’t consider “cool”. 323 more words


I'm Not Going To Behave

I’m not going to behave
Let’s just get that out of the way
I have a mischievous nature
That always wants to come & play… 31 more words


Glass House

I dance this path

Of fire with you


By the failings

Of an incurable youth


Though the heart

Is pliant

My bones do not… 67 more words


Young at Heart

There seem to be a lot of fully grown adults these days who speak or behave like children. You know, baby talk, silly voices, generally imitating childish gestures. 347 more words


Writing Challenge (Day 15) Pet Peeves

The thing I can safely say about pet peeves is that everyone has them. Some more extreme and absurd than  another.

In response of today’s writing challenge I am to tell about three of my pet peeves. 265 more words


Dreams from Adolescence

“But fourteen is not an age at which you ask outright for answers: not yet. Those in-between years are a haze of second-guessing and dialogues entirely of the mind. 264 more words