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My Brother and Me

My older brother is 3 years my senior and naturally felt like I had to play catch-up in order to be his equal. He taught me how to hold a baseball bat, swing it, and how to throw a fastball. 486 more words


At The Lowest Level Of Christianity Is Where You Find Jealousy, Envy, Evil Speaking, and Malice (1Pet2:1-2, 1Cor3:1-2). It’s Called Immaturity. Are You Growing?

At the lowest level of Christianity is where you find jealousy, envy, evil speaking, and malice (1Peter2:1-2, 1Cor3:1-2)

That is why it is easy for some not to be able to differentiate non-Christians from Christians who are at the very lowest level (inwardly transformed but not yet skilled or matured in manifesting their inward nature) 31 more words

Maturity Teachings

Invincible? Not even Superman...

You may think that by the title, I’m going to write about comics or super hero movies but nope.  I’m going to write about the Aaron Hernandez trial, or rather, the conclusion of the trial.   301 more words

News And Politics

How to Create a Deadbeat Father

Now, everyone here, regardless of background, race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, political views, or societal classification is well aware of the vastly stereotypical and many times factual absence of fathers in the Black community. 1,962 more words


Idiots to the Rescue!

Dear Annie: Twelve years ago, my son moved his girlfriend into our home. “Lena” lived with us for four years, and we treated her like family.

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Immature Boys: A Rant by Me

“Grow a pair!” —Every Woman (and Some Men) to Immature Boys

Recently, within the past week or two, a small group of guys in my class at school has been consistently grating on my already-thin patience.

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High School


Don’t worry, my friends. When I muse upon anything, it’s not expected to change the world. Nor change my mind. Least of all, change me… 483 more words

Human Nature