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Number 106

“A time you’ve been ashamed of yourself.”

I was 19 about to turn 20 years old. I was living with roommates in a 3 bedroom basement suite. 268 more words

Happily Estranged

The Fist

(related to The Letter and The Step)

He slammed his fist down so hard on the table that the glasses rattled, beer whipped to a storm by the lashing of his angry mind. 300 more words


Surviving Christmas: A grinches journey to understanding jolly people. 

Xmas, the Holy Birthday, spoilt kids am to pm, sad aunty Shaz bought another cat, a grinches hell. What ever you call it, Christmas effects all of us differently, and effects some more kinder than others. 301 more words

Staggering Cruelty.

Yesterday, I was called “so cruel” as to be “staggering to the mind” of the person who chose to voice such a mean-spirited thing to me right now. 159 more words

Americana Injustica

Hateful Humans

I’m noticing a huge influx in anger in the world. I’m noticing it seeping into places I don’t normally see it and when I dare venture beyond it, I see it everywhere. 845 more words



The immaturity and failure of adults are due to hurriedness to grow up without being conscious of one’s existence and realizing the true meaning of life.

38 more words


*wrote this sometime in 2012 or 2013.

“It’s been an hour since I dropped her back at her house and she hasn’t sent me a text.” He said, “She must be pretty mad.” 1,585 more words