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I stepped on Henry VIII's grave

Thinking about my awful ex-boss, and how he ran his organization like the sociopathic Henry VIII might have, reminded me of the time in 2011 when we visited Windsor Castle, and stood over the plaque marking Henry VIII’s tomb. 144 more words

The Heart Wants, What it Wants!!


I have never been more sure of anything like what I feel today..Not everything in life is as per our will and wants but at times I feel its important to let go of that emotion and just be happy.. 232 more words


So lately, it has come to my attention that males these days have zero respect for females, especially females that they find attractive. They feel they can cat call and make as many comments as they’d like, when in reality, those comments are unwanted and can make a woman despise you when she doesn’t even know you. 365 more words

Another Year!!

Yes, its the Birthday that changes the actual calendar year for a person, irrespective of the caste and religion. It changed one for me yesterday..Everyone asked why was i so quiet? 299 more words

Trying to swim.

So, I’ve been feeling a bit “low” of late. I think realistically this started pre-diagnosis. I’ve known about, and struggled with, depression on and off for a few years now, anxiety has been with me for a lifetime. 568 more words

Poem of the Week: The Criticism Poem

The Criticism Poem
August 3, 2016

People ain’t always friendly. People ain’t always nice,
But that’s still no excuse to let your sensitivity become a vice, 524 more words


Dinner Conversation Gone Below the Belt: Busting a Drupe


“I’d really like to try a coconut that’s more solid inside… You know how coconuts have like different periods of development?”

“Like puberty?”

“That’s why they’re hairy.” 165 more words