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Maturity is not seeing someone acting “immature” and tilting your head toward the earth with a know-it-all smirk and exhaling a forced laugh through your teeth and gently shaking your head while rolling your eyes.

That my friends, is immaturity.


Babies in College

Today a student handed me a note purportedly written by his mother, excusing him for leaving class early a couple of days ago. I teach college English. 419 more words


Childish Obsessions

When I was a kid, the thought of growing up was a nightmare. Adults, to me, were like a different species, and I dreaded the thought of becoming one. 867 more words

Adult Hood

Who suffers the most from the trend of extended adolescence?

My friend Tracy sent me this interesting post. As I read it, I thought I was going to disagree with him about who is to blame for the mess he describes, but as we’ll see in a bit, I don’t. 1,384 more words


People Are So Goddamn Immature at Jury Selection

This morning I went to my first-ever jury selection. At 23 and a half years old I’ve been eligible to be a juror for 5.5 years, but only last month did I receive a letter asking me to to step up and take part in the process. 1,055 more words

Original Writing

Link: The Fuckboy Files

I’m tempted to laugh but this is all too common.

Can you imagine any traditional man behaving in this whiny petulant manner?
They seem to think they’re being assertive when they’re being aggressive and failing, frankly. 111 more words