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11 Years: Adult Merit badge earned-- "Marriage"

Today is my 11 year wedding anniversary.

I’ve been married to 1 man for over a decade. That’s one-third of my life.

1 year ago I realized that things were falling apart in my marriage. 645 more words


There's No Excuse For Being An Asshole

Bad people in the world have actually normalized being mean. Being an asshole is so normalized that we have a culture of blaming the victim. You’ve heard all the excuses that bullies and assholes use to actually blame their target as if they’re the one to blame and who created the situation when in fact the person who’s on the receiving end of the asshole’s behavior didn’t do anything to create and they didn’t do a fucking thing wrong. 987 more words

Social Issues

Maturity - A conflict

People call me immature. People tell me that I’ve not grown up yet, that there are certain serious subjects of life that I’ve no understanding of and will never understand till the day I’ve grown up. 1,026 more words


Advocate Fail

I feel so fucking stupid.

I assumed I wouldn’t be able to go meet with my migraine.com colleagues again this year at HU Connexion because of the shitty year we’d had, particularly with my weird migraine situation and trying to catch up financially. 532 more words

Chronic Migraine

The life of man with very unusual health issues

Today I decided to get  back to my beloved John Irving and his book „The Water-Method Man“. I don‘t feel the urge to write (again) about Irving‘s style and features of his literature, because if you‘ve read at least three of his books you will be familiar with it. 735 more words


America the immature

Being American is like being stuck in middle school for the rest of your life.

Looks count more than personality, brains, or anything else.

The people willing to be the most terrible to other people (the bullies) almost always get their way about everything. 134 more words

Dealing With Assholes

On Delayed Maturity, or Childishness, In Many Adults

The following is in light of a question posed on Quora asking ‘Why, even at an age of 20, am I still very childish? Is it a mental disease?’ 1,444 more words

Behavioral Psychology