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Growing Up Is Hard to Do

I want life to be simple.

I’ve moved passed my youthful, type-A black and white mentality to reluctantly accept the many shades of grey in this world, but some days, like today, I am forced to acknowledge how woefully immature I am. 939 more words

My Life

Frilly Bloomers and Butterfly Gardens

“Late bloomer.” This is a phrase your grandmother might have used to describe a group of slow-growing irises in her yard, or maybe even your 16 year-old, flat-chested cousin. 592 more words


Immaturity (5/19/16)

We all have that one friend who always talks about liquor, sex, and being famous.. I have a friend like this.. We’re close and shit and she’s a good person but i can’t stand her anymore.. 125 more words

Buckle up, I'm blogging!

I’m just sayin’, this world of infertility is strange.  It’s staring at HGTV with dozens of other couples in the waiting room watching Property Brothers and doing your damnedest not to smirk when a man gets called back to “the room”.   762 more words

The Myths Of Growing Up..

When I was a kid, 19/20-year-olds looked like 45-year-olds to me. I thought by the time I was 19 I’d be married, have a career and be planning for a child… What the hell was I thinking? 773 more words

S Explains It All..

Peacock garden

Indigo child,

Seeking forbidden fruit

In a garden of eyes.

Knowledge grown on trees,

Showy flowers plucked

Before maturity…

Fleeting bouquets

That wither when admired… 24 more words


Spaghetti and hallways and Dochodo

Confession 101: tonight i realized {granted, in a tiny way} with a new kind of clarity how street thieves must feel.

It was 10:30 pm and i was gnawingly hungry. 881 more words