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Signs Of Maturity And Immaturity

Signs Of Immaturity And Maturity

Throughout my years of doing self reflection, self development and maturing, I have been able to identify the difference between a mature and immature person. 462 more words


Infidelity II

Summmer and Fall of 2012

There are many kinds of unfaithfulness.

As I examine my failed relationship with Hanna, I can trace the beginnings of my own infidelity to a time long before things between us reached a crisis point. 1,255 more words


Eight Indicators that you are Just Not Ready to Adult

Older generations love to tell us how little we know. They love to tell us that we all expect to be given everything, right now. But how can we expect to be given everything, right now, when we don’t even know what we want?! 952 more words

Day 174: Juvenile Ramblings

It’s amazing how much power we hold in our hands.

I could literally walk out of the house right now, with nothing but a passport, a few hundred dollars, and walk on and on all the way to the next country, and the next, and the next. 295 more words

Autumn Waltz

Men and Boys

I have heard you whine and
Moan a thousand times about
How girls just don’t get you and
How they are liars and spurious,
Excluding me, of course, because… 197 more words


Advanced Societies

What is an advanced society? Well, take a look at this post. I wrote that more than three years ago, but back then, I wasn’t getting a lot of traffic here. 29 more words


A Just When I Thought I Was Becoming Less Immature Limerick

I thought that once I got to 60 that those uncontrollable urges to behave like a college sophomore would go away or at least not come around as much. 267 more words