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That being called, ‘immature’,
doesn’t hold the emotional sting
that it once did, for me,
is some indication of just how
‘grown up’ I’ve come to be.
~ Tim Burchfield


Juvenile Love

He was going to the mall. School was out for the summer and he was going to go hang out in the video game store Game Den for a bit (to play the demonstration consoles) before getting something to eat. 729 more words

Short Story

"You're Grown"

~Let’s Get Started, Shall We?~

To me, the phrase, “you’re grown now,” means “you can do what you want.”
That’s the only context I hear it in and every time I hear it, I cringe a little. 411 more words

True Stories

99 Word Blog (#056) Billy Bush’s Statement

Billy Bush has released a statement regarding the 2005 conversation where he laughed uncontrollably while Donald Trump vulgarly and lewdly boasted about forcibly groping and kissing women. 70 more words


Overprotective parents cause Peter Pan Syndrome

They wouldn’t dare put a real pathology in the DSM V.

The parents might not be able to blame their children. They might stop paying their shrink bills. 1,745 more words

Trust your instincts

Follow up from my last internet dating experience: Dating disasters

So I know I previously said that I was giving up on internet dating and I did for a while! 341 more words


A day in the life of 20-something man-children

When you hear the words “I’m a sophomore in College/University.”, what do you imagine? A bright young student who is full of ambitions and preparing to tackle the world? 418 more words