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Mistaking Immaturity For ADHD? | Ask Dr. Weil

I understand that a new study shows that the youngest kids in a classroom are much more likely to be labeled as having ADHD, and that these kids may just be more restless because they’re less mature. 480 more words

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Complete Shitshow

If there was ever a reason I chose to be solitary for the past year and a half, I was reminded harshly of it in the past couple of weeks. 1,112 more words


On Immaturity (from one Aspie’s point of view) ~ Part 2

A 3-year-old boy encounters a stranger…

He sucks his thumb.

He looks at his feet.

He wants to disappear.

He’ll settle for hiding behind the door. 59 more words

On Immaturity (from one Aspie's point of view) ~ Part 1

I have some confessions to make (don’t worry, it’s nothing traumatic)…

…..I still like to play Nintendo.

…..I would build cities and machines with Legos if I still had mine (they “disappeared” when I went off to college). 925 more words


I’ve been up all night.  It’s currently 9:30am and I’ve just finished off a fudge pop for breakfast, I’m half-dressed, and watching The Big Bang Theory; an episode I’ve seen dozens of time.   516 more words


Something Small, 7/9/16.

  • Several years ago, I was in an office of a career counselor. They saw that I had an English degree. The person asked me why I didn’t use it.
  • 685 more words

Know What You Are Missing

I post where you read so you know exactly what I am doing.  I want you to see the activities you would love to do, activities I am not sharing with you. 49 more words