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Church Mess (2 of 2)

(Continued from yesterday)

There are 4 parties in the story, each with actions that are not handled properly:
1. Pastor A who accused his associate in public. 559 more words


Racism Today

Racism is bullshit but is no doubt alive and well. I’ve been well aware of racism for my whole life, but my enemies have not just been of one or other races. 1,071 more words

Social Issues

Bullying Is A Social Thing

Bullying is very much so about POWER. And there is no power like social power. The support you get from others having your back, being your friend, backing you up, or even just laughing at your jokes is incredible. 584 more words

Social Issues

Ghetto Ignorance

It actually makes me kind of mad and a little confused how popular ghetto culture has become; and how it’s become idolized and mainstream. I can’t stand ghetto baffoons. 915 more words


Poem of the Week: Everywhere a Crisis

Everywhere a Crisis
January 26, 2016

Everywhere a crisis and often over squat,
Seeing injustice in the most minor of things.
Remarks so insipid that they make sane brains rot, 204 more words


10 Things Dealing with Immature People Teaches You

Although none of us is fully mature, I don’t believe that’s even possible, the past couple of years have been the turning point of my “relations-related” life. 265 more words

13 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Suffer From A Serious Case Of Baby Face

1. You’re constantly panicked that you’ve forgotten your i.d. at home.

You’ve found yourself in the situation more than once where you’re all ready to go get some drinks with your friends, and then you’re shit out of luck because you don’t have your i.d. 1,069 more words