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Night runner for a mother! Pt 1

I reach for my phone in the back pocket, press the menu button and the screen lights up. The time is 3:46pm. All this a waste of effort had I been an owner of a wrist watch, I would have avoided. 887 more words


Childlike Wonders

If you haven’t grasped the concept of my blog, it’s not necessarily your typical blog. Rather, it’s a memoir of my short yet astounding life up to this point. 691 more words

Four Queens of Disorder

A disordered life speaks loudly of disorder in the soul.

Elisabeth Elliot

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This Elliot quote is a nugget … about as true a thing as you can find.

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The Good

Once Upon a Time

God overlooks it as long as you don’t know any better—but that time is past. The unknown is now known, and he’s calling for a radical life-change. 434 more words


But maybe my standards are too high

We attended my mother-in-law’s funeral service a couple of weeks ago. Before we left, I had a quiet word with my five-year-old about my expectations for his behavior at the cemetery, and I reminded him of those expectations once we got there. 143 more words


Happy Morning

By now, back then, I was already drunken
I knew that I knew, no questions needed
Oh, that I’d known what they two knew
But no, my heart was still nine… 20 more words