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Words of wisdom.

“I’ve never met an interesting person who wasn’t immature. All the mature ones bore me.”

– The Ad Contrarian

Opposite Day

What is Australia trying to teach its future generations?

What is going on in Australia? I can’t turn on social media without Adam Goodes name being mentioned.

Unfortunately it is a story that once again makes me not so proud to be an Australian, we have a reputation for our complete lack of immaturity, pack mentality and tall poppy syndrome and this story ticks all the boxes. 400 more words

Expat Adventures

Introversion and Smarts Often Get You Confused With Being Mature,

But then people wonder why you all of a sudden start laughing about poop. Or they wonder why you’ll literally run away from an annoying crowd rather than follow social norms and say your polite farewells. 102 more words


What you can't unsee

Its karma… what did I expect, snooping through her stuff like that. I needed…well really… I wanted some money to blow on makeup and clothes. She had to have some stashed in her draws for safe keeping. 179 more words

Can't raise a man

You can’t wait on change when they’re not willing to accept their wrongs

This is such a strong topic on my heart .Ladies,we do tend to put up with a lot of nonsense from certain males but we do not have to any longer!

755 more words

The day of The Minions - Childish vs Childlike

Reading a few things recently has got me thinking about Childishness. Largely in the context of whether there is a difference between being childish and being childlike – and if there is one, what it is and are either of the states a desirable one to aim for? 1,081 more words

Story Unwrapped