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Statistical Myths #1

I find no evidence whatever

Of a link, causal or statistical

Between aging

And maturity

Original Poems

Offense Taking is Immature

I’m not sure I understand exactly what our obligation to “not give offense” is when everyone is hair-trigger offended all the time.  But the rest is interesting. 31 more words


Public Neurosis and Psychosis

“It all approaches neurosis.”

William F. Buckley

+ + +

William Buckley’s above comment, made in 1980, referred to the liberal Left which refused to accept, despite overwhelming evidence, that Alger Hiss (an elite and a “golden boy of the New Deal”) was a Communist spy.

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Imitation and Leadership

I’ve been sharing about First Thessalonians. In my last post we saw how the Gospel is more than just words. It’s the power of God demonstrated to those around us. 485 more words

Spiritual Walk

Demons Today

The demons began to entreat him … “If you are going to cast us out send us into the herd of swine.”  … And they came out and went into the swine, and the whole herd rushed … into the sea and perished …

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The Day I Almost Burned My Grandmother's House Down

During my first years in high school, my grandmother (my father’s mother and the only grandparent that was alive during most of my early life) lived in a small apartment in the upstairs back of a large house that was divided into several apartments.   613 more words