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Shared Responsibility

what is your part to play in your sex life? Are you like a sheep being lead to the slaughter, blindly following a hard taskmaster? 358 more words


Immaturity is just wack

Do you know what really “Grinds My Gears?” People that act immature.

How hard is it really to just act like an adult and treat everyone with respect even if you aren’t particularly fond for them? 676 more words

The Pop Project: With Steven Kaufman

The #1 Time It's Okay to Be a Big Baby

Today’s reading is 1 Corinthians 14.

Sometimes I wish I were a little more naive. It breaks my heart to think of the sins I recognize, the double entendres that don’t fly over my head, the underlying meanings of some worldly messages that I don’t miss. 246 more words


What Vagina? (Patience: the virtue)

Nothing, something, anything, nothing. I laid in bed hung over on cough syrup all day, he behaved like an asshole, he said. I wanted to believe the powers were mine, mind powers, talking powers, the powers of the depersonalized – alas, I am stark and shitty – invariably, hormone doping body powers pushed overdrive.   458 more words

Chaase Dylan

Maturity? Not In This House!

Sometimes, it feels like no one in this house ever left high school. My relatives love to gossip about and judge other people either on the phone or behind their backs. 196 more words


Foot In Mouth Disease aka High School Memories

When I think about high school the first thing I tend to think about is the stupid/goofy things I said and did. I cant even count the times I wished I could redo one of my memories. 169 more words