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Making Peace

As time moves on, one thing I realise is that life is a finite element and therefore it is allowed to divide life into different phases according to one’s own timeline. 293 more words

Review: The Babysitter (2017)

Director: McG

Stars: Samara Weaving, Judah Lewis, Bella Thorne

Joseph McGinty Nichol is a 49-year-old white man who insists on referring to himself as ‘McG’. Well, all right then. 902 more words


The Immature Path Toward Enlightenment

Throughout this course, my definition of enlightenment has changed. Before, enlightenment was synonymous with intelligence. In my previous opinion, those who were perceived as intelligent were on the path towards enlightenment. 232 more words


I know you are but what am I

Reflecting on my blog posts, I concluded that mockery between the individuals we read from was repeatedly mentioned. Naturally, I assessed this observation in the context of Enlightenment, pondering why people like Margaret Cavendish, Samuel Johnson, and Jonathan Swift were so keen on poking fun at their contemporaries. 362 more words

Blog Reflection Day #1 (10/12)

Immaturity and Absurdity

In my most recent blog posts I focus on the immaturity and absurdity of our readings and critique and question the sound mind of our characters. 291 more words

Blog Reflection Day #1 (10/12)

The Adulterous me!

“It’s because of peer pressure I did it. There was no allegiance sworn to this one…” I keep telling myself. Each of my friends had insisted I do it. 798 more words

Living Vicariously Through Idiots

Let’s start with a little introduction of myself, shall we? When given the opportunity to write I blog, I hadn’t really any idea where to begin. 180 more words