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19/10/2016 - Séance at Birmingham Rep

For a while, I struggled to find something horror related to do as all the haunts we knew of were closed or not operating that day, but that changed when I was given a bit of information about an immersive short called “Séance”. 127 more words


We find the defendant....

Knowing the reputation of the mind-blowing productions put together by secret studio lab, when the opportunity to purchase tickets for their latest London show arose, i jumped at the chance. 672 more words


Part Two: Satan's Delirium (back in the House of Nameless Storeys)

accessing the Nameless Storeys

So, last year I joined the crew of 100+ artists who set the scene for Satan’s Democracy; a  piece of immersive theatre – equally playful & dead serious – based on Bulgakov’s novel Master and Margarita and inspired by Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More in New York… Three floors of a former office building transmuting in a creative flow of consumeristic debris, human-sized dolls, graffiti galore, UV-light installations and fresh asphalt (not to mention a minor forest of birch-trees)… The construction of my own contribution, the Passage Room, can be seen… 196 more words


Versions of Immersions...

Sunday’s rabbit hole…enjoy!

My mom got home from a cruise recently and she was telling me about a piece of art on the ship that looked, at first glance, like any 19th century landscape with a woodland scene and a woodsman walking along a path. 532 more words

Shop No More: Immersive Theatre as Mall

Following up a citational reference from Liz Tomlin, I finally picked up Elinor Fuchs’ The Death of Character: Perspectives on Theater after Modernism. Like Hans-Thies Lehmann ( 872 more words

Archive reviews: Wyrd - Immercity - Secret Location @Immer_City

I started reviewing some time ago and I thought perhaps I should post some of my old reviews so they are all in one place. These will be coming up over the next week or so… 913 more words


Don’t mention the war!

Fawlty Towers Immersive Dining Experience

My sister and I used to love watching Fawlty Towers, we’d savour each episode and wait impatiently for the next. There were only two series of six episodes made and perhaps this is why it we remember it so fondly.

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