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Alice's Adventures Underground - Under 26 Deal

We’re all mad here…

And you would certainly be mad to miss this deal!

Returning to the Vaults following an Olivier nominated run last year, … 323 more words

Chamber of Flavours 2.0, shhh it's a secret.

Last night I became an alumni of the Chamber of Flavours and this, sadly, means I can’t really say much at all about what happened. 223 more words


The echo of the shadow

There is a thread that runs through my heart, through the heart of the Earth and through the heart of the universe. I can’t say where it begins or ends, can’t say which part belongs to which, it is one, long, sinuous line. 594 more words


Sleep No More

| December 15th, 2016 |

My boyfriend and I have been wanting to take a trip to New York for a while now so when the opportunity arose, we jumped on a plane the very next day. 1,098 more words

The Flanagan’s Collective’s A Christmas Carol, Above the Arts Theatre

Does this immersive production get its audiences in the Christmas spirit or is it all bah, humbug!

The Flanagan Collective’s A Christmas Carol is not usually something I would feature in a blog called View from the Cheap Seat because at prices ranging from £39.90 to staggering £50.40 you may think I have lost my mind but this is immersive… 435 more words


20/11/2016 - 139 Copeland Road

Before I begin, I’d like to apologise to anyone that’s been anticipating this review, especially the cast of 139 Copeland Road: I was seriously ill for the event and just about managed to drag myself along, and since I’ve literally not had the energy to get round to writing this up. 1,163 more words

St. Louis Already Had its First Taste of Immersive Theatre

What is immersive theatre? Jonathan Mandell of HowlRound writes, “Immersive theatre creates a physical environment that differs from a traditional theatre where audiences sit in seats and watch a show unfurl on a proscenium stage with a curtain.” … 1,090 more words

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