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Support Proyecto Jardín: A Call to Thought and Action

Human rights and responsibilities

Inherent in a proper notion of human rights is its inseparable companion of human responsibilities. Humanity shines brightest when a spirit of care and stewardship infuses our communion with our fellow humans, our sister species, and our mother Earth. 224 more words

Human Rights

When home is where the hurt is:  Options for migrant victims of domestic violence

By Cristina A. Godinez, Esq.

NEW YORK CITY — Migrants are vulnerable to domestic abuse. Roughly 80 percent of immigrants in the United States are… 1,013 more words

Undocumented Immigrants


Watch the video to hear Hector’s story…

Wage Theft

War-time Mexican guest workers demand release of their pensions


MARIA Serrano held up an enlarged picture of her late husband, Rico Serrano. She was onstage, seated on the rightmost wing of a table where a panel of speakers were taking turns explaining why they were in New York. 1,152 more words


From trafficking victim to militant migrant

By Cecil Delgado

(Speech to NJ youth and students, ex-Braceros at the International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees 4 (IAMR4) information session at St. Peter’s University, Jersey City, NJ, on Sept. 1,495 more words