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Portland May Day 2016: Class Struggle Contingent

May Day in Portland, 2016: the Class Struggle contingent brought together Carpenters, Ironworkers, Stagehands, Teachers, IWW “Wobblies” and other pro-working class elements under the day’s only banner that called for “Full Citizenship Rights for all Immigrants,” on this workers’ holiday that was revived in the U.S. 226 more words


Supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016

These past few months many of my friends have contacted me to try to persuade me to support Bernie Sanders. It doesn’t bother me. I’m a Hillary supporter, but I like Bernie. 2,075 more words

Let the new world begin!

Here it is again, from me: For all of you (us) depressed and negative about last night and about Bernie’s possibilities on the Democratic ballot: 1,053 more words


El día internacional de la mujer/ International Women's Day

El día internacional de la mujer se celebra a través del mundo, si bien poca gente en los Estados Unidos lo conoce o celebra. Conmemoramos, entre otras cosas, la muerte de más de 146 obreras jóvenes en el fatídico fuego de la fábrica Triangle Shirtwaist que ocurrió en marzo de 1911. 2,169 more words


Empathy and compassion

Yesterday I went to bring papers to the widow I have been helping.  After twenty-nine years of marriage to an abusive husband, a marriage in which she stayed in obedience to her marriage vows, as she is a fervent Catholic, and “marriage is forever,” she is being evicted by his stepchildren.   1,299 more words


Oligarchs versus the people

At our impromptu meeting last Friday night at Jim Gonzales’ in Castro Valley, while the rain was beating down upon the formerly parched earth, we were raising our voices in song for justice and solidarity.   755 more words

Peace And Justice


EAG: “A Somali student is turning heads at a Buffalo high school where students speak 42 different languages. Sophomore Sahal Hussein swims on the varsity team for Lafayette High School, where the school’s 580 students speak 42 different languages, just months after the Somali native entered the pool for the first time in September, ABC 6 reports.” 110 more words