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FC St. Pauli NYC's Immigrants' Rights Fundraiser Upholds the Inclusive Spirit of the Main Club

Most professional soccer clubs encrust themselves in a thick, corporate veneer — the pursuit of “neutrality” their guiding principle. But FC St. Pauli is different. 262 more words

Soccer In The City

May Day

As I enjoy travel and photography, the likelihood of capturing an image of Aztec dancers at some point in the past would have seemed plausible. 73 more words


Call to Action: Governor Brown & Attorney General Becerra Must Affirm SB54--No Troops, No Loopholes for County Sheriffs

Governor Brown: Don’t Send Our National Guard to Assist Border     Patrol!

President Trump and his Homeland Security Department are preparing to request US governors deploy National Guard Troops to the border with Mexico to “assist the Border Patrol.”  354 more words

Sanctuary State

The Trump Administration Is Using the Census to Divide Us

The Trump administration announced this week that it will require people to state on their 2020 census forms whether they are United States citizens. While at first blush this may seem fine, in fact it violates the Constitution, discriminates against states with large immigrant communities, and will bias and undermine the results of the census. 452 more words

Call to Action: Stop Urban Shield at the Alameda Board of Supes Tomorrow

Tomorrow at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting, starting at 11 am, Sheriff Ahern, our local representative to President 45, will bring his motion to fund Urban Shield, the Law Enforcement Festival of Militarized Mayhem, which  has included organizations like ICE and the Oath Keepers-a right-wing paramilitary organization-to the Board for approval of Ahern’s next exhibition of guns and tanks on a pretense of teaching disaster preparedness. 473 more words

California Politics

Filming ICE raids: A guide to available resources for the community


Any grassroots organization can bring immediate positive change to their local community. Especially with ICE raids and police abuses, knowing how and why to film is important. 825 more words