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Why Don’t Progressives Trust The President

That is the big question. Why don’t progressives trust president Obama? As far as I know he has never let us down.

Sure he extended the Bush tax cuts for the very wealthy, but that was to protect unemployment benefits for millions of Americans. 368 more words

Michael Hoyt

Franklin Graham calls for a ban on Muslim Immigrants

Franklin Graham said this on his Facebook page on: “Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, set aside for the world to never forget the 6 million Jews who were slaughtered by the Nazis. 568 more words


Perfect ? Well definitely no, but far better with a country!

Top news today, Monday, April 20, 2015 is the capsized boat with 950 migrant people on board in Mediterranean Sea. 226 more words


Human sacrifice

Human sacrifice continues till date. In this epoch, the altar is the Mediterranean sea!

Moral Musings


Yet another rickety vessel, filled to the rafters with illegal immigrants, capsized off the Malta this weekend. Like many others before, this vessel was probably headed to the outlying Italian islands closest to Libya, their human cargo hoping to disperse all over Western Europe. 881 more words


What Can We Do About The Migrant Crisis?

Once more the death of a host of migrants trying to reach the shores of Europe has hit the headlines. This time approximately 700 people on a small boat have died within 80 miles of the Libyan shore, and what has Libya done about it, well, the answer is once again; … 1,227 more words


Finding My Passion

If you’ve followed this blog at all, or if you just read back a few posts, you’ll notice I was in the middle of starting a new job last year. 608 more words