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Mapping their journeys

Their hands trace where they have been.

Hand poised above a world map, pen gliding along the path traveled, each person tells the story of his or her life, the journeys across seas and continents, by foot, train, car and boat. 802 more words

Being American

Okay, this is probably going to tick people off, but I’ve reached that age in life where I honestly don’t’ care to pussy-foot around things and be politically correct. 1,171 more words

Austria's refugee crisis: One year on

A year ago this week, 71 refugees and migrants were discovered in the back of a truck in Austria’s A4 road having suffocated to death while being smuggled into central Europe. 10 more words


A letter for our fathers

By the end of the fourth hour he didn’t know how long he had been picking the corn. He looked up at the white sky, and that unforgiving glare was enough to remind him of the safety of staring at the ground. 353 more words

The Great Migration West

From 1867-1914 hundreds of thousands of Canadians, immigrants, and Aboriginals were moving west and impacted the region.  Economically, industries crucial to Canada today, mining, agriculture, and oil became especially paramount. 322 more words



We’ve had a couple weeks of respite from these, so let’s get back into the trash fire that is Sunfire. Other trash fires just don’t compare to this glory of these books. 2,310 more words


Trying to make Kosovo work

Jobs hope

Trying to make Kosovo work

By Julie Hunt, Koso

Aug 17, 2016 – 11:00

Ethnic flavour boosts tourism in Kosovo

(swissinfo.ch )

Kosovo is a country on the mend after the 1999 war. 1,025 more words