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European refugee crisis: Don't let compassion drown

“No one puts their child on a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”

That is a quote I have seen far too many times in social media in the past few days. 267 more words


Drowned Syrian toddler was denied asylum in Canada

The toddler whose body washed up on a Turkish beach Wednesday was a Syrian-Kurdish refugee whose family was desperately trying to reach North America, even though Canada had rejected their request for asylum. 505 more words

Daily News


NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Give Donald Trump your finger and he’ll go after your entire arm.

Encouraged by his continued surge in the polls as a result of his anti-immigrant rants, the leading Republican presidential candidate has gone from attacking Mexicans, Chinese and citizens of U.S. 138 more words


Bordering on Luck

This quiet dust was gentlemen and ladies
And lads and girls;
Was laughter and ability and sighing,
And frocks and curls;
This passive place a summer’s nimble mansion, 413 more words

I am so going to hell for this. 

There are people who are genuinely seeking refuge.
Because their country is not fit to live.
There are people who think they can just take refuge in a country and claim benefit. 331 more words


Who does the UK think she is?

The UK is experiencing identity crisis. We just can’t seem to decide what are principles are – what we stand for collectively. Or rather, our shifting principles are somewhat disturbing in their fluidity. 742 more words


Aylan and Galip - humanity has failed you.

Aylan and Galip – humanity has failed you.

Like millions of others, I too am traumatised by the pictures of little Aylan tenderly being carried from the Turkish beach. 319 more words