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"This Is What Erasure Looks Like": We Are Witness To The Vandalism Of African-American Memory

“This,” says Roni Dean-Burren, “is what erasure looks like.”

She’s talking about something you might otherwise have thought innocuous: a page from World Geography, a high school textbook. 656 more words


Appreciation post for my mother tongue and culture heritage

It has been almost a decade since my family and I migrated in the U.S. – a decade of immersing ourselves in American culture and language. 428 more words

Transit Etiquette. Don't Be Pushy. Don't Be Gross.

I’ve seen a lot of horrifying things on transit in my time. The bus and skytrain shuttle some very diverse, very peculiar, characters. And my oh my are they shameless about putting their eccentricities on display. 619 more words

** Let Me Explain You by Annie Liontas

Let Me Explain You starts with a Greek immigrant’s strange email to his family that he will be dead in ten days — which is judged to be a prank until he disappears. 89 more words

Non Fiction

Tip Your Waitress!

It is a well-known fact that tipping practices vary throughout the world. In some cases tips are very common, in others, they’re not only unheard of, but illegal. 336 more words

How Columbus Day Fell Victim to Its Own Success - The Atlantic

Yoni Appelbaum, writing for The Atlantic, reminds us of the original purpose of Columbus Day: “It’s worth remembering that the now-controversial holiday started as a way to empower immigrants and celebrate American diversity.” 66 more words


Our Italian Immigrants

A century ago, Carmine Rizzuto left Italy for the United States. A time later, his wife Rose and two children followed. Eventually, they had six more children, the youngest being my grandfather. 1,375 more words

Family Tales