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Learning to Embrace Your Past

By: Nia Alavezos

It’s always important to remember where you’ve come from. It’s easy to forget amidst the chaos of modernity, but we all have a family history. 1,457 more words


The Poetics of the Human Body

I had the wonderful pleasure of talking to Africa in Dialogue‘s Gaamangwe Mogami, about The Poetry of the Human Body. In it, I inquire about the psychology of the human body, the origin stories we were never taught, the body’s resilience in the face of trauma, the perseverance of the immigrant, and much more. 19 more words


Immigrants Can Help Boost American Innovation And Economic Growth | Forbes

“Boosting economic growth” is a bipartisan goal. In fact, both the 2016 presidential candidates mentioned some version of it on their campaign websites. One way to boost economic growth is to increase the number of people working, and one way to get more people working is to increase immigration. 121 more words

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No Wall Needed - Indians Stay Home

India and the United States are separated by thousand of miles of land and ocean unlike our Mexican neighbors whom the “so-called” President fears will flood into our country across our southern border. 248 more words


Austria Asks The EU For Greater Border Controls

Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka has urged the EU to extend the country’s border controls. Citing security concerns, Sobotka said he “simply needs to know who is coming to our country.” 204 more words


I want to talk a little bit about self love and what it really means because I’ve been wondering this myself. I’ve always found it hard to distinguish between self love and selfishness because I always associated self love with focusing being well … selfish. 568 more words


San Francisco Judge Blocks Trump's Sanctuary City Order

By Tyler Duden | Zero Hedge

To our complete ‘shock,’ a federal judge in San Francisco has just blocked Trump’s Executive Order intended to withhold funding from communities that limit cooperation with U.S. 566 more words

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