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England To America

Alexander Alford, 1627-1687, England to Northampton arriving in 1659, my 8X Great Grandfather

Mary Vore, 1617-1687, England to Northampton with her parents, arriving in 1630, my 8X Great Grandmother… 687 more words


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I have added many individuals and families to this list since I started it in March.


So tell me as a newly arrived immigrant tell me for instance at least one word you have learned to-day  ” I have learnt za word RETREAT And can you tell me it’s meaning  “Shore ting  RETREAT-  Whenever one eats some treats unt stops unt starts to eat more treats zat person has retreated hiz zelf

The English Language

A wealthy Swiss village has chosen to pay a $300,000 fine rather than accept just 10 refugees

Faced with the choice of taking in handful of refugees or paying a hefty fine, a Swiss village opted for the fine.

Residents of Oberwil-Lieli—which has 300 millionaires in its population of 2,200—voted against taking in a government-imposed quota of asylum seekers in… 243 more words

The Year of the Runaways by Sunjeev Sahota

Well, if The Year of Runaways isn’t a heart-breaking work of staggering genius, then I don’t know what is. To me, it was like a modern, immigrant follow-up to… 198 more words


Sweden reportedly has a migrant-oriented rape epidemic on it's hands:

I have read reports saying that Sweden has experienced an exponential rise in the number of rapes within their country and a lot of people are blaming it all on the hordes of migrants bursting across their borders like a tidal wave hell-bent on all kinds and manners of unfortunate objectives. 266 more words

Random Thoughts

My Solution To The Illegal Immigration Problem:

There are a lot of folks who think the U.S. Government should grant full amnesty to all illegal immigrants who have broken our laws to come across our borders without documentation or official permission of any kind. 116 more words

Social Commentary

Germany Recruiting Immigrants as Police, No Citizenship Required

If things couldn’t get anymore crazy with migrants in Germany, the Germans have had the bright idea to recruit Muslim migrants to its police… 170 more words

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