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"No one would put their children in a boat unless the sea is safer than the land"

I’ve been left in tears as I listen to the spoken word ‘Home is the barrel of a gun’.

A powerful piece, please watch its only 2 minute and 51 seconds video! 704 more words


National ID or Uncontrolled Immigration - Make Up Your Mind

As a teenage baseball pitcher  I had a pretty good fast ball, and liked to throw everything hard.  But my curve ball just wasn’t working.  Then I got a physics lesson from my coach.   822 more words

Our Economic Mess

Re-arranging the deck chairs

On 14th April 1912, in the North Atlantic, RMS Titanic was carrying over two thousand people from Southampton to New York on her maiden voyage.  Some of the passengers were being transported in the highest level of luxury possible, others were being treated like livestock. 944 more words


Campers Kitchen

‘Happy hour’, said the hand-written notice on the door of the campers’ kitchen. ‘Relax, meet other travellers, share your adventures, dream of new places to visit: 5:30 to 6:30 pm’. 1,174 more words


Entry to the United States with Advance Parole-My experience

I had a huge problem the day before my flight.

I was supposed to check in online (my airline was Lufthansa) and I did everything they asked, except that when I was almost done it was asking me for my Visa or Green Card to check in to my flight to the United States.   1,284 more words

Advance Parole

Official harassment won't stop us, say Calais campaigners

Members of the Convoy to Calais were held for several hours yesterday after returning from France. But campaigner Mona D says convoy participants won’t be intimidated and will keep supporting refugees in desperate need in Calais. 291 more words