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Muslim Girl Scout Troop coming to your town soon

Can you imagine if we set up a Christian Girl Scout Troop? If we had a special celebration when they took their first Communion complete with a special patch? 362 more words


Another example of inconsistent British immigration law

Today I came across yet another example of how the British approach to immigration law is completely inconsistent, and penalises those of us with non-EU spouses disproportionately. 307 more words


Jihadists being smuggled through southern border. But can we even deport them?

Conservative Review, by Daniel Horowitz, Aug. 22, 2016:

Anyone who has worked in immigration policy or has spoken to ranchers and border agents over the years knows that Middle Eastern jihadists have been infiltrating our southern border for quite some time. 941 more words

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‘Extreme Vetting’ is important, but America needs assimilation too

Conservative Review, by Ben Weingarten, Aug. 21, 2016:

You can learn a lot about a nation by the bumper stickers its people affix to their cars. 910 more words

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Robert Spencer on the wave of jihad attacks by Muslim migrants

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer discusses the July 2016 wave of jihad attacks by Muslim migrants in Europe.

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