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... Kate Steinle was No Ordinary Statistic [#murder][#sancturary city]...

.. yes , she was murdered in San Francisco . She was walking with her family on San Fran ‘ s waterfront when she was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant on Pier 14 . 200 more words

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Get Ready for Trump's Police State

By Christopher Moraff

Four years after the grassroots Tea Party rose to power on a platform of severely limited government, a New York showman who once called for the legalization of all drugs put on a red ball cap, picked up a microphone and sold the anti-establishment right the Brooklyn Bridge of Big Government boondoggles. 1,334 more words


'Very Simple' To Access Dark Net Says Expert From Metro State

DENVER (CBS4)– An expert from Metro State University of Denver believes it’s very simple for anyone to access the dark net as authorities conduct a global crackdown involving the hidden websites. 112 more words


The DMV needs an overhaul

Ah, the Department of Motor Vehicles: everybody’s stereotype of a complacent, hidebound bureaucracy, where the lines are long and the staff’s hostility is held in check by its somnolence. 961 more words


Interior Immigration Enforcement: Criminal Alien Programs

Interior Immigration Enforcement: Criminal Alien Programs. Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress. William A. Kandel. September 8, 2016.

Congress has long supported efforts to identify, detain, and remove criminal aliens, defined as noncitizens who have been convicted of crimes in the United States. 64 more words

United States

Hundreds Ordered Deported, Removed From U.S. After Wrongly Being Granted Citizenship: Federal Govt.

At least 858 people that had been ordered deported or removed under another name were improperly granted US citizenship due to a failure to maintain adequate fingerprint records, according to a new report. 408 more words

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... Now the Jig is Up [#immigration enforcement numbers]...

.. and the face is off of the lie of ObamaCrap immigration enforcement ..

.. if there was any pretext of any enforcement ..

.. while there was a whisper of a chance of passage of what is ” so – called Comprehensive Immigration Reform , ” the ObamaCraps could keep up the pretext of immigration enforcement . 44 more words

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