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Reply: to Kendra Briken on Cologne

Monday, 28 March 2016 – Francois Bonnet

Today we feature Francois’ response to Kendra Briken’s rejoinder on his podcast

The Monday Morning Meetings on Migration (4M) organizers have asked me to provide a short written commentary on Kendra Briken’s podcast, “Room for a Feminist Anti-racism after Cologne? 477 more words

Room for a Feminist Anti-racism after Cologne? A rejoinder to Francois Bonnet.

March 21, 2016 – Kendra Briken


Last month, Francois Bonnet gave us his thoughts on the Cologne attacks. He argued that Cologne was a major blow to the Feminist left in Europe and encouraged us to see the police response to the violence as an act of performing non-racism. 49 more words

A Trump Presidency: The First 100 Days

March 14 2016 – Austin Kocher.


After a series of large victories in the primaries, Donald Trump is being hailed as the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee. 90 more words

EU-Turkey: Deal or no Deal?

14 March 2016 – Franck Düvell


The EU and Turkey are aiming to close the ‘Balkan route’ to Europe. On March 7 2016, the EU mooted a plan to send non-refugees back to Turkey while offering to resettle those people who Turkey has already qualified as refugees. 39 more words

Non-EU children subject to immigration control but have not claimed asylum

FoI reference: F-CRT-2016-10005228
Date Submitted: 11 January 2016

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Response published: 15 February 2016
Exemptions: Section 12

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Immigration Control in Hong Kong

Immigration is often a hotly contested and divisive topic that crosses political and ethnic affiliations. The catalyst for the large-scale movement of people is often war and persecution, with political, economic and environmental push factors. 1,468 more words