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Immigration Control in Hong Kong

Immigration is often a hotly contested and divisive topic that crosses political and ethnic affiliations. The catalyst for the large-scale movement of people is often war and persecution, with political, economic and environmental push factors. 1,468 more words


46 Vietnamese tourists 'mysteriously' disappear from South Korea tour

Tourists arrive at a port in Jeju island, South Korea. Photo by Reuters

Thanh Nien

Tourists arrive at a port in Jeju island, South Korea. 342 more words

Hospitality à la Germany: A Compact With Rogue African Rulers

The new issue of Konkret is dedicated to the German and European debate about immigrants. Several articles focus on how the German government tries to limit the possibilities of refugees to ask for asylum. 74 more words

African Politics

Immigration Control and the case of Wadih Chourey: Ticks in Statistical Boxes for the Wrong Reasons?

I am all for Strong, Effective, Robust and most any other kind of Effective Immigration Control to address the real immigration problem suffered by this country – but it must be Just and Compassionate. 696 more words

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Migration and Human Rights (52): Remote Border Controls, Or How to Deal With Poor People On the Move

Many of the poorest people in the world are determined to seek a better life in wealthy countries. The governments and large swats of the populations of those countries react with increasing despair to this stubborn fact, even though the numbers of immigrants aren’t really much higher than they used to be. 981 more words


Distinguishing Among Different Kinds of Safe Harbor in a Refugee Crisis

This weekend many of my clergy colleagues have given their time, money, and personal comfort to demonstrate against oppression of immigrants in this country without legal authorization. 542 more words

Unitarian Universalism

Cautious about "First Principle Euphoria"

For weeks, if not months, my historian’s heart and mind have been nervous, conflicted, about the various “Standing on the Side of Love” campaigns teeming through my denomination, Unitarian Universalism. 1,002 more words