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Green Card Victory for Haitian Despite Cocaine Arrest

Mr. M’s green card was recently approved despite the fact that he had been arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to sell it. Mr. M came to Florida in 1994 as a refugee from Haiti. 130 more words

I-130 interview successful for beneficiary unlawfully present

I attended an I-130 interview this morning for an Mexican national husband married to a USC wife. The husband had entered the United States unlawfully in 1997. 103 more words

Quick turnaround on FOIA filed with CBP

Today I received the responsive document (only one) for a request I filed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) just over a month ago. While FOIAs can easily take up to two years to be processed and appeals even longer, this recent turnaround of just over a month was impressive. 51 more words

Three year delay for appeal under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Today I received documents from a client’s immigration file that I requested from the goverment in May 2006! In May 2006, I filed the FOIA request, and in November 2006 I received 97 pages of his record “in full” as well as 13 pages of his record “in part,” and 47 whole pages were “withheld” (i.e., not given to me). 141 more words

Sponsors and co-sponsors can use assets if income too low

I have a case where the U.S. citizen sponsor for her husband to get a green card is a part-time teacher and does not earn the $18,212/yr. 108 more words

Another successful naturalization interview

Just returned to my Oregon immigration office from a naturalization interview. We had filed the N-648 Medical Waiver for Disability Exceptions. There was no English test nor history test, and an interpreter (a family member) was allowed to interpret during the interview.  35 more words

Filing motion to reopen halted deportation and client able to debark plane

One of my first deportation defense cases was in 1996 and was a doozie for an inexperienced attorney. Romanian client failed to show up for a hearing in Immigration Court because his attorney failed to notify him of the hearing. 152 more words