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Donald Trump's Immigration Reform May Be Less Severe Than We Thought

Donald Trump met with a group of Hispanic supporters on Saturday to discuss his immigration policy.

The candidate has not been able to get much support from the Hispanic community throughout this election cycle—polls show that about 80% of Hispanics oppose him. 424 more words


Interview with Ruben Andersson

Check out this fascinating interview with anthropologist Ruben Andersson. You can find more of his work at http://www.rubenandersson.com.

President Obama Gets It, Do You?

First published Dec. 23, 2015 |Updated August 17, 2016 | Re-published August 20, 2016



The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed by the United States and Mexico in 1848, ending the war between the two nations. 2,959 more words


Crusader Corner: Banning Muslims from Entering U.S. Has Historical Government Precedent!


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Regardless if you agree with the proposed policy or not, you have to now admit this ideal is not as “Crazy” as the liberal media made it out to me, mainly  because it has been Done… 43 more words

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Democrat’s ‘common sense’ is nonsense

Obama and Hillary have plans for;

  • “Common sense” gun control
  • “Common sense” immigration reform
  • “Common sense” America reform

They make about as much sense as their “common sense math reform.” 445 more words

Election 2016

Love Hate and Hillary

Its August and the head shaking isn’t over. Week after week  just when you think Donald Trump has peaked, he tops himself again.  Coasting in the shadows is his primary opponent Hillary Clinton. 776 more words


Helping Hands

We are a collective of community leaders and Haitian based nonprofit organizations united to assist and help transforming the quality of life of low recourse community members including refugees and asylum-seekers, women and children living or arriving into the U.S. 7 more words