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Small-Business Owners Give Clinton and Trump Poor Marks in Final Debate

Small–business owners and entrepreneurs, like much of the U.S. electorate, are glad the final presidential debate is over but hardly enthused about their options.

For them, this has been a long, sordid election cycle that has offered too little detail on issues such as health care, taxes, immigration, and growing the economy. 1,475 more words


Mojado Madness

Used to be going to the grocery store wasn’t such a hassle.  Nowadays its a frikking nightmare.  Can’t even go down a single aisle without Wetback Juan, his common-law mestiza who’s as wide as she is tall, their six nasty little squat-monsters, and the abuela with TB.   773 more words

White Pride

Erring on the side of love

I used to believe that people who were in this country illegally should “do something” to change their status from illegal to legal. How hard could it be to obtain legal status? 438 more words

Emory University challenges UGA in Immigration Debate

Tucker Boyce and Victoria Yonter of UGA in preparation of counter argument

Molly and Harry Stone of Emory University discussing before cross examination

Emory University Debate Team Representatives preparing for debate… 375 more words

Immigration, Citizenship, and the Bible Part 6: Evangelical Conservatives

Last week we looked the immigration stance of both the Roman Church-State and the liberal protestant Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), and found that they were largely similar. 1,750 more words


Theft of Elkhart man's identity by undocumented immigrants leads to headaches, bankruptcy, frustration

Wednesday Oct. 5, 2016

Stealing IDs takes a toll.

I wrote late last month (look at this blog entry) about an undocumented immigrant arrested for identity theft, Candida Rosete. 215 more words


Supreme Court Rejects to Reconsider Obama's Immigration Plan

The Supreme Court turned down a request from Obama’s Administration to reconsider its decision on the expanded executive actions on immigration. The justices provided no explanation for their decision. 28 more words