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Join the National Week of Action! | Nov 2-8 | End Family Detention

Since last summer thousands of young people have been fleeing violence and devastating poverty in Central America, crossing the U.S. border seeking asylum. Rather than being welcomed, the Department of Homeland Security threatened to deport them back to their home countries. 109 more words

"Two Months From Now, We’ll Be Doing It All Again": Republicans Aren't Averting A Government Shutdown, They're Just Delaying It

Congratulations, America: It looks like your government will not be shutting down this week after all.

Now that John Boehner has announced he will be resigning next month, he is supposedly free to do what he was actually perfectly free to do before, which is to allow a vote on a “clean” continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government, i.e. 778 more words


Private prisons continue to thrive

In the colossal entity that is the United States criminal justice system, an estimated 20% of prisons are private and for-profit. Private prisons provide an awful incentive… 222 more words


"Why Boehner Failed": No Particular Genius Is Required To Succeed In Politics, But You Do Have To Be Able To Count

Nothing so became John Boehner’s tenure as Speaker as his manner of leaving it. Subjectively speaking, he has never appeared to believe very much of the arrant nonsense his position required him to utter. 800 more words

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