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Colorado Senators Cross Party Lines For Potential DACA Solution

DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado’s two senators are from different parties, but they’ve come together on a possible solution to the immigration stalemate in Washington.

Senators Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner worked with four other lawmakers on a bill that gives “dreamers” a pathway to citizenship. 227 more words


New Fairfield man facing deportation again

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A New Fairfield man is once again facing deportation after a temporary stay granted by immigration officials, ended.

Joel Colindres was given a deporation date of January 31, five months after his family prepared to be separated indefinitely.  550 more words


Pay As You Go Amnesty

The current controversy involving granting amnesty to approximately 800,000 Delayed Accountability for Contemptuous Aliens (DACA) is nowhere near the end of demands to appease mass lawbreakers. 783 more words

Illegal Aliens


They did it to President Johnson in 1965. They did it to President Reagan in 1986 with approximately 3 million illegal aliens and they apparently just did it again with President Trump. 819 more words


No, Immigration is Neither a Right nor an Obligation

On January 11th, President Trump reportedly made comments during a White House meeting regarding immigration reform. The comments have sparked new dialogue around the issue, creating more tension and dwindling chances of bipartisan legislation to fix the broken U.S. 607 more words


DHS Recommends Arrests For Sanctuary City Leaders

ㅤ”Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed on Tuesday that her agency has asked the Justice Department to look into policies that would allow for criminal charges against elected leaders who refuse to enforce federal immigration laws. 50 more words


Why Democrats are So Focused on Immigration

Recently, the President allegedly made a rhetorical remark regarding “sh-thole countries” during closed-door meetings with lawmakers concerning current and prospective US immigration policy.  As is the norm politically, those seeking to make political hay swiftly met this alleged remark with a swirl of fake outrage and virtue signaling.  388 more words