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One of the Alynsky Rules for Radicals was to bankrupt the system.   The U.S. is already $20, 000, 000, 000 in debt.  When interest rates rise because our “credit rating” declines, the interest alone will consume most of the Federal budget.   122 more words


Behind the Vote: Why Immigration Should Matter to You More Than Ever This Election

If your family's roots in America go back more than a couple generations, it is easy to feel like immigration doesn't affect you. It is also wrong to feel like … 12 more words


Immigration chief warns of punishment for bribe givers, takers

To reduce the possibility of foreigners paying Immigration Department officers bribes to be allowed into the country, the department is set to carry out … 12 more words


Humans is so relevant to things like immigration, says star Katherine Parkinson

Sci-fi drama Humans shares common ground with the refugee and migrant situation in Calais, one of the show's main stars has said.

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America: Melting Pot No More

Israel Zangwill, a Jewish writer and political activist well known at the beginning of the twentieth century,[1] wrote a play called “The Melting Pot.” In it, the Russian-Jewish immigrant… 789 more words

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Our Very Own Apartment

The dining room, living room, and my office- all wrapped into one. We still have some decorating to do, but it feels like home.

Our apartment building. 899 more words


Immigration Filing Fees Going Up Dec. 23

The effective date for the previously announced hike in filing fees for many immigration and naturalization applications and petitions will be Dec.

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