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Trump Says He's Expanded His Proposed Muslim Ban

During his speech in Cleveland, Trump seemed to tone down his rhetoric, not explicitly saying he would ban Muslim immigration as president, but ban … 11 more words


Terror-hit countries like France will be subject to 'extreme immigration checks': Donald Trump

Trump was asked in an interview on NBC's Meet the Press show to expand on his proposal to suspend immigration from what he calls countries … 11 more words


Donald Trump says France, others hit by terror may face 'extreme vetting'

In his speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention, he said the U.S. "must immediately suspend immigration from any nation that …

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Security Without Freedom is SLAVERY!

Esteemed Polish Philosopher Zygmunt Bauman has some things to say about the global situation today and the growing fear among humanity. He says that upheaval across the globe is symptomatic of the diffusion of fear. 1,395 more words


Oyo immigration rescues 131 children from traffickers

Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS, Oyo State Command has rescued no fewer than 131 children from child traffickers in the last four months. Disclosing …

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Trump Supporters and Opponents Agree: Candidacy Is About Race

The dangers of immigration were raised over and over again. In his speech Thursday night Trump even implied that illegal immigrants were criminals …

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“So they all sleep with the crustaceans in Atlantis this night?”

“They do, my brother, they certainly do”

“The crabs shall feast on them and we are now rich men” 301 more words