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For Me, Thinner Is Happier

Fifty  or sixty pounds may not seem like much to the very obese but if you add paralysis to the problem, you can multiply the pounds by three. 1,064 more words

Weight Loss Tips

Weightloss Without Walking

When I realized I needed to lose weight I was horrified because I’ve never been overweight before even through carrying and birthing five children . I’ve been unable to walk for 32 years now so I was feeling like how am I going to lose weight without exercising?? 281 more words

Weight Loss Tips

Athens and the Struggle for a Mobile Commons

In this piece, Tahir Zaman reflects on how new models of citizenship are up-ending the myopia of state-centric responses to displacement. In Athens, a ‘mobile commons’ is opening up, defined by sharing, solidarity and resistance to a state whose priorities reflect more the interests of international capital than the needs of both refugees and hosts alike. 1,267 more words




leg encased in plaster,

climb the 30 steps,

ascend to comfort

and sanctuary.

No time to think or talk,

no time to write

with too much time. 55 more words

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Immobility, Insomnia, and Immortality

What could be worse?  Love the Sandra and Woo web comic and I am still playing catch up from this past year.  This one just really hit my sick and twisted funny bone and I wanted to share. 18 more words

'Travelling Fear' in Global Context: Exploring Everyday Dynamics of In/Security and Im/Mobility

By Aydan Greatrick and Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, University College London

This piece puts Trump’s recent “Muslim Ban” (and the exceptional responses to it) in context by focusing on the everyday dynamics of in/security and im/mobility that have long framed the lives of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, including refugees from Syria. 2,381 more words


A Little Whine, With or Without Cheese


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Here’s a conundrum for you:  Think of a person who is born from a gene pool that produces mostly overweight people as they reach their adult years.   469 more words

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