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'Travelling Fear' in Global Context: Exploring Everyday Dynamics of In/Security and Im/Mobility

By Aydan Greatrick and Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, University College London

This piece puts Trump’s recent “Muslim Ban” (and the exceptional responses to it) in context by focusing on the everyday dynamics of in/security and im/mobility that have long framed the lives of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, including refugees from Syria. 2,418 more words


A Little Whine, With or Without Cheese


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Here’s a conundrum for you:  Think of a person who is born from a gene pool that produces mostly overweight people as they reach their adult years.   469 more words

Daily Prompt




the dancer slips away

her lissome form become a wisp

the dissipating breath of time

faint music of a memory

caught up by silver fingers of the moon… 40 more words



I was very moved by the sight of the library tower this morning. The slender building gradually faded into a grey sky and mist thick as smoke. 108 more words

Artist Me


pain is prison

a solitaire cell

pharmaceutical keys

don’t fit all its locks

a life sentence

imposed I suppose

by bad choices

genetics and one… 62 more words


Photo Gallery: Camps, Traces and Communities in Transit

Taken during the summer of 2016, these photographs capture the dual processes of mobility and immobility experienced by thousands of refugees as they have sought safety in, from, and through a range of spaces in Turkey and Greece. 255 more words


Photo Gallery: Communities-in-Becoming

As individuals and families make their journeys across land and sea, they encounter diverse communities – communities of welcome, hostility, ambivalence – and also become parts of communities in transit, or even communities-in-becoming. 100 more words