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No... I don't want your help!

So when your stuck sitting in the living room or bedroom and you need a drink, what do you do?

  1. Take all of the pain and extra time to get up, put on braces, and many other things and go get what you need?
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R's Day: Immobility

Some days, do you have the feeling that you can’t move? That you can’t do anything no matter what happens. I had one such day. A day of immobility. 81 more words

Bad Day

How many of us bloggers do this.

How many of us write positive, uplifting sentences. All collaberated and collected nicely in their flowery wavey style. Light, airy, pretty combination of motivation. 

How many of us write those nice things about life, we try and believe them, and even know them to be true.. 90 more words


Post-op progress report No 1: Biting off more than I can chew

I realised I’d bitten off more than I could chew when I found myself on my back on the living room floor, unable to get up, with no-one in the house to help. 828 more words

Breast Cancer

How not to die from a DVT

We very sadly recently lost a member, who died as a result of a deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. A DVT is a clot that forms in the leg, but then travels in the circulation and blocks off a narrower blood vessel somewhere else in the body. 488 more words


"On Immobility and Poverty in Divided Bengal" by Prof Joya Chatterji

Yesterday I attended a talk on the above mentioned topic, delivered by none other than Professor Joya Chatterji, presently a Fellow of Trinity College, University of Cambridge. 550 more words


Trauma Responses - Tonic Immobility

We all know the common trauma responses of flight, fight and freeze. These are all hyper-vigilant responses. Today I learned a little about Tonic Immobility in humans being a hypo-vigilant response. 63 more words