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Less scary when it all gets broken down into pieces

So, last night I was at my very end. I’d had a long and very tiring week, and my spouse has been out of commission with their back out. 819 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI


Terrify: v. to fear so extremely that one is frequently physically stopped and unable to move


Scared stiff is a common slang expression for what being terrified feels like and it is usually a fear so extreme that you are at least temporarily frozen with inactivity not knowing immediately what to do next. 80 more words

Common Sense

To Hide or to Run: Tools to Help with Decision Making in a World with Too Many Choices

Did you ever play hide and seek, outside in the neighborhood, after dark? My cousins were the best at surrounding the good hiding spaces, causing me to freeze, leaning toward the corner of the garage – nope, Kathy’s there, leaning toward the cave under the stairs – nope Pam’s there. 636 more words


'Blanking', aka 'Getting Stuck' Plan of Action

For me, one of the most destructive symptoms (and aggravators) of depression is immobility. I sometimes have so much to do that I do nothing. I’ve sat for hours thinking about how I needed the toilet, but not gone because to do that I’d have to stand up and I was hungry anyway and I also had coursework to do (which I wasn’t doing either) and I hadn’t even figured out the meaning of life yet. 425 more words


Take A Walk, Not A Pill...

Good Advice. 


What happens when you can’t really take that walk? Actually, what happens when you can’t really even take the pills?

It’s taken 18 months, but now I really am feeling like my body is becoming a little wasted – it’s weak and overly-stiff, difficult to move. 304 more words

Illness & Depression

Dreams Are For The Sleeping... Waking Is The Nightmare

If I sleep, I dream. When I dream, I can walk. When I wake up, I can’t.

Then the real nightmare begins over again.

My dreams are usually horrible. 524 more words

Illness & Depression


mine is a small world
an intimate landscape
the skin of four walls
pierced by windows
that give eyes some
changeable reach

sun and shadow… 31 more words