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Immortal Dialogue: Films T - Z

Zombi Holocaust (1980):

Mad doctor:  Now I’m about to open the juggler vein, and insert a bypass which will release the blood pressure on the brain. 343 more words

Immortal Dialogue

Immortal Dialogue: Films I - N

Night Of The Bloody Apes (1972)

Doctor:  I have good news for you, Julio. Your analysis show a definite improvement. In the weekly seminar that was called early this morning, all of the doctors have definitely agreed with me that your infection has been detained. 1,238 more words

Immortal Dialogue

lmmortal Dialogue: Films A - D

Captive Wild Woman (1943):

Patient’s sister :  Dr Sigmund Walters of Crestview Sanatorium has furthered not one but three attempts at racial improvement, for he has discovered Vitamin E-2, which he believes determines the physical characteristics of all forms of animal life, the 48 chromosomes which pattern heredity, and numerous hormones… 3,026 more words

Immortal Dialogue