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Immortal Dialogue: Films T - Z

Zombi Holocaust (1980):

Mad doctor:  Now I’m about to open the juggler vein, and insert a bypass which will release the blood pressure on the brain. 343 more words

Immortal Dialogue

Immortal Dialogue: Films I - N

Monster From The Ocean Floor (1954)

Scientist:  Did you know that over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water? Why, the Pacific alone here has an area of over 73 million square miles! 1,481 more words

Immortal Dialogue

lmmortal Dialogue: Films A - D

The Beast With A Million Eyes (1955)

Alien invader:  You – think!? In my world, only we are allowed that luxury!

Alien invader… 3,112 more words

Immortal Dialogue