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"Let's knock everything on it's head!"....

says Dr Hope. “The Colorado Protocol” is what we’re going to do. We’re going to target the whole body in preparation for transferring 2 frozen embryos”. 234 more words

Millions of Women Traumatised & In Shock Because They Refuse to Use Their Vaginas For Anything Useful

Addendum : I still havent got the hang of formatting posts in wordpress, hence all the double space’s, theyre supposed to be paragraphs…  but it’s readable for now … I’ll sort out the formatting when I get a chance to figure out wordpress’s bullshit css bleh … 604 more words

Immune System

The week time stood still

This week has been a battle of an entirely different sort. I am used to battling the system, fighting to get my children the services they need, coping with the demands of autism, living with the uncertainty of neurofibromatosis, sleepless nights and fussy eating; those are just the norm here. 463 more words

Autism - Cleanroom Intervention impact on Autism and Immune Dysregulation.

A cleanroom sleeping environment’s impact on markers of oxidative stress, immune dysregulation, and behavior in children with autism spectrum disorders.




An emerging paradigm suggests children with autism display a unique pattern of environmental, genetic, and epigenetic triggers that make them susceptible to developing dysfunctional heavy metal and chemical detoxification systems. 324 more words


Royale C: Sodium Ascorbate or Ascorbic Acid for Vitamin C

In our current lifestyle and in today’s day and age, we rarely eat what and how we’re supposed to, and  this fact poses a huge threat to our diet and health. 486 more words

7 reasons college students should love practicing yoga

Yoga has many hidden benefits that go beyond looking and feeling great. It is perfect for every college student who goes through the typical college experience. 383 more words