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Day 9 ~ Cough Essential (25 reasons/ways)

This morning my son woke up with a deep cough so busted out my mama~will~make~you~better ingredients ….. raw, organic honey & ingest-able* essential oils, and I made my easy-peasy non-toxic cough syrup. 376 more words

Essential Oils

Nursing Through Sickness

This is the time of year when colds, flus and the like seem to be everywhere we go.  The bad news is that sometimes between that and our struggle to sleep well, get proper nutrition, and keep up with the phsychological and physical changes of having a new baby, it’s not uncommon for a new mom to be the first one catching the yuck! 420 more words


Research overview: Birds, Bees and Mankind -- Destroying Nature by Electrosmog

Research overview of wireless radiation impacts on bees and birds, originally in German, translated into English in 2009

From Kompetenz Initiative:

Bees, Birds and Mankind… 68 more words

More Than Epilepsy - CBD for the Endocannabinoid System

This week was an exciting one for the non-psychoactive cannabinoid – Cannabidiol (CBD).  It was announced that there were preliminary findings proving that CBD could reduce the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures. 303 more words


Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and fat...OH MY! (and what all of it has to do with your immune system!)

General understanding of these 3 things:
Vitamin C: Good for my cold
Vitamin D: Comes from sunshine and is good for…bones?
Fat: No! Evil!

Some of those are right, some of those aren’t the full story, and one of those is  just downright wrong. 962 more words


Just an update

I have been asked a lot how my taper is going. One dear friend even asked if she should start taking up a collection for bail money. 237 more words

Foods to fight a cold!

Are you feeling unwell? Or looking for ways to improve immune system?

This time of year brings lots of nasty bugs and viruses which isn’t great!

364 more words