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Mystery Sickness

He’s a strapping young man, but he catches every germ that walks by. She’s in the prime of life, only 24, but she gets sick every time she’s under stress.  366 more words

Disease Relief - Prevention

Whole Foods Wednesday - Plums

Plums take me right back to summer! I would usually have some packed in my cooler for the beach! I love Plums – I like them to have just a tiny bit of firmness to them. 224 more words


For one age group, getting the flu shot in the morning could be life-saving

Age matters, especially when it comes to vaccines. For those above 65, a new study shows that getting the flu shot in the morning provides better immunity against a strain of the influenza virus than getting the same shot in the afternoon. 372 more words


Zinc is an essential part of hundreds of enzymes utilized throughout the body. Zinc is essential to the synthesis of DNA, RNA, Proteins, insulin and enhances wound healing. 117 more words

Optimal Health

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Immune System

The immune system can get bogged down for a number of reasons, whether it is from being overworked or chronic allergies, we all are looking for ways to improve our overall health and well-being. 456 more words


Introducing The What is...? Series

I’ve been stuck as to what to write for a while. Every time I think of a topic (really interesting, complex and huge topics) I realize that it would take days and weeks and research and… quite frankly, I just don’t have the time. 640 more words