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20 November 2017

No voice and I think I am close to loosing it now… the rest I mean ;) This is the most annoying thing I have ever experienced (apart from four years ago, when I went to Oli’s birthday bash in Mallorca without a voice, but that did not last this long – by far). 150 more words


Boost your Immune System with Yoga

Have you experienced cold and the increased chance of getting sick when the season changes? It happens with many people. Frequent attacks of common cold and fever… 804 more words


19 November 2017

“OMG, you actually have no voice, just like you wrote in your blog… ;)” – my school friend Anne-Karen calls me today… Yes, true and yes, I try to just listen, which obviously does NOT work… but I love it. 146 more words


#4: The Great Immuno-Boost

Part of a series of ten segments, checking the progress of my 2017 New Year Resolutions.

Right at the start of the polar vortex two or three Januarys ago, I got under the weather. 1,892 more words

18 November 2017

We all have a cold now… it is that time of the year as well, I guess. So, we take it easy and take turns to rest. 176 more words


How the injured brain tells the body its hurt

This research is based on the article by Johns Hopkins Medicine, called how the Injured Brain Tells the Body Its Hurt. The article states that researchers identified a new way that cells in the brain recruit immune cells when the brain is injured. 393 more words


Eating Seasonally in the Fall

Fall is a time that I feel inspired with food… making good food, going to potlucks and remembering to slow down when I eat. The hustle of summer is over and now is a time for introspection and connection. 325 more words