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No prescription needed

If there is one thing that is guaranteed, it’s that if I’m around anyone who is carrying the strep throat bug, I will catch it. I had it several times as a kid, and every year after camp meeting I seem to get it from the kids I work with. 212 more words

Vessels in the limelight link the immune system with the brain

by Tanja Jensen

Scientists found vessels directly linking the brain with the immune system. Jonathan Kipnis and his team at University of Virginia found that the vessels actually exist – despite the common belief that the brain lacks a lymphatic system, that is, a drainage system for fluid and immune cells typical for the rest of the body. 284 more words


Rotating Dog Food to Improve Our Dogs' Immune System

I remember when I just had my BEI The Yorkie, I often heard that rotating dog food was never good choice to do for dog owners. 486 more words


Sleep: What's All the Fuss About..?

By Anne Laing –

We know that sleep deprivation affects concentration and reaction time, but did you also know that your memory is affected, your emotions go haywire, and levels of your fat-regulating hormone leptin decrease whilst increasing the hunger hormone ghrelin? 391 more words

Anne Laing

Eating for Better Immunity, Part 2

Our relationship with food will influence our health outcomes and quality of life. What we choose to eat day to day, week to week and year to year, can create either radiant good health and well-being or accelerate the aging process and induce preventable diseases. 1,658 more words

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What pneumonia taught me

Being sick in the summer can be truly awful. But my recent bout with pneumonia (the walking variety) this summer was oddly…not awful? It was, instead, very instructive. 809 more words

Health Coaching

Eating for Better Immunity, Part 1

Nothing trumps eating well for improving one’s immune system response and overall health. A diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables speeds up the rate at which humans heal, fight off infections like colds and flu, and even decreases one’s risk of becoming ill in the first place. 876 more words

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