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Wim Hof Method: an update

For 47 days I practice the Wim Hof method. Well, not entirely. For two weeks, I adjusted the way I practice it a bit. In this entry, I want to give an update on my experiences so far. 302 more words

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Immune Systems

I call her Mrs. Mitchell even though I have known her for 28 years. I call her Mrs. Mitchell even though she is one of my dearest friends. 183 more words

Immune System

How does the immune system interact with the nervous system?

‘How does the immune system interact with the nervous system?’. Denoting the study of interactions between the immune and nervous systems, the word Psychoneuroimmunology – Wikipedia… 834 more words

Immune System

Allow the body to heal itself!

When I look around, I realize how fast paced the world has become. People don’t have patience anymore. We want things done now, we want results yesterday…..we cannot let things take its course. 845 more words

Spotlight On: Tuberculosis

If you’ve ever volunteered or worked in a hospital, nursing home or laboratory, you may remember having a tuberculosis (TB) skin test. But did you fully understand what TB is and why the tests are necessary? 352 more words

Respiratory Physiology

Essential oils internally

Essential oils have been used internally for a long time and they can be used (responsibly) as a nutrient supplement for different things. I use them internally for better cellular health, improve my immune system and treat my stiff muscles. 255 more words