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Dealing With Hair Loss

I have previously mentioned in a blog that I now have a bald spot due to losing my hair. Now, it has recently grown from a spot to the entire top of my head. 614 more words

Hair Loss

Boosting the body's immune system to fight Urinary Tract Infections

Medicine, in its infancy, eliminated infectious organisms that cause diseases with the administration of external drugs. This simple defense against microorganisms is increasingly futile in the face of many microbes developing resistance to antibiotics. 410 more words


Happy 4th of July! I'm embarking on a 3-Day Water Fast in the Woods!

Hello my friends! Happy Independence Day!

While you all are preparing for your barbecues, my partner and I decided to try something new this year. We decided to use the 3-day weekend to try out the cutting-edge research in fasting and immunity. 258 more words


Body Temperature is Barometer

  1. Normal body temperature 36.5 ~ 37.1 – immune system and hormone secretion are normal.
  2. Higher body temperature/fever – eliminate anomalies in the body, while recovering the immune system process.
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Too much vitamin A can cause microbial structures to become unable to activate immune cells

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology says that although vitamin A supplementation can have profound health benefits when someone is deficient, new evidence is emerging to show that vitamin A supplementation above and beyond normal levels may have negative health consequences. 163 more words