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Scientists found a way to make lotions out of your skin’s good bacteria to help fight its bad bacteria

Our largest organ—our skin—is crawling with bacteria, as well as fungi, viruses, and even tiny mites. For the most part, this is a good thing: Benign skin-dwelling microorganisms outcompete potentially harmful ones for food (read: oil from our pores and dead skin cells), some of them also produce chemicals that can kill harmful bacteria. 425 more words

When Life Gives You Elderberries...

The last week has been a bit rough with a cold/fever/achy thing being passed around the family. Luckily I didn’t get it until the tail end (and it passed quickly!) so I could take care of checking temperatures, sponging foreheads, massaging achy legs and reading chapter after chapter of a good read-aloud book, even by candlelight through a power outage. 512 more words


Friday Fun Facts about Your Dog

Just like us, our dogs need supplements. The above info-graphic tells us which supplements we need to help maintain a healthy immune system and joints. 28 more words

Porkchop And Applesauce

Bone Broth

You have probably heard about Bone Broth & how it’s so amazingly good for you and if you haven’t then I’ll tell you now.

BONE BROTH IS SOOOOO AMAZINGLY GOOD FOR YOU, Everyone should make it & add it to their daily meals. 306 more words


Dust Mites: A Microscopic Threat to Your Family’s Health

Dust mites are tiny, microscopic bugs, that are commonly found in human habitats, such as your house, couch, bed or carpet. They are able thrive in our living environment, because they live off of our dead skin cells, and the… 1,079 more words

Biological Medicine

Does a strong immune system prevent you from getting sick or does it just fight off infection more efficiently?

Strong versus weak is an unhelpful yardstick to assess whether or not immune function is sufficient. After all, aren’t allergies and autoimmunities signs of strong immune responses? 203 more words