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Loneliness May Warp Our Genes, And Our Immune Systems

Loneliness. Sometimes I like to be alone, but I never like to be lonely. I am happiest surrounded by my loved ones, laughing, doing, cooking, like at thanksgiving just a few days ago. 1,140 more words




Regular Coffee                         Healthy Coffee                        IT’S 

Dehydrates                                Balances PH Levels                 YOUR HEALTH…

Raises Stress Levels                Provides Energy                           YOU CHOOSE!

Raises Blood Pressure            Oxygenates The Body… 131 more words

Immune System: What's another way to conceptualise it? The conventional view is detect, defence. How else might you conceptualise it?

Immunology lends itself to metaphors. In fact, they dominate the field. Detect and defend are indeed the dominant metaphors used to define the immune system. However, each human is not an individual but rather a co-evolved ecosystem comprising mammalian and microbial elements that function together as a whole. 689 more words

Immune System

7 Signs You Should Be Taking Probiotics

Have you ever taken an antibiotic?  If the answer is yes, we really need to talk. Here’s why:


Since I’ve been on this journey for balance, I have discovered that there is a correlation between my own gut health and my overall health- which has led me to write and talk about the importance of learning about balancing your gut health. 606 more words


Healthy Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate; Ganoderma Supplements for Your Health

Numerous studies have shown that the Ganoderma Mushroom bolsters the immune system and exhibits a strong anti-tumor effect by poisoning tumor cells directly.

*Department of Pharmacology; School of Basic Medical Sciences; Peking University; Health Science Center, Beijing, China… 17 more words

How does the immune system know how to raise the body's temperature in response to an infection?

Question continued: I’ve read somewhere that when the body is infected by viral or  bacterial pathogens, the immune system raises the body temperature to help fight the spread of infection. 588 more words

Immune System

Vitamin C combats tumor cells and cancer

A recent study shows that vitamin C is able to kill tumor cells with a specific mutation that causes cancer while the vitamin also inhibits tumor growth in the mutation. 199 more words