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The Stories Life Depends On

Cells are sometimes called the basic unit of biological life. When working properly, they’re composed of a community of interdependent structures functioning as a coherent whole. 301 more words


Update/Story time....

I’m a college student on the quarter system, which means ten weeks per term. So basically everything just moves very fast. Week one seems pretty laid back, but by week two, professors are already telling you what to expect for the midterm. 1,687 more words

Ho, Ho, Hoe

Sometimes the holiday season can come upon you like an STD, painful and embarrassing.

And you find yourself worrying about it on the toilet a lot. 477 more words

Are Allergies and Asthma Related?

Asthma is a chronic lung condition, characterized by difficulty in breathing due to extra sensitive or hyper-responsive airways.

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When we hear of allergy and asthma studies, we often find them lumpted together. 737 more words


13 December 2017

When the going gets tough, the tough get going – Tabea and the running Mamas are training despite the cold and the rain, but we sit for ages in the… 328 more words


How I Kicked a Sinus Infection with Essential Oils

‘Tis the season for sinus buildup, hacking coughs, and irritable throats.  All of those things make me cringe… I hate getting sick.  I keep myself pretty busy, so when I come down with something, it really takes a toll on my productivity. 662 more words


Marijuana may help HIV patients keep mental stamina longer


While smoking cannabis may be how researchers tested, or noted, the efficacy, eating cannabis provides a more even, time-release, and may therefore be a better alternative to smoking, which spikes blood content of the cannabinoids quickly, followed by a faster decline. 13 more words