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.There are are many within the holistic health movement which has gained both tremendous popularity and credibility through a series of organizations such as Shanti.org, Dr. 824 more words

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Selenium: antioxidant mineral

Selenium is an essential mineral for the human body, due to its function in antioxidant enzymes that protect cells against the effects of free radicals but also for the normal function of the immune system and thyroid gland. 162 more words


A bad rinse is good?

It had been a rather long journey for us.  We had already spent 13 hours on the bus. We had gone from (hot and sweaty) to (cold and hungry) overnight. 1,206 more words


Super Powers With Strings Attached

I stumbled into the bedroom, flopped on the bed and for a few brief moments I debated just surrendering and giving in.  There is no shame in giving in, not to the cold that was going around.   195 more words

Defend Against Cold and Flu Season by Boosting Your Child's Immune System

Children have weaker immune systems, so they are more prone to developing the cold or flu. Fortunately, an immunity boost can help prevent your children from getting sick. 327 more words


The Ebola/Fitness Connection

We know – we know Ebola and Fitness, are you WeFit(ers) daft?! While it is far more likely you will be struck by lighting than suffer Ebola we feel no shame in using it’s notoriety to address and anchor a serious issue. 1,021 more words

Winterising your Body - Influenza the opportunistic pathogen.

Yesterday we looked at protecting our bodies against the common cold. I now want to take a look at influenza as this too can have a very serious effect on the very young and old and those who have poorly functioning immune systems. 1,666 more words

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