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Immune systems as two-way metaphors...

Donna Haraway is awesome.  Has lots to say about metaphors and science, especially around immune systems.  Immune systems are something I am interested in (For The Thesis). 502 more words


Those Burgers Aren't Just Making Us Fat—They're Messing With Our Immune Systems, Too

A junk food diet is clearly not healthy. Burgers widen our waistlines, raise our cholesterol levels and tighten our arteries. But scientists now think that even before it shows up as additional pounds on the scale, junk food is changing our bodies in other, surprising ways. 1,694 more words

Daily News

Sexist Medicine

Medicine has a long, sorry history of focusing on men. Happily, that seems to be changing, with a number of new studies coming out that examine how the medical experiences of men and women differ (and not just for the sexual differences). 127 more words


Five MORE reasons we need parasitology

I did mention in my last blog post on this subject that the 5 reasons I gave for maintaining parasitology and parasitologists were part of a much longer list. 263 more words


Lee Marvin’s back…

with a bang! And having missed last week’s readings, I was determined to make this week’s, the line-up simply too good to miss – Matt Hooton… 824 more words

Ken Bolton

New Procedure Allows Kidney Transplants From Any Donor - The New York Times

The procedure, reported in The New England Journal of Medicine, involves a reboot of a patient’s immune system and could also work for lung and liver transplants. 13 more words