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Vaccines In Development

Many of us have heard the news that there are “300 new vaccines in the pipeline.”

Of course, no one really believes that means scientists are out there developing vaccines against 300 separate diseases or that it will mean that kids will some day get 300 more vaccines. 410 more words

Vaccine Myths

Maurice Hilleman - The 20th Century's Leading Vaccinologist

Do you know who Maurice Hilleman was or what he did?

He once said that:

Preventative medicine, and little else with the possible exception of antibioitcs, has brought about the lengthening of the average human lifespan to the Biblical threescore and ten years.

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History Of Vaccines

Mumps Outbreaks

Pre-Vaccine Era Mumps Outbreaks

In the pre-vaccine era, mumps was a common childhood infection that could cause orchitis, meningitis, pancreatitis, deafness, and even death.

There were about 212,000 cases a year in the early 1960s, before the first mumps vaccine was licensed in 1968. 421 more words

Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Measles Outbreaks

We have come a long way since the development of the first measles vaccines in the early 1960s…

Pre-Vaccine Era Measles Outbreaks

In the pre-vaccine era, measles was a very common childhood disease. 660 more words

History Of Vaccines

Meningococcal Disease Outbreaks

There are two types of meningococcal vaccines that can help prevent meningococcal disease, including:

  • Menactra and Menveo – meningococcal conjugate vaccines that protect against serogroups A, C, W, Y…
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Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) is probably best known for his discovery of pasteurization.

Few know that he also:

  • developed the first rabies vaccine in 1884, a vaccine that was tested on and used to save the life of Joseph Meister, a 9-year-0ld boy who had been bitten by a rabid dog…
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History Of Vaccines