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Today I was a little anxious. It was flu shot day.

Fuuuun, right?


Melody is old enough now to get the shot. Seeing as I would really like to take precautions against her getting sick I signed her up. 116 more words

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Breakthrough Infections and Vaccines

Vaccines work and they work very well.

Unfortunately, they don’t work 100% of the time.

A breakthrough infection is the term for when you get sick despite having been vaccinated and responding to the vaccine. 103 more words

Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Vaccine Titer Testing

Titer testing, laboratory evidence of immunity, is available for some vaccines and in some situations.

With titer testing, you do a blood test to check your antibody levels, which can help determine if you are immune to a specific disease, like measles or chicken pox. 320 more words


Parents of suspended Grade 3s rush to update vaccine records

Parents were rushing into health unit offices Monday, intent on quickly getting their kids back into class after more than 200 Grade 3s with incomplete vaccination records were suspended in the morning. 914 more words

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STD Vaccines

Unfortunately, we don’t have vaccines to prevent most sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV, and syphilis, etc., are all STDs without a vaccine. 66 more words

Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Vaccines for Adults

Adults need to get vaccines, just like kids. Of course, they don’t get as many vaccines as kids, since many adults are either already immune or are no longer at risk to many vaccine-preventable diseases. 261 more words

Vaccine Myths

Latex Allergies and Vaccines

Can you get vaccines if you have a latex allergy?

“Dry, natural rubber is used in the tip of syringe plungers, the tip on prefilled syringes, vial stoppers,” and could cause a problem for some people with latex allergies. 286 more words