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So it was just revealed that the person behind the video we all watched is Clara Hawa, a psychology and theater student who risked her reputation for a week in order to convey a message most of us should support and execute. 319 more words

Cheyef 7alak goes counter-argument

The counter-argument: Sectarian Upbringing by Cheyef 7alak

By Admin I : Back to ‘Cheyef 7alak’, a campaign that’s apparently never ending, even after the flow of awards it attracted saving Impact BBDO from a tough year. 400 more words


Blom Bank's Alfa Blom MasterCard: Inspired*

Blom Bank’s Alfa Blom MasterCard: Inspired*

By Admin I : If you thought for a minute that the “inspired*” series of posts ended a few weeks ago, you’re probably not very familiar with Lebanese advertising run by many copycatters that don’t even know how to hide their inspiration* sources! 245 more words


The Eye in the Sky


Article by Jad Haidar, Senior Writer @ ArabAd magazine

Dani Richa, Group CEO of Impact BBDO in MENA particularises the effects regional turmoil has had on the advertising industry in the U.A.E. 359 more words

Jad Haidar

CrowdSourcing Lebanese Social Welfare

A campaign was launched in Lebanon by Impact BBDO & LBC titled: “Sheyif 7alak”, this crowd sourcing campaign is not only fun, but helpful.

Most cellphones have a camera, Set it up to Quickly…

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Strictly Lebanese

Richa: Impact BBDO, an Incubator of Talent

Article by Jad Haidar, Senior Writer @ ArabAd magazine

Whether he’s embarrassed to have been caught sneaking peaks at other shoppers’ supermarket trolleys, advising his wife on which products to buy for their home, or engaging consumers in conversations related to their… 2,550 more words

Jad Haidar

Bank Med Beirut goes green

More and more companies jump on the trend towards environmentally friendly. Going green is not just a trend of the future. It ‘s just the only option that we survive on our planet. 188 more words