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Ansley Vasconcellos: Bliss Ambassador

Interview by Maddie Buresh. Photography courtesy of Ansley Vasconcellos.

Ansley Vasconcellos can quite accurately be described as a bliss ambassador, and she embodies what it means to follow dreams and make a positive difference in the world, one small action at a time. 1,498 more words

Maddie Buresh

Destined for Greatness (?)(!)

Do you ever wonder what your destiny is? Do you ever wonder if people will remember you? Do you even care if you’re remembered? Those are questions I have asked myself quite a bit, especially while I was sick. 215 more words

The Following Makes Me Sound Like a Horrible Person...

Back in your school days, did you have one particular teacher you just… hated? As in, couldn’t stand? Abhorred? Disliked with the rage of a thousand burning hell fires? 189 more words


Say With Me Over Your Life..

“I’m too large for worry.
I’m too strong for fear.
I’m too joyful to be depressed.
I’m too successful to be a failure.
I’m too victorious to be a victim. 8 more words



1 Peter 2:19
For it is commendable if someone bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because they are conscious of God.

Remember, I said that it is your knowledge (consciousness) of God and not sin that will overcome sin in your life. 269 more words


Presence - Pour Yourself

Constantly I am encouraged by the leaders with whom I am privileged to work. There is wisdom residing in them ahead of their experience.

I feel the call to fill them as they pour themselves into the world. 299 more words


Music Can Save Peoples Lives

A few years ago I found out that a friend of mine committed suicide. I was shocked that this happen specially to my friend. He was so positive and he talks a lot. 588 more words