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REI Opts Outside for Black Friday

This year, REI shocked the retail world by announcing that it will close all of its stores on Black Friday (gasp!), and will instead encourage its employees and costumers to… 304 more words


Agriculture in a Warming World #ClimateChange

A guest post by Ekbal Hussain @ekh_rocksci of The Pale Blue Dot.

Warming of the climate is now unequivocal. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has projected temperature increases to 2100 based on climate modelling under a range of scenarios ( 725 more words


On the Impact Project

For the impact project, our objective was to write a document about some aspect an impact on the environment and include 9 images of ours to illustrate the topic. 239 more words

Granger Smith 'Backroad' Warrior

By Radio.com Staff

As Granger Smith preps his this tenth album, his fans can get a taste of what to expect from its first single “Backroad Song.” 388 more words


Future cities UK: creating better places to live, work and play

How a £1.5 million investment helped cities deliver an additional £100 million in private investment to make their cities smarter.

Innovate UK challenged 30 cities to improve urban living and working using new technologies. 62 more words



Charles Umeh, Author of Breaking The Coconut

“One of the best things that can happen to any leader is working with volunteers. Volunteers are priceless! They are the ones who would offer their time for a cause they believe in and stick to it without asking how much you pay them” 594 more words



Word quotas are for the birds.

But without them, kids would have nothing to say. I’m not sure such an expectation should be levied upon grade school students, but those memories of having to fill up every last line on the page continues to persist. 106 more words

Thanh Le