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Help Protect Endangered Species by Reducing Marine Debris

Marine debris impacts a variety of wildlife that rely on the ocean and Great Lakes for food and/or habitat. Unfortunately, this includes many animals that are protected under the Endangered Species Act… 456 more words


Impacts - XII – Rainfall 2

I probably should have started a separate series on rainfall and then woven the results back into the Impacts series. It might take a few articles working through the underlying physics and how models and observations of current and past climate compare before being able to consider impacts. 2,163 more words

Atmospheric Physics

Impacts XI - Rainfall 1

If we want to assess forecasts of floods, droughts and crop yields then we will need to know rainfall. We will also need to know temperature of course. 626 more words

Atmospheric Physics

Impacts - X - Sea Level Rise 5 - Bangladesh

FitzGerald et al 2008:

Sea-level rise (SLR) poses a particularly ominous threat because 10% of the world’s population (634 million people) lives in low-lying coastal regions within 10 m elevation of sea level (McGranahan et al.

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Ocean Physics

Greater Miami AMS Chapter/HRD Seminar – Dr. Frank Marks, AOML/HRD – 26 April 2017

The Greater Miami Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) held their meeting Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at the AOML Laboratory.  The featured speaker was Dr. 310 more words


Impacts - IX - Sea Level 4 - Sinking Megacities

In Impacts – VIII – Sea level 3 – USA I suggested this conclusion:

So the cost of sea level rise for 2100 in the US seems to be a close to zero cost problem.

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Ocean Physics

Impacts of Technology

Culture and Society: Influences and Impacts of Internet and Technology

Outcome 5: Explain the ways in which various technologies and media types impact the communication that occurs between humans. 34 more words