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by R. S. Pickman.

Vlad the Impaler served as part of the inspiration for Dracula.
Both Vlad and Drac 16 more words


Vlad the impaler

Vlad the impalerWhat you thought I was only going to talk about place’s well there is some ghost stories that around one person around this person in particular why? 170 more words


Birthplace of Dracula

It is generally accepted that Bram Stoker’s famous character, Dracula, was based on the historical figure Vlad Tepes (also called Vlad Dracula and Vlad the Impaler). 543 more words


Wallachia during the reign of Vlad the Impaler

Although for centuries it was assumed that Vlad the Impaler was enthroned by Hunyadi before the great battle of Belgrade, the remaining documents from that period reveal a different scenario. 227 more words