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Flash Fiction: The Impaler - Part 8

Chasey was frozen in place. “Impaler!” she heard him gurgle again. There was a certain pleading in his voice. Her muscles finally let her move once more and she took off, running for the tavern. 419 more words


Flash Fiction: The Impaler - Part 7

That night saw very few dinner guests. Chasey wondered if word had got out that a longtime patron had been killed, and if that kept people away. 352 more words


Flash Fiction: The Impaler - Part 6

Chasey and her father returned to the tavern at his insistence. Not a word was spoken between them once her initial outburst of objection had faded away. 257 more words


Flash Fiction: The Impaler - Part 5

Chasey’s steps slowed as she saw a bloated hand emerging from a waterlogged sleeve that hung over the side of the trough. She knew what she would find, but although she did not want to see it, she looked anyway. 300 more words


The Impaler

He called himself the son of the dragon,

and mate of the devil,

men women, old and young,

anyone alive he would kill.

He chopped off heads to amuse himself, 72 more words


Vlad III The Impaler Castle

Vlad III would feed mothers their roasted children and make husbands eat their wife’s breasts then have them Impaled. You can say that Vlad III was a bit on the crazy side, but as history shows again and again insane usually has it’s part in most every time period and place where humans have called home. 133 more words

Week 2 All-in or Fold LCS Edition

It’s time for the weekly all-in or fold post. For a reminder I’m going to give you 1 person at each position (this includes a team) that I think are going to outscore their Fantasy LCS projections (all-in candidates) and 6 that will score lower than their projections (fold candidates). 1,009 more words

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